Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Defiant WP refuses to amend Manifesto!

When I opened up my Straits Times today, I was greeted by a picture of Dr. Ng Eng Hen & Low Thia Kiang side-by-side. Low looks so fiece and Dr. Ng looks so calm and wise. I'm sure the Straits Times aims to be objective and selects the picture of each politician without favoring anyone. Low is so fiece his picture looks like angry pictures Straits Times used to publish of JBJ and CSJ. Singaporeans will feel safer with the gentler kinder people the PAP puts up for election.
The Worker's Party is creating problems again. How dare they defy the suggestions of the PAP?! This is not acceptable and a highly dangerous move. Since the PAP always act for the good of Singaporeans, by disobeying the PAP, the Worker's Party has harmed Singaporeans.
The Worker's Party has the cheek to challenge the PAP to publish its manifesto. No need lah, over the years the PAP has clearly established many promises that form the basis of its manifesto such as Swiss Standard of Living, jobs and affordable health care.


chemgen said...

Ha ha that's the mainstream media style of telling us in subtle ways of who the good and bad guys are. We're surely not voting for a grouch right? I'm not going to let a grouch kiss my baby during walkabouts.

Anonymous said...