Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Happy Lucky Singaporean Praises the Govt.

Straits Times Interactive March 1, 2006
Thank you for the Budget goodies

OUR Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has come out with a $2.6b help package for all Singaporeans. I'm so happy.

I've three children. My eldest son attends a Minds school. My second daughter is in Primary 1. My third son is going to a childcare centre soon.
My husband is the only person in the home working. He earns $1,500.
The Government's offer is a great help to people like us. What we earn is from hand-to-mouth.
Now I can happily enrol my third child in the childcare centre with the help of the subsidy. I'm so proud to be a Singaporean. I'm very happy and pleased with my Government.
I'm not so highly educated. But I really appreciate my country's government very much. It is always here for us. It may be Sars, bird flu or any problems, but it always stands by us.
If I'm given a chance to migrate, I would never do it because my country Singapore is the best. Thank you Singapore for your generous support.

P.Amutha (Mdm)

Singaporeans thinking of migrating must be out of their mind with such good caring govt that helps the poor, who would ever think of migrating. Of course some of you might get smart and say that people like Mdm Amutha would receive more aid in some other countries because of minimum wage laws, welfare and the lack of foreign talents to depress wages, what I can say is ultimately what is important is whether a person feelis happy. As long as they feel happy and believe the govt is acting in their interest, nothing else matters.


Anonymous said...

"I'm not so highly educated"

That explains the letter.

gayle said...

don't be snide. that's a person out there, no matter how much she sounds like someone the Straits Times made up. if she's happy, she's entitled.

NaRiKo~* said...

Really sounds like someone the Straits Times made up.