Thursday, March 02, 2006

25,000 Singaporeans sign Took petition!

See CJ Yong has already decided Took should hang. Singaporeans should respect the decision of this experienced CJ and carry on with our happy lives. Think about it is that simple, Huang Na dies, killer caught ...killer punished with death. End of story.

Singaporeans should have faith in the legal system instead of wasting their time thinking too much. Took's lawyer says about the petition, "The signatures will show what a portion of Singaporeans think."

What are these Singaporeans troubled by? ...Actually some technicalities. See when Huang Na died the cause of death cannot be established, she could have choked on her own vomit due to fits or strangled by Took. Without establishing the cause of death, according to the law, we cannot say that Took murdered Huang Na.

My message to these Singaporeans is : Does it matter? We hang the Australian chap Nguyen although he did not kill anyone. Well, whether Huang Na choke on her vomit shouldn't concern us too much, it was Took that cause her to choke on her vomit. So he must die. Similarly, cigarette importers who bring in the stuff that cause people to die of lung cancer should also be hanged.

25,000 sign Took petition

Convicted murderer's parents, wife hopeful he will be granted clemency

Lin Yanqin

IT HAS been more than a month since Took Leng How failed in his appeal against his conviction for the murder of eight-year-old Huang Na.
But the hope that Took will be spared the gallows has not abated.
In fact, with the help of Took's aunt and a few sympathetic people in Singapore, Took's parents and wife say they have collected about 25,000 signatures on a clemency petition to date.
Took's lawyer, Mr Subhas Anandan, is hopeful that double that number of signatures could help his client get clemency.
"I don't think that the public has ever shown support to such an extent before," said Mr Anandan. "The signatures will show what a portion of Singaporeans think."
The rare split decision at the Court of Appeals on Took's sentence could also play a significant part. Chief Justice Yong Pung How and Justice Chao Hick Tin dismissed Took's appeal against the death sentence, but Justice Kan Ting Chiu disagreed with them, the first time such a split had happened in 10 years.
Disagreeing with the actual cause of Huang Na's death, Justice Kan felt that Took should only be convicted of the offence of voluntarily causing hurt, which carries a maximum jail term of one year.
But the Court of Appeals carried through the decision on the two-to-one majority. Despite this, Took's parents are hopeful that Justice Kan's words will have some weight when the clemency appeal goes to the President.
The records show that only six people sentenced to death have been granted clemency since 1965. The last time clemency was granted was in 1998, when then-President Ong Teng Cheong pardoned a 19-year-old youth who was sentenced to death for murder, commuting his sentence to life imprisonment.
Mathavakannan Kalimuthu had pleaded that he had had no intention to kill, and had submitted a petition accompanied by five letters, including one from his mother.
Took's family and their supporters will continue to gather signatures for another two months before submitting the petition in May.
"Anywhere there's a lot of people, we will go," said Took's aunt, who declined to be named. "There have been people who have said nasty things, but a lot of people have been very kind and supportive."
The group have staked out temples, MRT stations and HDB estates to gather signatures. Apart from locals, they have also got the signatures of foreigners from China, Indonesia and Malaysia.
"A lot of people have been calling me, telling me that they want to help, and I even heard something about putting this petition on the Internet," said Took's aunt, who is in her 70s.
"I get their signatures if I can, but if they are overseas, I can't do much."
An online petition has also surfaced, with 746 signatures.
"Of course it is an encouragement to us," said Took's father, Mr Took Long Lai.
"I have told my son to have hope. We will continue to get more signatures to help


Anonymous said...

die die lah not my business

jim said...

sure or not? most people won't give a damn. check for duplicate "autographs"

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