Saturday, February 25, 2006

NKF Regulators - No wrong done!

Yes it has been another honest mistake. Mr. Khaw said the regulator accepted the criticisms but added that "it is easy to criticise such shortcomings on hindsight". The MOH has concluded that no wrong is done by the regulator.

Durai and the NKF board fooled everyone, including ordinary Singaporeans, ministers and the patron. Although ordinary Singaporeans sounded out warnings - they were sued for defamation by Durai - so nobody bothered to check. In fact Lim Hng Kiang vigorously defended NKF in 2004 . Mr. Khaw himself defended NKF for keeping huge reserves - I guess it was very difficult for the Health Minister to know many kidney patients there are and how much is needed for dialysis. Of course when a forum writer wrote recently that there are profit motivated private clinics in Singapore providing cheaper dialysis than NKF, we cannot expect Khaw to know about this although he promised to work diligently for Singaporeans to cut medical cost and keep it affordable. He doesn't seem to know much about cost of dialysis that was incurred by thousands of Singaporeans. I guess he doesn't know about the cleaner in my company who was billed $70,000 at subsidised class "C" charges when his premature child was hospitalised in ICU for 5-6 months + 2 intestinal operations . You also won't hear about this because the govt does not want to worry you, they are very considerate. But go ask around anyone whose parents or child was put in ICU. I think it is time to increase Mr. Khaw's pay so he can work even harder to find out all this and help Singaporeans cope with higher medical cost.

Excerpt of letter by Leong Sze Hian in the Forum Page of The Straits Times of 21 Dec 2005

"...On Dec 31, 2001, the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) revoked NKF's Institution of Public Character (IPC) status, which meant that the NKF could not issue tax-exemption receipts to donors."
"But less than a month later, in January 2002, the Health Ministry restored NKF's IPC status, administered by the Ministry of Health Endowment Fund, despite the NCSS having informed the ministry of its observations of NKF."
"Why was the above not disclosed, such that it was never reported in the media?"
"Is not the termination of IPC status of Singapore's largest charity - by amount of donations - a matter of interest and grave public concern?..."

The NKF incident shows us that whatever crisis problems or scandals should occur our ministers who are men of great foresight can never be blamed. Anything that cannot be foreseen by their great foresight and judgement, is the result of honest mistakes that can only be identified through hindsight. It helps to have a media that will reach the same conclusions and give ordinary Singaporeans a consistent picture. That will give them confidence in their leaders and help them continue with their happy lives knowing they are led by the best people. Singaporans are so lucky to have such good leaders control them.


Anonymous said...

One must be careful everytime the word "subsidy" is used in S'pore e.g. subsidised medical fees, subsidised dialysis fees and the most well known of all, subsidised HDB housing...

Anonymous said...

One must also know that the capable govt dun want us to be worried as long as we are not affected.

If we are affected, there will be cash assistance provided, though it happens only once every 4-5 years

Anonymous said...

subsidised in singapore means the to subsidise the elites' paycheck and not the peasants' you peasants are so dumb you deserves to be ripped by our elites

Anonymous said...

The government invests in it's people as people are it's only resources. Every 4 to 5 years, the Government gives out Workfare, Singapore shares, etc. But don't forget, it's an investment. Any investment needs to get a decent return. That is the way the government sees all things. It's economics stupid. Every 1 dollar invested, they would have to take back 3 or 10 or 100 dollars.
And of course, they are also investing in NS by giving you back in insulting 400 dollars. Is this all NS is worth??? 2.5 years of sacrifice against our will. This is hardly sufficient for all the sacrifice we put in and compared to how easy foreign talent gain access to Singapore. Men who have served NS should have at least a 1 to 2 % lesser income tax rate. At least this is more equitable.