Friday, January 27, 2006

Elderly Singaporeans get LUCKY!!!

Unlike the elderly of other countries who waste away their time looking after their grandchildren, strolling in the park or playing a game of chess at the community club...the old in Singapore have far more important things to do like go to work. Yes, the PAP govt ensures that Singaporeans are motivated to work until a ripe old age because there is insufficient subsidy for their medical care and essentials. Also, when they were at their prime, they couldn't have saved much for their old age because they have to spend the bulk of the income to service the HDB loans for their subsidised housing.

The Worker's Party tried recently to poison Singaporean's mind by suggesting that the elderly be given sufficient subsidy. How dare they damage the work ethnics of a 64 year old?!

Elderly Singaporeans are so lucky they have to stay productive and work for a living. They are lucky the govt gives little aid and sells public housing at a price that takes more than 20 years of monthly instalments to pay up.

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Anonymous said...

it meant that the elderly could not find any jobs anymore in this new economy. even as you are retrained, you are first to subject to retrench