Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Singaporeans want to get LUCKY!!!

When the govt set out to convince Singaporeans that a casino will be good for them, it promised to tackle problem gambling. Although there has been little effort under the PAP in the past 4 decades to tackle this problem, Singaporeans were persuaded that this time they are serious. Convinced that the PAP govt will now go all out to discourage people from heavy gambling, many Singaporeans supported the casino.

After the initial efforts to set up some kind of help center, little has been since heard. I. for one, have never seen a poster discouraging people from gambling heavily in Singapore.

Today as I walked around near the bus interchange, I met someone and he gave me this brochure.

The brochure from Singapore Pools is promoting a $388 package of Toto & Big Sweep tickets that will increase your chance of winning the $10M Toto prize money. I'm sure quite a number of my fellow ordinary Singaporeans will be attracted by such an offer. Winning the $10M will mean they can retire much earlier than age 70 which Singaporeans are expected to work.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have the Singapore Pools give them a chance to win big money and make their lives better. The govt is so concerned about Singaporeans, it is building a casino that will attract thousands of Singaporeans who will get a chance to win good money....

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