Saturday, March 11, 2006

Brace yourself for the Opposition Onslaught!!!!

Damn! I thought after JBJ and CSJ became bankrupt since the last elections, fewer people would have the courage to step forward to challenge the PAP. Haven't they learned anything from the Andrew Kuan incident. Aren't they afraid to have their 'O' Level results paraded for the whole world to see ? Or spat with neighbors publicised? Or comments taken from former employers that didn't like your performance?

Haven't they learned from what happened to JBJ? BTW, what did JBJ say that cause him to become a bankrupt? ....I suggest these people have their rally speeches vetted by lawyers to avoid breaking our defamation laws. You see, if they say the PAP is not doing a good job, it means they are saying the PAP are liars since the PAP insists they have done a good job - that would expose them to lawsuits. If they say medical costs are high, that will contradict what the Minister of Health said, that again would mean they are calling the PAP liars, that would expose them to the risk of defamation. If they say there is high unemployment, that will contradict what Ng Eng Hen said, that will again expose them to more defamation lawsuit for calling Ng Eng Hen a liar.

I suggest the Opposition send their 57 candidates on courses to learn how to make non-defamatory speeches so they don't end up like CSJ.

Most Singaporeans aged 40 and below have never ever voted. It will be so troublesome for them now to go to the polling station queue up then mark an [X] in a box. I think they prefer to go shopping with the goodie money or to the movies instead of doing that.

I see the Worker's Party has appeared in my GRC. This means I've to carry my Straits Times around to shield myself from their blasphemous material in the Hammer. I must be on the alert to avoid bumping into them and giving them a chance to corrupt my mind with unapproved ideas. I caution all Singaporeans, they are likely to see Opposition candidates hanging around hawker centers and bus interchanges. It is best you read your Straits Times twice daily to avoid getting influenced by harmful thoughts that will undermine your happiness.

Opposition parties unveil plan to contest 57 seats in next General Election

SINGAPORE : It looks like the opposition has answered the PAP's call to contest as many seats as possible in the next General Election.
Based on a plan the opposition parties had worked out on Friday, the PAP may not be returned to power on Nomination Day.
The opposition has decided to contest about 57 seats out of 84 parliamentary seats.
These will be all nine Single Member Constituencies (SMCs) and nine Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs).
The nine single member wards are Bukit Panjang, Chua Chu Kang, Hougang, Joo Chiat, MacPherson, Nee Soon East, Nee Soon Central, Potong Pasir and Yio Chu Kang.
The Singapore Democratic Party's chairman Ling How Doong will most likely stand in Bukit Panjang, while the SDP is also planning to field a candidate in Nee Soon Central.
The Singapore Democratic Alliance plans to contest four SMCs, namely Chua Chu Kang, Potong Pasir, Yio Chu Kang and MacPherson.
Both the SDA and the Democratic Progressive Party have indicated their interests in contesting MacPherson, but they hope to resolve this soon to avoid a three-cornered fight there.
The Workers' Party is targeting Hougang, Joo Chiat and Nee Soon East.
And the nine GRCs that the various opposition parties are eyeing include Aljunied, Ang Mo Kio, Sembawang and East Coast - all to be contested by the Workers' Party.
The Singapore Democratic Party is trying to contest two GRCs - Jurong and Holland-Bukit Timah.
And the Singapore Democratic Alliance is planning to field at least three teams to contest Pasir Ris-Punggol, Jalan Besar and Tampines.
This means there could be a contest for at least 48 GRC seats if the opposition parties stick to their plans.
But they remained tight-lipped about exactly which candidates may be standing in which constituencies.
And they say that things could change in the run-up to Nomination Day.
Mr Chiam See Tong, Secretary-General of Singapore Democratic Alliance, says: "This time round, I think we have got our act together. It would appear we have more than 50 percent and if that is the case, then it appears we will have no by-election effect."
Ms Sylvia Lim, Chairman of Workers' Party, says: "The four GRCs we have named, we may not go to all the four as we are still deciding which are our priorities - that is the likely scenario." - CNA/de


Anonymous said...

I suggest that the opposition speakers just stand at the pulpit and say nothing. In this way, they would not get sued and at the same time, the people will have a chance to really see them. Not necessary to hear as we have the Straits Time & TV. Most importantly, we have PAP MP to analyse the evil intentions of the Opposition. We are all so lucky

Anonymous said...

ouh. seldom do i get to read such strong support for the P*P. Your stuff is really interesting. But i encourage you to open those ears more to listen to what other people have to offer for our country. They are not always right just because they wear white uniforms. And please, stop sounding like the typical ignorant Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the opposition speakers should take extreme caution when standing silently on the pulpit should they choose to do so.

Its becuase by standing forward and facing the gathered crowd, should they choose to do so, their body posture would mean the flaunting of gentalia towards the electors, which can be brought to mean that they are demeaning and are bringing insult to the electorial process which includes The PAP election candidates.

These type of election behavior should not be tolerated!

For the happiness of our country, Opposition members should join The People Action Party. What they do is always beyond fault.

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