Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Disgusting, insulting, rude, irrational, uncivilised Thai Protesters!!!!

I can't believe my eyes when I saw pictures of our esteemed PM and his wife Ho Ching's being burnt by Thai protesters. PM Lee has nothing to do with Temasek Holding's purely commercial deal why drag him into it?! Besides there is no need to be so aggressive, they can just write complain letters to the forum page of the newspapers or send it to our embassy and go through the proper channels like what Singaporeans do when they are unhappy. Their rude actions are uncalled for!!!!

I feel very strongly about what the Thais have done and wanted to protest at the Thai embassy over the weekend, I think many other loyal Singaporeans have the same idea. However, since Singapore laws disallow protests of more than 4 people, I decided to give that a miss and go shopping at Audio House instead of risk breaking the rules. I might write a complain letter to the Thai Embassy to express my dissatisfaction with their protesting citizens.

The Thais should be showing appreciation to Temasek Holding for pumping money into their economy through the pocket of their PM Thaksin. Why can they see the merits of the deal? It is obvious their education system has failed them. Don't they know the benefits of harmony between govt and the people. The value of obedience and trust for their leader. The protests also reflects the failure of the media to explain the deal to the people in a way they will accept and understand. ...some members of the media chose to be critical of Thaksin.

We in Singapore are lucky, the govt will tell us what is good or bad for us and all we have to do is believe with the help of the media such as Straits Times. Thaksin has been telling the Thais in Bangkok that this deal is above-board, they just have to believe and move on with their lives instead of standing in the hot sun and burning pictures of our esteemed leaders. ....they can be at one of the many shopping malls in Bangkok.


Anonymous said...

ho ching looks like a man in the pictures... do the thais even realise ho ching is a 'she'?

Socaps said...

It saddens me that the deal should develope into such an explosive issue. It only affords an opportunity for the critics of Mr. Thaksin to pound on him further, and to make Singapore a scape goat. There is nothing we can do except to pray that the supporters of both sides keep their cool, and that the reported paper loss of $1.45 billion faced by Temasek Holdings is only a passing cloud.

Anonymous said...

i hate ho ching

*The Lunatic Fringe* said...

Actually, the Thais are smart to use the picture of the PM and his spouse. I for one am slightly amused but not at all affected by them burning pictures of our PM and his spouse. If the Thai protestors had burned the Singapore flag, that would have made the iota of Singaporeanism in mean want to burn a Thai flag in return.

Anonymous said...

Ho Ching looks like PM Lee's mum...

Anonymous said...

Just printed out A3 size picture of LSL's photo getting burned and hung it in front of my dartboard for practise.

Thanks to the thais for that wonderful artpiece.

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