Sunday, January 22, 2006

Straits Times: Worker's Party will DESTROY Singapore!

I woke up this Sunday morning ready to grab my Sunday Times to check out the latest Harvey Norman sale....but I was greeted by SHOCKING NEWS. Really shocking! The Worker's Party is out to plant political 'time bombs' that will devastate our nation. Low Thia Kiang's "dangerous approach" to politics is a threat to Singapore. Unlike the PAP which only does things for the good of Singapore, the Worker's Party can potentially "tear our nation apart". After reading this shocking headline, I'm so motivated to vote for the PAP to rescue Singapore, I now want to queue up to vote for the PAP instead of going shopping on polling day. Thank you Straits Times for totally exposing the Worker's Party's evil intent and explaining why total control by the PAP is essential to the security of Singapore. Yes Singapore is so lucky to have such an alert media that exposes the dangers of voting for the Opposition parties. It is clear that there is only one choice in Singapore - the PAP, anything else according to the Straits Times will destroy us. Do not play with DANGER Singaporeans, vote for the PAP!

Worker's Party 4 time bombs, that will destroy us:

1. Remove Ethnic Quota for HDB because society have attained a level of maturity. How dare the Worker's Party call us mature! According to PAP's Dr. Ng Eng Hen removing this quota will destroy us. I guess the PAP knows how immature Singaporeans are that's why we need all these rules. My cousin (Chinese) married a Malay girl, ...and had a child. So her race is half malay. I wonder how they will count her in the quota when she apply for flat.

2. Give sufficient subsidy to the elderly and unemployed for transport, medical care, education and housing. How dare the Worker's Party make such a dangerous demand! According to Dr. Ng, it will destroy Singapore financially. I would just like to add that Ho Ching run Temasek Holdings has just invested millions in a Bangkok hospital and will invest about $2B to buy over Thai PM Thaksin's Shin Corp. Imagine how Temasek Holding's shopping spree will be interrupted if we have to give the money to ordinary Singaporeans. Every Singapore has the right to shop even Ho Ching, it is a favorite past-time.

3.Change Elected Presidency to Nominated one. What? You mean get rid of President Nathan? Well according to Dr. Ng Eng Hen, this is dangerous! President Nathan is diligently guarding our reserves. The PAP really believes the Elected President will guard our reserves, although former-President Ong complained that he wasn't happy with level of access to the accounts and that hindered his role. Since Nathan did not complain, I guess all that is fixed and Nathan is busy everyday scrutinising the accounts of the citizen's assets. He is paid more than $2.5M a year, lets trust him to perform his role. I'm so glad the PAP choose Nathan for us to fill this role.

4. Abolish the RCs and Citizen's Consultative Communities because they act as the eyes and years of the govt preventing community leadership from emerging. Hey, how dare the Worker's Party call RC members that! They are real leaders ..they lead others to support the govt, making Singapore a more harmonious society. Who needs leadership beyond that?

We in Singapore are so lucky to have the Straits Times to expose the evil intent of the Workers Party so that we strength our support for the PAP. The PAP does things only for the good of Singaporeans, the casino they plan to build are not dangerous to our society.


Anonymous said...

You are right. In fact, WP should be be classified as a terrorist organization in view of them working on Time Bombs. We should all thank the PAP goverment for locating and defusing the Time Bombs. Once again they have justified their multi-million dollar salaries.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


He's full of guts and he dares to speak up for Singaporens!

PAP justified their multi-million salaries?

If you gimme a dollar, i can critise other ppl's character. I don't need multi-million dollars to do so.

Haha. Justified? Okay. If you say so.

Anonymous said...

It is so unfortunate, that so many of us Singaporeans have to remain anonymous, every time we intend to dispense an irreverent viewpoint. How sad! What will become of us if we continue to live our lives like that!

Jordon Ong said...

The PAP is not working too well, judging by the crime rate of Singapore. Students hate the PAP because they dump the retarded citizens of Singapore into the education centre. People who are 18-year-old have to serve in the NS. Adults pay bills for no reason, since everywhere is so run-down and the PAP never use them to repair stuff or build new things.

"One and only terrorist escape, so much teens get away with crime."