Saturday, January 14, 2006

WP - Hammering home their ideas

Yesterday morning while eating breakfast and reading my Straits Times at a hawker center table , some feller came around selling a small paper called the "Hammer". I looked up and instantly recognised it is the Low Thia Khiang. Goodness, is his party going to contest in my GRC and spoil my planned holiday?! In my 3 decades as an eligible voter, I get the best govt in the world without casting a single I have to queue up at some school and mark 'X' in the default box. Hey that is alot of work okay. ...I will lose a few precious hours of my shopping time.

The guy next to me took out $1 to buy the Hammer. It is so thin compared with the Straits Times I was reading. How to 'fight"? The feller opened up the Hammer to read, I tried to block out the offensive material with my Straits Times. I can't believe it but the feller started to discuss the contents with his friend at the table. Now the offensive material is travelling through the air waves and poisoning my brain.....hey where is the thought police, there has to be a law against this!!

"Hey I heard MP Low managed to upgrade all the lifts at Hougang by without help from the govt and residents pay nothing.....", said the guy in the blue shirt. Rubbish. How is this possible? All PAP upgrading require residents to pay a subsidised cost and we know that PAP is the most efficient govt in the world. How come I never read about it in the Straits Times - this must be false.

My breakfast gets the 2 men talked......

"The Hammer" explains that the PAP MPs approved a amendment in Parliament that allow certain employers not to pay for extra work done by non-executive workers earning not more than $1,600 per month. Hey where are the defamation lawyers! This can't be true. The PAP cares for the poor and low wage workers. PM Lee & PAP are so kind. ..

Another article by James Gomez talks about the govt allowing the tightly controlled media to open up. ...eliminate government's ability to indirectly control the media by selecting who holds management shares. Hey, if the govt doesn't co-ordinate with the Straits Times, Singaporeans will be all confused. Who is going to ensure that information is consistent when presented to ordinary Singaporeans? Who will ensure that ordinary Singapore are happy with the explanations given for various govt policies? Singaporeans need to be assured that they have the best govt in the world and everything is done for their own good. Singaporeans have to be told that their world is safe and everything is taken care of by the govt.

As the Hammer is not thick, the guy finished reading it quite quickly....and did the shocking thing of offering the offensive material to me. I took out my Straits Times and told him off ....that it is the only reading material I need for the day. I pointed to the Straits Times headlines "$1B to help low wage earners". The guy replied that the PAP is only doing this because the elections is coming, after that they will forget their promises and have all sorts of fee increases. Rubbish ....I told him, the PAP truly cares about us, because they depend on us to build up the economy and the reserves.

I urge all Singaporeans to be careful of this ploy by Worker's Party to win your votes. The PAP has promised you the dream of Swiss Standard of Living and jobs, we have to keep our dreams alive.


Anonymous said...

You should have said:

"..and we should keep on dreaming of the Swiss standard of living".

Anonymous said...

who cares what party what hammer. i want my holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

student said...

hi, it was me that just posted the long comment to ur buangkok mrt post. by the way, i feel that voting is a right that we should really appreciate and not take for granted. i m still not eligible to vote, but when i am, i will take it seriously. also, it is not the length of the newspaper that counts, it is the content that counts. cya!

The Disgruntled Singaporeen Kia said...

Cheh.....what a joke.The author supports PAP? Why do Singaporeans not learn from the events of past? The arrests of 1987, the Chee saga, JBJ got sued and went to jail, Tang Liang Hong, Francis Seow....why dont they realise that the PAP does not want a opposition in Parl'? Very obviouly, the author is under the myth that the PAP is a"very care and responsible party". How disgracful!