Saturday, February 18, 2006

Wow Wow Budget!!!!

Yes the PAP has not forgotten anyone!! Although nothing is given out to people when they needed it most during the 2003 SARS recession, it is just sheer coincidence that it is being given out now before the elections which are expected in March or May this year. Since the govt also claimed that the economy is fine, jobless rate is low and everyone is prospering - some smart alecs among us might conclude that the budget is just for the purpose of sweetening the voters before the elections....rubbish I say to these people. With so many sales at Harvey Norman, Courts and Best Denki, Singaporeans need money more than ever before to take advantage of these sales.

Although I don't need the money for necessities, I'll be getting $700 ($100 for serving my NS 20+ years ago and $600 for staying in a 4 room flat). My plan is to use the money for the latest FujiFilm FinePix Camera - I'll be so happy to play with such a cool gadget. The PAP budget is vastly superior to the Worker's Party poisonous idea of giving money only to those who need it most - jobless, sick, poor and elderly. Giving more money to these people would mean no money everyone to go shopping for the latest gadgets. That is why many Singaporeans are disappointed with the Worker's Party poisonous timebomb idea. ....see how concerned the PAP is for everyone in this budget. As long as you're not unemployed, sick, old or poor, the money given out is an extra pocket money that can be used for gadgets or eating at Crystal Jade Restaurant. See how generous the PAP govt is.

Yes the good news just goes on and on for Singaporeans....... I wonder if the good news will by sheer coincidence dry up after the elections like the last time and fee hikes suddenly become unavoidable shortly after elections....

The good news gravy train - extreme overload ------

"Higher wages seen for Singapore workers as job market tightens" "Singapore businesses optimistic in first half of 2006" "Singapore's employment in 2005 at all-time high of 2.3 million" "Singapore's economy expected to continue prospering: PM Lee" "$1b help for low-wage earners" "NTUC aim: Make 10,000 jobs pay more this year " "Record 32m pass through Changi Airport" "Foreign Trade hits record $716b" "RECORD panel recommends financial incentives for NSmen" "Private and HDB home prices move up" "Panel recommends incentive package for companies to hire older workers" "More workers expected to find jobs in 2006: NTUC Chief " "Biomedical sciences industry may exceed government's 2015 target" "NTUC to set up $50m fund to help low-wage workers upgrade their skills " "S'pore strong trade performance expected to continue into H1 2006" "Medisave withdrawal limit to be raised from $300 to $400 from April" "Singapore expects strong manufacturing investments in 2006 " "Strong jobs gains show Singapore employers hiring for growth: analysts " "Jalan Besar Town Council unveils $517m estate upgrading plan" "S&C and rental rebates for 700,000 households" "Sembawang Town Council to spend $570m on renewal plan" "Civil servants to get 1.75 month year-end bonus" "12% of Singapore employers to increase hiring in Q1: survey " "Singapore created 28,500 jobs in Q3 " "Singapore raises economic growth forecast to around 5% for full year" "ComCare Fund disburses $8.7m to help low income households" "East Coast Town to undergo S$500m renewal programme " "HDB upgrading programme speeds up with 64 precincts chosen for 2006 " "Jobless rate down to 2.5%. Lowest in 4 years" "More Jobs Than Ever Before As The Tide Turns" "Singapore retailers say festive season sales the best since 2003" "Manufacturing, service sectors optimistic about business conditions" "Singapore's PMI expands for 9th straight month in January" "Singapore's STI ends at six-year high for second day running " "Singapore banks expected to post strong Q4 earnings" "Singaporeans less worried about economy, job security: survey " "SilkAir flew record 134,000 in Dec " "Singapore's M&A market hits record number of deals in 2005 " "SingTel's regional mobile users rise to 78m by end of Dec 2005 " "More SMEs expected to launch IPO this year" "SE Asia a key growth region for many S'pore firms" "Bets still on for global stock market rally despite slow start to year" "Panasonic sets up new semiconductor plant, expands capacity by 25% " "More couples having more children, 2005 birth rates up marginally" "MediaCorp Raintree Pictures' "I Not Stupid Too" beats Jet Li's "Fearless" "More poly graduates finding jobs at higher starting pay: survey" "Gallery outreach, higher incomes drive growing interest in art collecting" "Committee on ageing recommends $10m fund for senior citizens' activities" "Raffles Holdings posts record annual profit of S$678m" "Raffles Medical posts 27% rise in earnings to $12m for 2005" "S'pore sees increased entrepreneurial activity" "APB reports 16% rise in Q1 profit to S$39.4m" "More amenities, upgrading works for growing GRC" "Ang Mo Kio to be upgraded into 'seamless town', says PM" "Barrier-free access soon in all housing estates, transport system" "Surplus to be shared, says DPM Wong" "Drug abuse arrests hit yet another record low in 2005" "CPF members to receive bonus under DPS" "Number of school dropouts down: Education Ministry" "S'pore received record number of tourists in 2005" "Singapore's Q4 GDP up annualised 13%, 2006 growth forecast raised to 4%-6%" "Wages up, most companies adopting flexible wage system" "Singapore's December retail sales up 7.4% to S$2.8b"
"SIA passenger traffic up in January"


Anonymous said...

With mammoth grants given to almost every peasant.

Can foresee alternative parties not going to win any GRC. WP can forget about winning.

Anonymous said...

are singaporeans such an idiots? do you know there are retranchments going on, all singaporeans out, china girls stay.

Anonymous said...

While the peasants enjoy the crumbs in the next few months and continue to vote for the existing party, the truth will catch up after the GE. Why the need for freebies if the govt has been doing a good job all these years? How come govt know people living in hardship only once every five years? What about the $2.9b deficit? Guess who going to pay to recover the deficit. Lucky peasant are too stupid to ask such questions and don't understand simple accounting. PAP all the way!! Get ready for another landslide and more years of happiness.

Anonymous said...

there are companies employing locals as contract staffs and forginers as company staffs.

Anonymous said...

Better still, there are companies getting rid of locals and employing the so called FTs as replacement. Try doing this in Australia, Korea, Japan and EU. Guess only consolation is that males in these countries don't get $400 for giving 2.5 yrs of your life NS +13yrs of 2-3weeks reservist. Truely gratefull to be a Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

To me Singaporeans are just fools who deserve the govt they have. They are there to be manipulated, exploited and controlled so that a handful of powerful & wealthy will get more powerful & wealthy.

I've travelled around the world and have never met a more colorless people or people with so little fighting spirit. Probably the PAP has killed the passion in Singaporeans by controlling them too much.

The elections will come, the PAP will win, and Singaporeans will again be the losers.

Anonymous said...

Ya! I'm one of the local working as a contract basis and my m'sian colleague is a perm staff!

Both of us joined the company at the same time and i have a degree with experience yet i'm offered a contract!

These budgets doesn't attract me at all. Nonetheless, most peasants are myopic voters.

Anonymous said...

never in my life be astonished of the free goodies..they come with a prize: GST to "revise" downward to 7%