Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hidden Worker's Party Plot Revealed!!!

Today's Straits Times headlines article, MM Lee explains what Worker's Party's plan is - give enough subsidy to the sick, poor and disadvanged....where does this money come from? ....Get rid of elected Presidency so that the reserves can be used. The PAP has been able "avoid giveaways" because it plans far ahead and well.

I'm so glad that our SM at his very advanced age is still so wise to expose the evil plans of the Opposition parties. I also agree that everything in Singapore is well planned. We have excellent planning all the way from the PAP. Take the stop at 2 family planning policy it is so far sighted, it is so far sighted that one has to really ponder to understand how much deep thinking went into that. 35 years ago, they have the stop at 2 policy, 35 years later the demand from our economic growth is so great we need to have the wonderful FT policy, then the FT policy is found to displace the old and less educated, now we have the ComCare that the PAP can show it cares. Of course, the FT policy is wonderful, it helps to reduce unemployment. The MOM changed the method of computation so that foreign workers (including short term ones) are counted into unemployment figures to give us the lowest unemployment in recent years. See how everything is so well planned and linked in Singapore?! ....A policy 35 years ago can be linked all the way to the present.

The other wonderful piece of planning - CPF + HDB. See the provident fund system left to the British was meant solely for old age but a few farsighted tweakings to allow it to be used for housing and buying SingTel shares. Of course, that led to a rapid rise in prices of HDB flats which means Singaporeans will take up to 2 decades just to pay for their housing. Now they have to work until age beyond 65 to retire at 70. Thanks to this wonderful planning, the old lady who cleaned the hawker center table where I ate my breakfast has something economically useful to do rather than wasting her time away at the park or taking care of her grand children.

Back to the evils of giving subsidy to the needy. Worker's Party horrible 'time-bombs' and dangerous ideas have to purged. If the govt of Singapore gives money to jobless, sick and needy - how is it going to find the money to do more important things like taking over Thaksin's Shin Corp for $3Billion. That will eventually benefit Singaporeans in the future because those with Thai girl friends will be able to make cheaper calls one day due to increase competition among Thai telcos. I guess Thaksin realised that with the cut-throat competition intensifying, it is better for our outstanding Temasek to buy in and run it for the benefit of Singaporeans.

Singaporeans are lucky to have farsighted PAP leaders who plan far ahead for our own good and MM Lee whose shrewd and lucid thinking at an advanced age help to expose the dangers of the Worker's Party Manifesto. We are so lucky to have his daughter-in-law Ho Ching at the helm of Temasek Holdings to make wise investment decisions that will eventually benefit Singaporeans


Anonymous said...

Old folks working in cleaning sector.

Middle age driving taxis.

Younger ones serving NS.

What a singaporean way of enjoying life.
Definitely Uniquely Singapore.

Anonymous said...

My answer to the following:

"If the govt of Singapore gives money to jobless, sick and needy - how is it going to find the money to do more important things like taking over Thaksin's Shin Corp for $3Billion."

Reduce the President's pay package by 70%, all Ministers' pay package by 60% and all MPs' pay package by 50%.

So simple and easy.

Anonymous said...

Cannot. The elites earning millions is good for the peasants, just like a profitable transport company is good for you.

Anonymous said...

we must rem that they took a pay cut after joing the civil service.

Anonymous said...

remember Ng.E.H said "I squarely tell on your face, I will be earning much more in my private practice." Oh yes!it is because we begged him to come into politics to save us. and i'm very greatful,
he came in to help with such a small pay!

Anonymous said...

many who heard the whispering of NKF saga alike, some choose to look out for the meaning of it, many choose to dip their heads in the sand and said ignorance is a blessing.... yes,...blessing to the ignorant and his decendents...perhaps one day his decendent will questioned why his ancestor was so ignorant when things are so clear cutly GOOD!