Friday, February 17, 2006

1st Social Entrepreneur Winner Announced!!!

I thought the group of private clinics providing cheaper than NKF dialysis would deserve the award....or maybe someone who provides low cost housing for poor or jobs for the disabled. ...or someone who champions the rights of the disadvantaged/underprivileged would win the 1st Singapore Social Entrepreneur Award....BUT I WAS WRONG!

The winner of the 1st Singapore Social Entrepreneur is Jack Sim, the founder of WTO. WTO is the World Toilet Organisation. He has spent considerable amount of time designing better toilets. His major achievement last year was to change the building code to have the equal number of male and female toilets. Wonder if this will be imposed at SAF camps.....

Yes in Singapore the state of our toilets is a serious social problem, I'm glad that Jack Sim has done so much to solve it. Of course there are other social problems with 30% of marriages ending in divorce, rising income gap, rising health care cost, problem gambling, battered wives etc ...but as long as its not your problem, who cares ....when it comes to toilets everyone is affected.

I'm so glad that Singapore has decided to honour social entrepreneurs with such an award. Singaporeans are so lucky to have a person like Jack Sim improve their toilet design.


Anonymous said...

Help for low-wage earners and the elderly but no tax cuts will be offered by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong when he unveils a "people's budget" on Friday ahead of a widely-expected election, analysts say.

Thanks to a robust economy in 2005, the government is expected to report a budget surplus that could well exceed one billion Singapore dollars for the fiscal year to March, some five times more than the 210 million dollar surplus Mr Lee, who is also the finance minister, forecast in last year's budget speech.

gayle said...

don't be so ungrateful! our budget surplus goes to Temasek Holdings who makes wise investments on our behalf!

" k " said...

hey! are we heading towards the swiss standard living