Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Khaw : Worker's Party Manifesto Contains POISON!!!!

Oh my!!! Oh my!! I really scared, please please get rid of the evil Worker's Party now. Please help us to cleanse the poison from our political system.

The diabolical plot to endanger Singapore with poisonous ideas has to be stopped. ISD has to be called in to interrogate the members of the Workers' Party and save Singapore from harm. I've thought long and hard, our enlightened govt has been able to see through the 4 'time bombs" in the Workers' Party Manifesto:

1. Get rid of elected Presidency. Dangerous!!! If President Nathan does not guard our reserves, it will disappear. President Nathan has been working hard to account for our reserves so that we can all sleep in peace.

2. Give enough subsidy to elderly and unemployed. This is evil. Giving subsidy to the unemployed and elderly is the most poisonous thing that one can conceive. I can't think of anything more evil. Giving enough to elderly might mean that Temasek Holding and Ho Ching has to cut down on their million$ shopping spree for companies in the region.

3. Get rid of RCs & CDCs allowing alternative leadership to emerge. Poisonous simply poisonous. Without RCs who will organise the mooncake festival? ...and the Christmas parties. What does alternative mean? Alternatives are always dangerous in Singapore.

4. Get rid of HDB Ethnic Quota because we are matured. How can? Calling Singaporeans matured is absolutely dangerous. Besides, these quotas that discriminate against minorities so they are unable to stay where they want helps to promote racial harmony. It is such a good idea, I suggest the PAP extend it to condominiums & private property to extend the harmony...why not? We should apply it also to foreigners so that there is harmony between Singaporeans and foreigners.

I totally agree with the PAP that the Worker's Party is out to plan 'time bombs' and 'poison' us.

Workers' Party manifesto contains 'poison' that must be removed: Khaw
SINGAPORE : Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan has joined his other PAP colleagues in speaking out against the Workers' Party manifesto.
He described four points contained in it as "poison in a concoction of medicine," and this poison, he says, "will have to be removed."
Speaking to reporters at a blood donation exercise, the Health Minister drew an analogy between a party manifesto and a doctor's prescription.
Mr Khaw said, "Yes, your prescription may contain some of the right medicine, or some medicine which is not harmful; but if I discover in this long list of concoctions there are three or four or whatever number of poison that may kill a patient, I think we have a duty to point it out."
He added, "Certainly, patients have a choice -- do you still want to continue this medicine or with this quack doctor -- but if the patient is ignorant and so on, takes this concoction and gets killed by the poison, then I think this is disastrous. (Ng) Eng Hen has put it as a time bomb; I'll put it as poison in a concoction of medicine."
One of these is the Workers' Party's call to abolish the ethnic quota in housing estates.
Mr Khaw feels this can lead to a breakdown of multiracialism in Singapore.
Drawing from his own experience at his meet-the-people sessions, he says many people are still asking to move to flats in areas known for certain ethnic make-up, like Little India or Farrer Park, even though the ethnic quota in the block is already filled.
Said Mr Khaw, "So why are people coming forward every other month or every month to request this? It suggests that quite unlike what WP has suggested that we have quite accepted interracial mixing, if these people have accepted that then why is there these requests coming in? Any multiracialism, you do require some policy intervention. You leave it laissez fair and choose their freedom, then you go to the expression, birds of the same feather flock together, and you have Indian town, Chinese town, Malay town."
The PAP has also urged the Workers' Party to rethink its ideas of scrapping grassroots organisations, abolishing the Elected Presidency and raising subsidies.
Mr Khaw says that if a fundamental aspect of Singapore is challenged, the PAP has a duty to come out strongly against it; this will be done regardless whether it is a year for the elections.
"Whether it's elections coming or not is secondary. Even if it's soon after elections, if somebody were to start saying that let's forget about meritocracy, let's forget about equal opportunity for all. We have to come out and say there's poison in your message; there's a time bomb in your message and we have to try to defuse it," Mr Khaw said. - CNA /ct


Anonymous said...

PAP and its ministers are always right, no doubt about that.

Anonymous said...

Workers' Party's so extra lohz. Our PAP gov is so flawless yet they try to pick bones from an egg. Stupid right? Our PAP gov is matured and wise enough to rule the nation. We dun need any oppositions party to act smart and comment on what brillient PAP has done ,PAP should get rid of them!

Anonymous said...

For someone who failed to see the poison in NKF when it was presented right in front of him, it is amazing that he is now able to see the poison hidden in a concoction of medicine. Really Amazing!!! Guess the training in TP GRC has paid off. Graduated to master poison detector and can now move on to lead others to spot poison.

Anonymous said...

PAP poison more toxic:

a. Foreign talent policy.
b. Stop at 2 policy.
c. High cost.
d. ERP, GST, COE, ....

Anonymous said...

we can see why ppl did like politics...it has reduced genius like professor, surgeon..into man-killing machines like aliens..even killed its own kind...it's all abbt winning at all cost

Anonymous said...

Wrong thing to say.

Political Suicide?

Anonymous said...

In Singapore joining politics is equivalent to suicide unless you join the PAP.

Long Live the PAP. ..PAP forever...

Donaldson Tan said...

Why is ST delivering biased local political news?

Anonymous said...

actually it was a bomb that destroyed the basic structure of the launching platform for their candidates in the GRC, in which some are minister or weak candidates, which they cannot afford to lose. an example will be Lim Boon Heng who lost single constituency and has to wait for another 5 years before he transferred to jurong GRC. even LKY admitted that they were using GRC in his ward as the platform..