Monday, January 09, 2006

Shopping without FEAR!!!

Shopping is a national hobby in Singapore.

Yesterday, I queued up for a taxi after shopping along Orchard Road, when I turned back I realised that the prolific writer Catherine Lim was in the queue. The surprise is not that I saw Catherine Lim but me buying overpriced stuff from Orchard Road stores. I usually do my shopping once a month in Johor. But after a whole week of reading the numerous articles in Straits Times & New Paper about carjacking, robberies, and murders in Johor.....I concluded that Johor is almost as dangerous as Iraq and didn't dare to cross the causeway.

If not for the crimes in Johor, there are many reasons to shop there - no GST, cheaper prices, bigger malls, .....sometimes I catch a movie, see a dentist. dine or bowl there. It seems that the huge number of Singaporeans crossing to JB has adversely affected business in Singapore. Many Singaporeans top up their vehicles before the return to Singapore and more than a few Singaporeans will bring in cigarettes undermining the govt's tax collections.

I'm so glad the Singapore newspapers spend so much effort to warn us about the high crime rates in Johor. Fanning the fear of going Johor is done for the good of Singaporean so that they will be happy to shop in Singapore.

We Singaporeans are so lucky to live in such a safe environment compared with Johoreans who have to fear for their safety all the time.


Anonymous said...

Wait until you get mugged or robbed or in the worst case scenario get killed and you wouldn't be so smug about the shithole up north and satirical about the security you enjoy here.

Anonymous said...

Singapore can also get robbed. Am a regular visitor to Singapore and had my handbag stolen - on two occasions. However did not feel in any physical danger. I take extra care now. But haven't been to JB for a long time.

itchy said...

LOL.. "Shithole up north"? Hahaha..

Come on people, it's "Globalisation".. I thought Singapore believed in Free Trade.. :)

Paige McNaughton said...

Mr. Tan,

I suggest that your articles detail issues that are implicitly directed at the Singaporean flaw, instead of being jaded with preposterously satirical accounts of the Singaporean lifestyle. This entry clearly lacks clarity and common sense knowledge, and as a clearly factual issue with no controversy surrounding it, it is a blatant display of the author's pretence.

Paige McNaughton

Anonymous said...

Dear Paige McNaughton,

Either you are browsing with "images" turned off, or the meaning of the word "satire" is beyond your undoubtedly shallow command of the English language.

It is your entry that lacks clarity and common sense (logic), which makes people like you just about as likeable as a piece of rotten mackerel, stinking and shining by the moonlight.

Cheers my simian friend!

PS For others who don't share Mr McNaughon's idiocy, perhaps you can kindly explain to him to significance of Lucky's newspaper clip that says "The overall crime rate in Johor... 743 per 100,000 compared to 826 per 100,000 population for Singapore".

Anonymous said...

we must congras our spore police force of achieving a low crime rate. thanks to all police force guys and gals..

Anonymous said...


That shithole is a Singapore wannabe and wants us dead and crawling some day asking for forgiveness.

Globalization means a sharing of wealth and business in an environment of mutual cooperation for mutual benefit. Can you get that with a crooked bridge?

Mr. Lucky tan has, in the past come out with some pretty good satire to highlight the deficiencies of the country but he may be an instance of crying "wolf" too often.

Cutting off your own nose to spite yourself, now that's something uncalled for even with the kind of political agenda he is innuendoing about.

And Mr. McNaughton, you are right. He is getting rusty with nothing much else to write about.

Some imbecilic moron don't even understand that statistics lie if juxtaposed incorrectly. Please excuse the poorer intellectually endowed of our country.

The only true indicator of a country's safety is when you have a feeling of dread and foreboding just after crossing the second half of the causeway. Not that I care to go because with what I need to spend there are countless other destinations that are safer and more welcoming.

Some stupid singaporeans are supplanting those out to destroy us just to save a few dollars of petrol and groceries.

Anonymous said...

Crime rates in JB is definitely lower. However, IMHO, the stats does not state the % which it is targetted at SGPreans.

Sad to say, SGPreans do it upon themselves by flashing the $$$ and fancy cars there

citoyen said...

satire does not work like that, unfortunately, lucky tan.
anonymous @ 8:32am clearly, has not grasped this fact.

itchy said...

I love how this forum is full of idiots demanding this and proclaiming that. And some of you morons still haven't picked up on the ultimate satire in this article : the fact that a Singaporean paper has nothing better to do than craft jingoistic puff pieces that if you LOOK AT THE IMAGE are based on stats that blow their own argument out of the water. Were the writers on drugs while they wrote it? Or did they just get lazy on their fact checking when reprinting government propaganda pieces? And of COURSE it's globalisation - people will go over the bridge to spend their hard earned dollars so they don't have to be ripped off at home. There's no shame in wanting to save money, eh? Crime is a risk wherever you go. Even in Singapore.

And the last guy? "Satire does not work like that"? Are you with the Genre SS? Are you in charge of policing genre clashes? You are a moron, sir. Satire is whatever you want it to be.

Ben said... this itchy person here thinks he's super smart huh? being able to READ THE ULTIMATE SATIRE, while morons like myself cannot. Sigh! i must be really really stupid, because i got my degree from Harvard college, and that must say alot about my intelligence. I wonder where this itchy guy went to school?

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Don't welcome Singaporeans

itchy said...

ben get off your high horse, mate, nobody gives a fuck if you went to harvard. Your intelligence has nothing to do with where you went to school - just ask George Bush, he went to Yale, but apparently he's a clueless fuckwit as well (money and influence you see, much more important than intelligence - it helps 'grease the wheels' ;)

Seriously, if you feel you need to go around telling people you went to Harvard, therefore you're smart, there must be some doubt or insecurity in your mind as to whether that's true. I didn't go to Harvard, but I did go to school. But strangely I don't feel the same need to prove my intelligence.

But where I went to school? It's actually completely irrelevant, but I guarantee you it was way cheaper than Harvard. That must make me a moron. ;)

Anonymous said...