Friday, January 06, 2006

NTU Students PROTEST !!!!

What is this?! Who do these students think they are? How dare they protest just because their hostel fees more than doubled from $160 to $350!

These students should be taught a lesson for endangering our society. What kind of Singapore citizens will they become when they grow up?! Singaporeans have been trained and conditioned to accept all forms of fee hikes - ERP, HDB, PUB, GST Telephone, bus and MRT etc, without a whimper of protest. If you're not happy with the fee hikes, there are proper channels such as using the suggest box, writing to the Straits Times forum, the feedback unit and seeing your MP. Of course, no fee hike has ever been reversed..... these channels exist so that you can vent your anger and listen to explanations on why the hikes are inevitable. Once you learn to accept fee hikes, you will be a much happier Singaporean because hikes occur so frequently. These students have to be taught a lesson for their own good. If they are unhappy about their miniscule hostel fee hike, what will they think of HDB flat prices. For their own good they should be thought a lesson so that as adults they can accept future fee hikes more easily.

I wonder what have gone wrong with the education of these NTU students. Singaporeans are trained from young to be obedient and not cross the line. From the first day of school, they are thought to obey rules and accept the wise decisions of the PAP govt to hike fees among other things:

NTU hostelites stay put to protest fee hike

SINGAPORE: Scores of residents at Nanyang Technological University's Hall Three are refusing to move into its new premises until the fees are revised, said the hostel's president. Last month, NTU announced its proposed fee hikes. There was strong resistance, especially from Hall Three residents. The increase for them is the highest as they will be moving into a new seven-storey building complete with "premium" features such as air-conditioners, lifts and electronic card access. According to Hall Three's president Lim Joo Tian, 23, a third-year Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering student, some 640 residents were supposed to move over from the old hostel - which was built more than two decades ago - to the new Hall Three by the start of this month. But as of Thursday, more than half had not done so, he said. Today understands that the students want the university to reduce the proposed fee hike and to stagger it. Mr Lim, who has not moved out from the old hostel himself, added: "We sent a proposal to the administration about one or two weeks ago and we are waiting for a reply. Initially, we were given a deadline to move out by Jan 3 ... we expect the situation to be resolved in about three weeks." For their old hostel, Hall Three residents paid $160 per month for single rooms and $135 for double rooms. The fees will rise to $350 for single rooms and $240 for double rooms for the new premises. However, for the first six months, residents will pay concessionary room rates of $240 and $180 for single and double rooms respectively. According to NTU, all hostel fees are already subsidised by up to 50 per cent. Also, an Office of Financial Assistance was set up to help needy students. In June last year, the residents were told by the administration that the new rates would fall between $175 and $190. Mr Luke How, 24, a final-year Biological Sciences student who was the previous president of Hall Three, told Today that the residents want the raised fees to be nearer to those indicative rates. - TODAY


Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky Singaporean,

I used to be misled by the name of your blog thinking it is one of those vulgar bad-mouthing site.

But gradually I have come to appreciate your frequent updates, use of wit, satire & humor.

Reminds me of those enjoyable reads such as the old National Education Series from Mr Brown or the nearly defunct Talking Cock.

Pity it is not attracting enough comments !
Wonder what is it that cult bloggers get so many hits & comments ?

All in all, well done, keep it up - Lucky Singaporean !

Anonymous said...

How long do you think the protest will last? Or has it already ended?

I like your blog,it's funny and witty and at the same time points out many issues around us.Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

for you info, they are not singaporeans but foreign talents from all over the world. of course, do forgive them as they did not know there was a line.
anyway, they will be the future pillars of singapore if they choose to stay. in most cases, they will work in USA where money are plenty. so, bear with them.

Anonymous said...

ntu students, especially the males, should just pay!

it'll impress the gals when u bring them back to the new hostel for a quickie!

people on sammyboy pay $200 for a sexxion with ntu gal!

you guys have it free and save on transport cost!

make love not war.

Anonymous said...

The NTU students protest will not last very long...

Chain of events likely will occur:
All essential services i.e. electricity and water to the old hostel will be cut off. In addition, a No Entry sign will be placed at the entrance to the old hostel. Students who leave the old hostel will not be allowed to return.

As a result, the NTU students will have no choice but to move to the new hostel.

My 3-cents worth advise to all the NTU students:

Accept the hostel fees hike and move on... Your protest will achieve Nothing.

Anonymous said...

to the first anonymous: there isn't a need to comment. Sentiments are sometimes best understood and shared in quiet solidarity.

Comments aren't indicative of the number of readers Mr Lucky Tan has. But those he has are appreciative of him.

Aragorn said...

ok lah.

mildly interesting site but ultimately achieves nothing much.

i mean, it does nothing to change the status quo.


itchy said...

aragorn, YOU do something to change it then. What's that? Can't be bothered? Yeah, funny, I didn't think you were interested.. Now shut up and return to your XBox/Playstation/Distraction of choice...

Wonderful site Lucky, and this post is particularly interesting. I would ask why in a nation that is such a shining beacon for public education - a nation with estimated cash reserves of over a hundred billion dollars - why in that nation uni students are being made to pay so much for accommodation!? Amazing... Student housing is hardly a cash cow.

Why are they being so 'Kiasu' with the students?

Anonymous said...

NTU needs money to purchase the designer chairs which cost $2,000.00 each to protect the highly educated bottoms.

Hopes this clarify the hefty hostel fees hike.

LuckySingaporean said...

Heard the students are getting a "take it or leave it deal".

Those unreasonable students asked for a breakdown of cost which was flatly denied. How can? We, Singaporeans, pay $200,000 for subsidized HDB housing without a cost breakdown. These students want to breakdown a $300 bill....they are asked to "go fly a kite".

So lets resolve the matter, the students can quietly move to alternatives ....and everyone can MOVE ON from here. Setting a precedence of reducing their charging rate as a result of protests is HIGHLY DANGEROUS in Singapore. The govt will NEVER allow it.

Anonymous said...

waste time lah. just take whatever shit given to you and move on

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are just chicken. They do not dare to protest. What will the government do? You just have to stand up and fight. If you come in big numbers, you have power. Unfortunately courage is not in the Singlish dictionary, or I would see more of these kind of protests against NKF, presidential nonelection, etc.

Anonymous said...


I think our protest has achieved something. We are reminded that we can count on each other and stand together in times of trouble and unrest. Hall 3 has its own spirit and the Govt recognises that this spirit is impt in the future generations of singaporeans that will soon take over the leadership of the country.

NTU is lowering its prices for our hall and MOE is backing us.

FYI, most of the "peaceful protestors" are singaporeans, the foreigners mostly dun give a shit.


-A ntu hall 3 resident =)

Anonymous said...

This blog is a great example of a brainwashed critizen, a sheep of the society, a yesman to whatever the shepherd says.

*Wonders your level of education

Anonymous said...

Perharps this blogger has already learnt the hard way in army, LL suck thumb.. suck it up all the way till u die. Protest in army = confinement . Protest in SG = jail

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