Sunday, March 26, 2006

Elitism 101.

I wonder when a new Minister calibre MP will be announced for the coming elections. Well odds are he will be a general or service chief from the SAF. Why? Very simple, in the highly controlled predictable political system we are living in present actions and decisions have to help justify past decisions and logic. Since our PM came from the SAF, we can expect the emergence of leaders taking the same route.... it is already decided for us that he is good. Although the numerous horror stories from the people at the ground in GLCs such as SIA tell us otherwise about former generals, who are these ordinary people to judge, can their ordinary judgement ever be better that the refined meticulous selection system the PAP have evolved......never!

Elitism is a belief or attitude that an elite — a selected group of persons whose views on a matter are to be taken most seriously, or who are alone fit to govern. Elitism sees an elite as occupying a special position of authority or privilege in a group, set apart from the majority of people who do not match up with their abilities or attributes.

Ordinary Singaporeans are so lucky to be governed by an elite group of individuals through a scholarship selection and grooming process that is now almost unique to Singapore. The Soviet Union used to have a similar process to select people for leadership, but after the fall of the Iron Curtain, they are now less systematic. It seems the path to the top in Singapore is probably through the SAF (military), and the civil service. Just look at the background of our leaders. We have refined our selection process alot since the good old days when leaders can emerge from anywhere. Now the process is very rigorous - scholarship, elite schools, service in the SAF/Admin Service etc. Through these processes we are able to select our current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who coincidentally is the son of LKY.

Our selection process is now so rigorous the election is just a matter of formality. A new guy whom the govt wants to bring into parliament simply gets a ride from a more experienced senior minister or some one better known. Unlike the US where they spend a whole year of campaigning, Singapore will spend about 9 days - most of the time we don't know who we are voting for in the PAP but it does not matter, we take it that the elite group of men and women are well qualified to represent our interest and that they truly care about us.
This selection process is far superior to a full blown election process where the candidate has to go to the masses and seek approval and acceptance for their leadership and vision. Talking about vision of a better Singapore, do you know what it is? Don't worry leave it to our elites who will take care of it for you.

Our elites who represent us in Parliament are apparently busy people with successful careers. That is why in a typical parliamentary sitting many seats are empty. Many also hold directorship in companies and sometimes GLCs. We can believe that these are the best people to understand our needs because they are so well exposed ......

Once election is over we can leave our country to these men and women who will make decisions in our interest. They have been selected on the criteria that they know what our needs are.


Anonymous said...

We are so lucky to have very smart and educated people that we can leave our country to them. As proven, these people will be very efficient in earning more tax revenue, money & profit for the government, STAT boards and GLC. Coincidentally, we will be the ones that pay for it. They will also be very good local businessmen for GLC in the local economy, crowding out all the inefficient local SME. With all these high calibre men, our country reserves will definitely be increased and some distributed to us 4-5 years later, at the next GE. This will also gives the country financial buffer to withstand another suzhou. In this way, I am a proud international singaporean because my money is used to support the gobal economy

Anonymous said...

Throughout history, we've seen the rise and fall of so many dynasties.

I believe after Lao Lee kicks the bucket, the regime will collapse, and we can see daylight again...

Anonymous said...

Guess the ruling party does not understand the negatives of in-breeding. In-breeding usually leads to off-springs that are generally weaker, less intelligent, possess health defects, etc. They continue to practice in-breeding and all new candidates continue to come from the same genetic pool. They have no new ideas, pretend to differ in views but always seem to finally agree with senior figures and agree for the sake of agreeing. We heading on downward path and soon it will be to late to make any u-turn.

Anonymous said...


This is a truly great country. We have a great system. Look at countries like United States where idiots are elected by a normal democracy. Look at Bush, he starts wars. Look at singapore, our government is only interested in making money. Everyone is making money... Isn't making money what this government is about?
In Singapore, truly great people and capable people who otherwise lack charisma is practically assured to walk into the government. There is NO CHANCE for them NOT to be elected. The GRC is the best Political tool to ensure that capable people get in without going thru' the voting process. They are statistically guaranteed to win.

When they do win, they start to make GREAT MONEY... They get rich, they join government linked companies as directors and many many other companies and make more money... They have no interest to start wars... They are great and peace loving people.

When they get so rich, they start companies, they in turn create employment. Isn't this great? In which country can you find this virtuous cycle?

Let's all Make money together... And yes, let's have some opposition too, keep the Progress package coming...


Anonymous said...



I never knew sarcasm could be even slightly humorous.

Keep it up!

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