Saturday, March 25, 2006

Excellent new PAP candidates launched!!!

Meticulously chosen. Interviews, psychological testing, track record, grooming, grassroots work......what more can Singaporeans ask for? Teo Chee Hean said in Straits Times today that they are looking for people who are not doing it for self interest. I guess that is why when they become ministers they have to be paid millions of dollars to serve the people to compensate for the lack of self interest. The Opposition which is of full of self-serving men who end up becoming bankrupts, jailed and selling books on the streets, ....are mostly doing it (politics) for personal gains.

Once the selection process is in place, no need to bother much....the system is all set to pick leaders for our future. The selection process is like a Quality Control thing, once they go through it, you can be sure of the quality. The election is really secondary, they just need to put these new candidates together with ministers in a GRC and they will all get elected. Its like the instant noodles of politics - 2 days ago not a single one of us know these 3 people, about 1 month from now they will almost with 100% certainty be our MPs.

No other country ever has enjoyed this convenience of instant noodle politics except maybe the political monopolies of Soviet Union and Eastern bloc countries. They too had meticulous selection systems in place to pick representatives. The citizens of these countries are so lucky, they don't have to ponder over which person to elect to represent them. It is like a commercial monopoly telling you that their product is the best because their QC & processes are the best. See the advantage of having a virtual political monopoly, you don't have to think, you just have to trust that they done their best to pick the best people for you.

Some of you may get smart by saying that nobody ever give their best without competition - great governments are the product of having real opponents. Rubbish!!! Have you not read your Straits Times today! On page 31 an article "Are Opposition MPs a must have?", the Straits Times reporter concludes that because the PAP has a superior selection system, there is no need to vote for the opposition.

Once again lucky Singaporeans are the beneficiaries of yet another political innovation, the use of a meticulous selection process to pick suitable leaders. In other countries, leaders would have to work the ground for years to build a bond and trust with the people they represent very often facing strong opponents in lively debates .....but Singapore is different, we are able to get true leaders by selecting and grooming them. I've never seen a political debate in my 40+ years of existence here. Most Singaporeans would rather spend their time agonising over the next Singapore Idol anyway.


Anonymous said...

The concluding paragraphs from the ST article mentioned by Lucky Tan:

" Bearing in mind the lack of a level playing field, many voters would be willing to give opposition candidates a handicap.

The question is how big a handicap to give.

Yes, it is near impossible for any opposition team to match the meti- culously selected PAP slate in terms of qualifications, professional achievements and public service contributions.

But should the handicap be so big as to close the gap between an untested Ms Lim and a minister who has proven his mettle, like Mr Yeo?"

Anonymous said...

True what...Singapore PAP leaders are so good according to Strait Times, I suggest all opposition give up.

Leaders very good. Build casino is good. Foreign talent is good. Work like dog is good. Expensive medical care is good medical care. Casino is also good for us.

Everything good in Singapore, why need opposition.

Anonymous said...

Readers of the Straits Times should be very cautious of the advance level brainwashing tactics now being employed in the run-up to the GE.

Just look at how disingenious and insidious this author concludes the article.

First, it tries to establish credibility with the reader by acknowledging an unfair politicial playing field (a generous admission, coming from ST).

Then, ST points out that it is near impossible that any Opposition candidate can match the PAP selected candidates. My response to that is: What about Slyvia Lim, Chairman of Workers' Party? On paper, she can match the paper qualifications (Master Degree in Law), professional achievements (former Police Inspector, Temasek Polytechnic law lecturer) and public service contributions (being an Opposition member is in itself a form of national service, no?) of most PAP newbies.

Perhaps ironically, Slyvia Lim does get mentioned in the last paragraph. But who does the author compare her with? A senior member of the Cabinet and Foreign Minister, George Yeo! Shouldn't Ms Lim be compared with the new PAP candidates, who similarly, have not proven their mettle?

Hah! Talk about unfair handicaps, if any, given to the Opposition. The more realistic and non-bullshit question is: Should the handicap given to the new PAP candidates be so big as to allow them to hitch a free ride on George Yeo's "proven mettle"?


Anonymous said...

life is full of bullshit and in this case it has illustrated clearly.

Anonymous said...

If PAP really have a clean sweep on this election, it will be a sad day for Singaporeans.

I feels like living in the Qin Dynasty.

Anonymous said...

You Singaporeans are so lucky to have your gov't system set up that way.

Would you believe that over here in Canada the actual political party pays the fees for the campaigning of the candidates with money received from donations from the people as well as money from the actual gov't so that the person doesnt have to be rich to run in elections.

I mean, how is that for a waste of money, the opposing party actually giving money to help the opposition get into power. That is like giving the enemy guns, weapons and aid in a war. Madness I tell you, utter madness.

be thankful, Singapore, that you live in a place that isnt mad and waste money like us stupid Canadians.

wannabe quitter said...

Hey, can u tell me hw to get canada passport? I will gladly trade place wif u if i can.

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 3:16 AM

Build casino is good. Making Singaporeans pay $100 to enter is better. Your maid can enter FOC is best.

"Jobs/casinos for foreigners, NS for Singaporeans"

"Dogs and Singaporeans not allowed"

btw, all your money is belong to PAP(pay and pay)

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