Monday, January 23, 2006

Worker's Party will be CRUSHED for dangerous Manifesto?

I was having trouble sleeping since the Straits Times reported that Worker's Party (WP) has 4 time bombs in its manifesto that the PAP says endangers Singapore. But don't worry Singaporeans, the PAP will protect you .......

Revise the manifesto or else..... Thank goodness we have the PAP to safeguard our security. In the strongest hint that action will be taken to protect Singaporeans, Lee Hsien Loong will give the Worker's Party a chance to revise their manifesto. See how open PM Lee is? If the Opposition makes a mistake, it will still get one chance to fix it. Of course, if the WP amends its manifesto, its credibility will go into the drain. ....but at least Singaporeans can feel safer for it.

Lets visit the 4 issues again:

1. Get rid of Elected Presidency. Although we all did not get to elect Nathan, getting rid of the elected Presidency will be a danger to Singapore. Nathan is busy guarding the reserves, that is why we don't see much of him these days. Although other countries publish full account of the reserves under freedom of information acts etc, so that all its citizens will get to see for themselves what is happening, the PAP govt is very considerate not to trouble all its citizens with this matter. They have helped to choose Nathan to do the job for us for an annual salary of $2.5M. See how kind the PAP is not to burden ordinary citizens.

2. Giving enough subsidy to elderly and unemployed for necessities. Definitely very very dangerous. Giving them subsidies will lead them to be lazy. See how concerned again the PAP is for its citizens, it doesn't want you to be lazy.

3. Get rid of ethnic quota for HDB because we are now matured. Although other countries can have racial harmony without such quotas, it is necessary in Singapore because we are immature. See the PAP wants to protect us from our immaturity by having such quotas.

4. Get rid of RCs & Citizen's consultative committes(CCCs) because they act as eyes and ears of the govt. Of course, it is good they act as the eyes and ears for the govt. Getting rid of them will cause alternative community leaders to emerge, how can we be sure they will lead the people in the same direction? Singaporeans must all march in the same direction or our society as it is will be destroyed. If Singaporeans get alternative leadership, how to ensure they obey the govt?

I'm so glad that the PAP is in power to protect us from the dangers posed by Opposition parties. It is time to get rid of all opposition so that Singaporeans don't have to worry about dangers anymore. We all can enjoy the casino the PAP wants to build in total safety. Why have opposition that will endanger our lives? According to the Straits Times the PAP is the best govt for us, we don't even need elections.....why bother with elections?

Singaporeans must be the luckiest people in the world to have the PAP protect them from dangers.


PM Lee urges opposition Workers' Party to revise their manifesto

SINGAPORE : Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has urged the opposition Workers' Party to revise their manifesto as it contains dangerous and critical ideas.
He said these destroyed the fundamental principles Singapore had built and thrived on.
The PAP government described the Workers' Party manifesto as containing four "time-bombs", including removing the ethnic quota for HDB housing and the elected presidency.
Mr Lee said the suggestions in the Workers' Party manifesto had undermined the basic principles on which Singapore depends.
He said this was a very serious matter.
Mr Lee said he expected the Workers' Party and its chief Low Thia Khiang to respond properly.
Mr Lee said: "Where do they stand? Either you rethink your position and publish a revised manifesto, version 1.2, there is still time or if they want to stand by that, explain what they mean, justify, defend and we will join issue and we will fight the elections on these issues.
"They should fight the elections on these issues because this is not just a matter of you talking casually at the coffeeshop after drinks. It is a manifesto for the General Election and he is offering himself as an alternative, it has to be scrutinised." - CNA/de


Anonymous said...

opposition party fighting for what? why can't they live happily like the rest of us and let pap do the job? why?

Anonymous said...

Thank you PAP. Well done!
Protect us at all cost please!

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting to thank the ST esp the Chua sisters and the rest of the dedicated team!

Anonymous said...

More headlines!

"The opposition's manisfesto will bring about the greatest tragedy Singapore have ever known and rend our people asunder!"

"The opposition's dubious suggestions will unravel the fabric of our society like the threads of a cheap suit!"

"The opposition's poorly thought through schemes will disintegrate the fragile and precious racial harmony that is bought with the blood and sweat of our early leaders (from PAP of course)!"

Anonymous said...

Hmm, interesting article and comments.
Indeed, be grateful tt we have a politically stable place we can call home.
Be grateful that all the races/religions do not harness murderous thoughts about trying to carry out homicide on each other. =p
Enjoy peace when we have, for we never know when such short-lived peace ends.
Just like the black and white sheep we see on TVM, let us stay united... and stand as long as we can.
P.S. and yupz.. 2.5m is a nice sum for protecting the national treasury =p. All risk/responsibility come with proper remuneration.