Saturday, January 28, 2006

Poisonous Remark from WP's Sylvia Lim!!

"'Those with economic power tend to congregate with those with political power, resulting in a power elite network. The consequence of such a structure is imbalance in policy formulation." - Sylvia Lim.

How can she say that? In one sweeping statement this dangerous person Sylvia Lim has accused the government of acting against the interest of ordinary Singaporeans in favour of big businesses! Absolutely baseless, according to the Straits Times, everything the PAP government does is for the ultimate good of ordinary Singaporeans - be it increasing bus/MRT fares, increasing GST, lower CPF - everything ......yes, everything this sincere caring govt does is for the good of ordinary Singaporeans. There is no need for them to act in the interest of big businesses including GLCs because as we understand, their million dollar salaries ensure they are not influenced by demands of business elites but work primarily for the interest of ordinary Singaporeans. The recent double digit jump in SMRT's profit is an unintended side effect of the fare increase. The recent good news about PSA having enough cash to take over P&O when a few years back they claimed that they have no choice but to retrench hundreds of workers is also unconnected.

See how dangerous Sylvia is with that giant hammer weapon she is holding. Is she going to hammer away our happy belief that our govt's main interest is the well being of ordinary Singaporeans not its own power & wealth?

Sylvia Lim is saying that is a network of powerful elites who work together for their own benefit resulting in an imbalance of policy formulation that is against the interest of ordinary Singaporeans. Rubbish ...rubbish. One may be mistaken that policies such as reducing retrenchment benefits to a minimum in 2003 is favorable to businesses, but we only have to take into account PM Lee's thinking on the matter to understand it is for the good of ordinary Singaporeans - he said that we have to make it easier for companies to retrench, only then will they be more willing to employ workers. Cutting CPF is also good, reducing medical benefits is also good and the deluge of foreign workers is also good. See the PAP logic, anything that is good for businesses must also be good for workers - because if businesses are not happy they can go elsewhere. Even GLCs/TLCs are not contrained to stay in Singapore. Take SingTel, it seems perfectly happy to sink billions into Austrailia's Optus, I guess Australians workers must be very hardworking, enjoy little benefits and work longer hours.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that acts in the interest of ordinary Singaporeans so they can have the best standard of living possible.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry the PAP will dig out her 'O' level results and humiliate her because she fail geography - how to be a leader if you can't pass your geography.

Anonymous said...

it did not happened just one day. 2000 years before,romans are controlled by few families of politians. she was right on the dot, and it neatly pierced the hearts