Monday, February 06, 2006

Potong Pasir Residents get LUCKY!!!!

First the people of Potong Pasir get $1 shark fin soup from Sitoh. That alone would be enough for them to realise how lucky they are not to be abandoned by the PAP. Then Sitoh offers them a 10 year facelift plan. He also planned a mega-tour to Port Dickson. WOW! What more can the people of Potong Pasir ask for?! Chiam tried to upgrade the lifts of a few blocks of flats but his plan was disallowed by the govt. I guess he was just unlucky. But under Sitoh, Potong Pasir residents will get a 10 year facelift plan that will be approved and funded from somewhere. .........

Potong Pasir residents are so lucky to be offered so many goodies before the elections. Under Chiam there's only one bus service in the entire estate bus 142. Under Sitoh, I think they will get lucky and many bus services will start going to Potong Pasir.

Potong Pasir residents just have to apply simple logic - vote for the person who can give you the most. If you're a girl wouldn't you marry the person who gives you the most presents/gifts and makes the best promises? Singaporeans are smart, they know that fairness, democracy , justice and freedom is worth little in a society like ours. Once the $1 shark fin enter the mouth and head for the stomach, it is obvious what the important things in life are : eating well, shopping and tours.

Feb 5, 2006PAP's Sitoh has 10-year facelift plan for Potong Pasir

He hopes to make river running through ward a watersports spot and have lifts on all floors in estates
By Peh Shing Huei
THE People's Action Party (PAP) man in Potong Pasir, Mr Sitoh Yih Pin, provided clear indications that he will contest the next election there when he spoke yesterday of his 10-year plan for the opposition-held ward.
WOULD YOU LIKE MORE? Mr Sitoh dishes out food to residents at a Chinese New Year celebration at the Potong Pasir Community Centre. -- SEAH KWANG PENG

Speaking before he helped serve abalone porridge to some 4,000 residents attending a Chinese New Year celebration he hosts annually, he said that he wants to see the constituency transformed. Through what he termed his 'five-plus-five-year' plan - till 2011 and 2016 - he hopes to have lifts upgraded and stopping on every floor as this will benefit the ageing population in HDB estates there.
And the Kallang River, which runs through the ward, will be given a facelift so canoeists and watersports enthusiasts can use it, while joggers and others can have activities along its banks.
Fuller details will be made known over the next two months, he said.
Mr Sitoh, who is adviser to grassroots organisations in the constituency, contested the 2001 election but lost to long-serving Potong Pasir MP Chiam See Tong of the Singapore Democratic Alliance by just 751 votes.
He has remained active there since, meeting residents and organising activities, including offering shark's fin soup for $1 during National Day celebrations, free haircuts for senior citizens and organising $88 one-night trips to Port Dickson in Malaysia.
Although there have been rumours recently that these would be suspended if Mr Sitoh loses to Mr Chiam again, the 42-year-old accountant said that such talk was unfounded.
'The ice-cream auntie told me people think that maybe next year, there won't be abalone porridge any more,' Mr Sitoh told residents, speaking in both English and Mandarin.
'But that's not true. We will continue to do these as long as you support us and our programmes.'
He told reporters later that he had obtained approval from the Land Transport Authority and SBS Transit for service 142 - the only bus service in the estate - to ply farther into the Potong Pasir estate.
Still, when asked by reporters yesterday, Mr Sitoh declined to say if the party had confirmed that he would stand against Mr Chiam.
'That's for the Prime Minister to decide,' he said.
Resident Amy Chua, 62, one of Potong Pasir's 16,616 voters in 2001, reckons he has a good chance against Mr Chiam, who has been in Parliament since 1984.
'Mr Sitoh lost narrowly last time, so he should be able to win now,' she said after getting her bowl of porridge, which comes with helpings of abalone.
A Chinese New Year dinner was also held in Hougang last night.
It was attended by Mr Eric Low, the adviser to Hougang grassroots organisations who told The Straits Times on Friday that he would run again against Workers' Party MP Low Thia Khiang despite having lost there in 2001.
He said it again last night, drawing applause from the nearly 1,000 residents at the dinner. He also told grassroots leaders present that he had a message from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong thanking them for their hard work.
Meanwhile, a media training programme for the PAP's potential candidates continued yesterday at its Bedok party headquarters.
At least seven potential candidates were spotted arriving and leaving the session which, among other things, focuses on how to handle the press and field questions during the hustings.
They included a private-sector economist who is active in Bedok, and an associate director at a multinational firm who helps out at Kampong Ubi.


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I live in PAP ward for so long and still waiting for free meal. People in Potong Pasis and Hougang so lucky. Looks like the only way to get free meal from PAP is to vote opposition. Hopefully I get to vote this time.

Peasant_MoNkEy said...

YOu liken PP residents to 'girlfriends'?

If they were, they have very bad taste in their b'boyfriend'.

Anonymous said...

Ya, I live in LKY ward, spoon also no have, free meal dream also no dare dream. Seems like only those who voted non-PAP get free meal and good things. Eric Low and Seeto seem to want to tell everyone vote PAP no use one.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Another long term plan by a PAP man. On paper Mr Seeto 10yr plan seems fantastic. However, there were long term plans by other far greater PAP people which appeared great on paper but never took off (SM's Swiss Standard of living, Maw Bow 2010 World Cup qualification, etc). So if those people failed how to belive in in Mr Seeto 10yr plan.

Anonymous said...

U all know lah once u get the girl thats it ..... at least the girls at pp are not sooo fickle. lets hope we can put another credible opposition to the do u know what.