Friday, January 13, 2006

Teenager wins "name the budget terminal" contest!

Ever since that Malaysian ex-music producer Tony Fernandez guy started to dominate the budget airlines market we have been trying to get it back. Fernandez had no experience in the airlines industry when he started - it is totally inexplicable how he can be so efficient without the benefit of working for SIA.

Anyway our elite leaders have figured a way to generate some business in Singapore as budget airlines proliferate. What else but a hub. Our desire to be a hub for everything and anything can be applied to the budget airlines industry. We aspire to be a education hub, medical hub, financial hub, casino no surprise when our leaders announced that we are all set to be a budget airlines hub. As part of our hub plan, our govt decided to build a new terminal for budget airlines. This budget terminal will not have all the frills that traveller enjoy in the current Changi terminal 1 & 2, it will instead be plain and functional. Travellers will have to walk on concrete in the open air to get to their planes.

To create greater awareness for this piece of strategic infrastructure, a "name the budget terminal" contest was held. I don't know about you but I heard about it and tried my luck. My entry suggested the name "RA Terminal" for the budget terminal. RA stands for Really Affordable. I heard they received thousands of entries from ordinary Singaporeans who cracked their heads to figure out the best name for the budget terminal. The judges took weeks to go through the entries and shortlisted potential winners. After 4 weeks of deliberation, a winner was finally announced last week. A teenager won the contest walking away with $2000 and a handphone. His winning entry? ...He named the new budget terminal "Budget Terminal". Shucks! Why didn't I think of that?! The judges commented that the name was "appropriate and clearly reflects the functionality of the new terminal". so innovative. Minister Yeo Cheow Tong presented the prize to the teenager.

Singaporeans are so lucky to get a budget terminal, now they can fly all over the region to do their shopping instead of risking their lives shopping in Johor.

Jonathan Sng wins name the terminal contest :


Anonymous said...

I should have won if I have submitted my entry. I was going to name it "Terminal 4"

Anonymous said...

IMHO, a better name would be "Terminal B" rather than "Budget Terminal".

Anonymous said...

Actually Budget stands for:


Anonymous said...

singapore also got starhub