Friday, February 17, 2006

NUS Students Protest!!!

NUS Students PROTEST !!!! First the NTU students protest, now NUS students. All the protests, related to fee hikes.

What is this?! Who do these students think they are? How dare they protest just because their school fees is increased by 3%. !These students should be taught a lesson for endangering our society. What kind of Singapore citizens will they become when they grow up?! Singaporeans have been trained and conditioned to accept all forms of fee hikes - ERP, HDB, PUB, GST Telephone, bus and MRT etc, without a whimper of protest. If you're not happy with the fee hikes, there are proper channels such as using the suggest box, writing to the Straits Times forum, the feedback unit and seeing your MP. Of course, no fee hike has ever been reversed..... these channels exist so that you can vent your anger and listen to explanations on why the hikes are inevitable. Once you learn to accept fee hikes, you will be a much happier Singaporean because hikes occur so frequently. These students have to be taught a lesson for their own good. If they are unhappy about their miniscule school fees hike, what will they think of HDB flat prices. For their own good they should be thought a lesson so that as adults they can accept future fee hikes more easily.I wonder what have gone wrong with the education of these NUS students. Singaporeans are trained from young to be obedient and not cross the line. From the first day of school, they are thought to obey rules and accept the wise decisions of the PAP govt to hike fees among other things:


Anonymous said...

Keep up the sarcasm, well done.

Michael said...

I don't think he/she was being sarcastic.