Friday, December 02, 2005

US conducts its 1000th death penalty execution.

From 1977 until now USA executed 1000 people
From 1991 until now Singapore executed approx. 500 people (actual figure unknown but in reply to a parliament question, the actual figure of 341 executions from 1991-2000 was given).

Singapore executes more people than the whole of USA every year & USA population is hundred times ours. Wow!

Yet Americans are fighting against death penalty in their country while Singaporeans seem to be alright with it....everytime they execute someone there is plenty of protests and trouble.

We can be proud of ourselves. We live in a country where executions are carried out without fuss efficiently and smoothly. Our safe environment is due to the high execution rate. That is why it makes little sense for Singaporeans to be quitters and emigrate to unsafe places such as the USA....wonder why so many are eager to emigrate don't they appreciate our national effort to eliminate crime by killing the criminal....what could be more effective!


Anonymous said...

no joke man, i fear for my life whenever i'm overseas. yes, even in places like myanmar, switzerland and new zealand.

Chin Ho Seh said...

Yah lor. Singapore is No. 1 in everything. Definitely No. 1 in safety because our courts got no problem using deterrent sentencing (like mandatory caning and mandatory hanging). Also No. 1 in security because we one heart one mind support NS. By right should be the best destination for other country people to immigrate here. Dun understand why gahmen always kao pei kao bu the foreign talent refuse to take up citizenship in our paradise. No wonder Singapore is No. 1 in everything - because the rest of the world all so stoopid.

Anonymous said...

death penalty should be imposed on more crimes so as to achieve a crimeless society.