Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Honour Your Pledge to Singapore!

"...... build a democratic society based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation."

Yesterday night I finally understood what the pledge truly means. With all the articles in the Straits Times and the words of our esteemed SM Goh, the meaning behind these words are revealed.

Justice, equality & Democracy does not come free. You have to work hard for it. It must NEVER EVER be taken for granted. Yes, these are causes that Singaporeans must be willing to fight and die for. It is why we serve our national service with pride and honour.
We must learn from our leaders - in particular SM Goh - how to defend our democratic rights, uphold justice and equality in our society. We must all learn from Potong Pasir!!
There is no justice & no equality for the people of Potong Pasir. Why? They are treated unequally and unjustly in our national upgrading scheme. How is our SM helping to restore justice & equality to Potong Pasir? He is helping to inspire and lead them to do the right thing to restore justice and equality to Potong Pasir. They cannot stand idle as their estates are unjustly left out in upgrading. The people of Potong Pasir have to be brave and do the right thing to restore justice & equality to their estate.
To accomplish the ideals laid out in our pledge, the people of Potong Pasir have fend off the opposition virus that has infected them for 21 years - causing them to do the irrational thing of acting against own interest to vote for a man who is eventually rendered powerless to serve them by the HDB rules and town council legislation. The people of Potong Pasir have to purge themselves of this opposition virus and the SM is helping them to correct their political thoughts . Once that is done, the people of Potong Pasir can begin to receive the justice and equality in upgrading that the rest of Singapore enjoys.
Singaporeans are so lucky to have SM Goh who strongly believes in our pledge and is helping the people of Potong Pasir & Hougang honour the pledge by voting for the PAP to restore their justice and equality in the HDB flat upgrading scheme. They can do so by exercising their democratic rights to ultimately achieve the goals of happiness, prosperity and progress.


Anonymous said...

Merdeka!!!! We should rid the opposition virus from our country. Why do we need opposition when the PAP MPs (hopefully) of Potong Pasir & Hougang can act as opposition, NMP of CEO calibre to provide alternative view to the often fireworks debate. I think the newer lift that serves every level is more effective than the opposition leaders trying to serve every citizen. After shopping, the lift helps my burden better than the oppositions.

On the other hand, further to our esteemed SM ideas, maybe PAP can field their own "opposition" PAP member against their own in those walkover areas so that the ruling party members can also act as opposition. This will be a happy country where "opposition" wards WILL also enjoy upgrading.

Anonymous said...

Upgrading should be a separate issue from the General Election


Anonymous said...

ANybody blog about the NUS GE Forum? Read in ST that Indranee Rajah got bombed by disrespectful NUS students!

Lucky Tan must be very upset...

Anonymous said...

NUS forum pits PAP against opposition

Indranee quizzed on upgrading and Chiam on voting for opposition

By Sim Chi Yin, Leslie Koh
March 30, 2006
The Straits Times

PEOPLE'S Action Party (PAP) MP Indranee Rajah was all ready to focus on the needs of young voters when she arrived at a university forum yesterday to discuss the next General Election.

But when an opposition MP chose to talk about why Singapore needed a strong opposition in Parliament, the topic ended up dominating the session at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Students at the two-hour forum found it just too hard to ignore the words of veteran opposition figure Chiam See Tong. 'Do you want a one-party rule in Singapore to continue or plurality of political parties in Parliament?' he asked.

It prompted the students to repeatedly probe Miss Indranee, the only PAP representative on the panel, on some of the ruling party's election tactics and practices at parliamentary sittings.

These included upgrading housing estates in PAP wards first and requiring all PAP MPs to vote on new laws being passed along party lines.

The forum, organised by the Political Science Association, drew more than 450 students to listen to Miss Indranee, an MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC, Workers' Party assistant organising secretary Chia Ti Lik, Mr Chiam and motivational trainer Cherie Lim.

Miss Indranee, in her opening remarks, said one key issue in the next GE was how the Government could engage younger voters.

Urging them to cast their vote wisely, she said: 'How a young person votes determines the direction that a country goes...It allows you to help chart the future of a nation.'

But Mr Chiam homed in on what he saw as the only issue in the election: Do Singaporeans want a one-party rule? An opposition is needed, he argued, to voice their concerns.

He hit out at ideas floated to let some PAP MPs vote in Parliament without being constrained by the party whip. 'Voters do not want pseudo-opposition...they want the genuine stuff,' he said, drawing loud cheers.

Mr Chiam also criticised the PAP for making it difficult for opposition MPs to operate in their constituencies, by putting certain funds and grassroots organisations under the charge of PAP representatives.

It led the students to direct a volley of questions at Miss Indranee during the Q & A session. They asked: How can you represent people in the House when you must obey the party whip? Have you ever voted against your conscience? Why is the PAP denying upgrading to opposition wards? Is it buying votes?

Replying in a measured tone, Miss Indranee explained the need for the whip - to ensure Bills are passed - and the Government's stand on upgrading. It had to give priority to those who supported it, she said.

The two opposition figures, too, got their share of blunt questions, such as, why should Singaporeans vote for the opposition?

Mr Chiam's reply: 'If you want the whole Parliament to be controlled by the PAP, vote all PAP. But if you feel the opposition has a role to play, in checking the PAP... vote in the opposition.'

Though Miss Indranee and Mr Chia's answers drew applause, the students reserved their loudest cheers for Mr Chiam, who charmed them with his wit. When a buzzer went off to indicate the time limit of his opening speech, he deadpanned: 'We also often get disturbances during election rallies.'

Even after the forum, some 30 students crowded round him, keen to talk to the longest-serving opposition MP who has held his Potong Pasir seat for more than 20 years. Said history student Eisen Teo, 21: 'I was struck by Mr Chiam simply because of who he is. He's been around for so long and he speaks up in Parliament.'

Anonymous said...

Feel like living in Animal Farm...

Anonymous said...


Mr Goh Chok Tong, is this the best your Govt can do?

Dear Mr Goh, it's time you put a stop to such a low-class electioneering tactic as UPGRADING.

Our lives involve more than just a new coat of paint, additional lifts, a landscaped walkway, or a swimming pool.

The PAP of older days had more "class" although I didnt like the defamation suits. But at least they had vision, and they refused - or should I say, tried hard to avoid - to play pork barrel politics. Today, the PAP has sunk so low, lack idealism, and has no new ideas.

Your upgrading policies are driving a wedge, a deep division, between the peoples of Singapore. Your attempt to win votes by using such tactics will cost Singapore dearly in the future.

You cannot turn back the march of time: Singaporeans DO want an alternative voice in Parliament. They dont want totalitarian rule, no matter how many bowls of rice it has delivered on the table. Even those who hold that PAP should still govern Singapore, also want an opposing voice in PArliament.

Don't deny us that need, please.

Please go back to "Go" and touch base with your soul. All of us, regardless of our political persuasion, are first and foremost Singaporeans. The government's treatment of its population must be based on that high principle - Singaporeans FIRST. Political association a far second if not last.

The government must uphold that principle. Not to do so will further shape Singaporeans to think their flat first, Singapore last. Are constituents in PAP wards first class citizens and those in oppo wards second class?

Your upgrading carrot may be good for your PAP, but will ultimately be destructive for Singapore as a nation.

Mr Goh, may I respectfully ask you: if a war should break out, do you not expect a soldier who votes for the opposition, to stay on the frontline and defend our little pigeonhole flats and your swanky & expensive property??? Or should the soldier's will to fight be based on whether he got his flat upgraded or not?

And if I relocate my shop to Hougang, may I pay less tax and no GST please? Afterall, you do not intend to spend any taxpayers' money on the precinct anyway so you dont need all that money.

These are pertinent questions, Mr Goh.

You want to win an election, win it fair and square, with dignity, based on your vision of how you can make Singapore a better place for Singaporeans first.

Win the election, if you can, based on what MORE you can do for Singapore, not what you can take away from the opposition.

Let pork barrel politics be the game of lesser men.

- peasantJUDGE
on Sammyboy Alfresco Coffeeshop Forum
28th March 2006

Fellow Singaporeans, time to Stand Up Fpr Singapore, For our Fellow Singaporeans in Potong Pasir & Hougang, for SINGAPORE.

Support the petition here:

Anonymous said...

How to support PAP when they already run out of ideas besides threatening us. Wake up lar Sillyporean, it’s time to stand up for the opposition parties.

Anonymous said...

Dear PAP,

i wld remind everyone that PM Goh made a national promise in 2005 to ALL singaporeans, regardless of political belief.

2. Providing for needs of older Singaporeans

5. Promise to Singaporeans
a. We are one people together
b. Growth and prosperity is for all Singaporeans to share
c. Provided you work hard and help yourself, we will help you to succeed
d. We will progress together, and not leave anyone behind

then i will draw an anology with the upgrading programme.

PAP is like the only doctor with the resources to do upgrading ( the medication).

There is a queue of patients waiting for to see PAP for the medication.
there is an elderly patient( Potong Pasir) with the worst symptons (SM Goh calls it 1950s syndrome)

Does the good Dr PAP deny the most deserving patient of medication because it is not your regular customer? Don't forget Potong Pasir pays all taxes and fees required for the medication.

do u keep lettting less urgent cases jump queue in front of Mr Potong Pasir? how long must the elderly Mr Potong Pasir wait?

i think Government has a moral obligation to EQUALLY consider the needs of all Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

haha everyone here is anonymous. maybe it's by the same person?? so much for political freedom. haiz

Anonymous said...

"If you want to post with real name, some of them will offend gajemn. Some will get sued as a result,"

"Usually it is the anonymous behind monitor who's typing it, who may attract some insults from gahmen."

"The gahmen starts sueing. Some people will go bankrupt. Innocents will get jailed for not going anonymous."

- Dr Walausimilan

Aragorn said...


I think our gvt is doing a wonderful job.


Anonymous said...

"haha everyone here is anonymous. maybe it's by the same person?? so much for political freedom. haiz "

You must be dumb. Cant you check the shiny stats and see the number of vistors for this site daily? It tracks IP and can reveal the number of visitors daily

Calvin aka Yamada Shun 山田駿 said...

Democracy my foot.

We live in a facade society untrue to democracy and u are calling the opposition a virus who are unable to serve.

I ask have they ever been given an opportunity to do so? You speak like a mouthpiece of PAP.

Anonymous said...

be it opposition or PAP, I feel that parties should strive to work hand in hand to bring singapore forward and not to show what one party can do for the nation but what the govt. can do for its people.
in this i don't mean giving us monetary rewards but also the intangible benefits from being a first world nation.
take the case of estates upgrading programme, for example;
wouldn't it be better that the stronger party lend a helping hand to hasten the process of the upgrading prgramme so that everyone would enjoy the fruits of singapore's success??
in this times i think the word proper would be co-operation rather than competition.
in anyways, i still believe in MM Lee's party. they have come a long way since independence from malaya. look at where singapore stands now on our world map?
I dare say I've total faith in the country in the yrs to come.

Anonymous said...

dear calvin... pls understand that democracy comes at a price. look at US and you'll know what i mean.
Whatever you 've thought of, i'm pretty sure the party would have thought of it. sometimes there must be a balance of interest.

feeblechicken said...

To anonymous above, so democracy comes with a price. By saying that, do you think singapore is abidding democracy or not. If not the words "to build a democratic society" should be removed from the pledge. we should thus stop the school children from reciting that. That line was implanted in my head since young, but I grow up disillusioned by how the ruling party can manipulate the playing ground during the elections to favour themselves. Bread and butter issues are important but integrity and fair play are just as important.

Anonymous said...

No opposition is like giving the PAP the free licence to do as they please.
Opposition virus keeps the PAP in check. If not for the opposition you won't get you Progress Package, your CPF at 55 and your lift at every floor. This upgrading is part of the PAP tactic to belittle Chiam and co.
to make them look small.
I salute the residents of Potong Pasir and Hougang having the guts to vote against the mighty PAP in spite being marginalised.
Many of you have a alot respect for SM Goh. He is a gentleman in white dressing. But the white has patches of black spots which the blind and colour blind can not see.
Don't you think a bit dirty to use taxpayer fund to play politics at the expense of the people of Potong Pasir and Hougang, and discriminate them because they refuse to white. They pay taxes like everyone.
The slogan for these people should be no taxation without upgrading.

BolaBolame said...

The upgrading issue reminds of our neighbour, Malaysia.
The Central Government collected the oil revenue from Sabah, Sarawak and Trengganu, leaving the state government with 10% of revenue.
The 90% of the money is used to finance and develop the favoured states such Selangor and Johore leaving the opposition states undeveloped.
The PAP is using the same tactic to cow and rein in the opposition wards by dangling the carrot of upgrading. When the PAP Government plays favourtism with citizen life, it makes a mockery of the pledge "that we progress together and not leave anyone behind".
It is empty promise if the citizens of Potong Pasir and Hougang are left to till for themselves.
The people of PP and HG, when they make the Pledge, should begin:
"We, the Second Class Citizens of PP and HG do not pledge ourselves as citizens of Singapore because political discrimination....."

Anonymous said...

I agree and can totally relate with feeblechicken's views. Being a resident of Potong Pasir, I often find myself wondering if anyone would actually answer our questions especially with regards to equality in our little "isolated land". Oh, and I should really thank my lucky stars that we actually are allowed the right and convenience of public transportation(MRT).Phew. I'm also guessing that it is only "right and fair" that our taxes paint walls on flats of people who make "correct" choices.
Well, all of this is just my point of view,please feel free to share.

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