Sunday, March 19, 2006

PM Lee : PAP aims to win all seats!

And they can easily.

Yes, Singapore is a democratic country where fair elections are conducted to choose the people to represent us.

PM Lee says: "Whenever it comes to upgrading between the PAP and the opposition ward, it has to be the PAP first or else how do we explain to voters that they supported us and we did not pay attention to their needs? So that remains the policy. In Hougang and Potong Pasir, I think both Eric and Sitoh have ideas on what they want to do for their constituencies and these ideas include upgrading."

See how easy it is to decide. If you vote for PAP, the tax money collected from those who voted the Opposition will be used to upgrade your constituency. This is a system that both our current prime minister and the previous one stands for. It is a principle that the men and women who join the PAP support.

I wonder why no other country has copied Singapore's political innovation yet. George Bush would have won a bigger margin if he set aside the welfare and public infrastructure spending only for States that support him & the Republicans in the elections. Surely, American citizens are as smart enough to see that such such schemes can only work in their interest....if they want more infrastructure, they just need to vote for it.

Saddam Hussein had elections too where the citizens of Iraq get to vote. If you don't vote for him, your family disappears the next day. No wonder he won by 95%.

Yes, if you read the Straits Times, you will understand the PAP is a honest, highly efficient and effective govt that is well loved and supported by the people. That is why they are not afraid to conduct elections on a level playing field.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have real democracy. One in which they can vote for what they believe in during the elections.


Anonymous said...

The PAP has to threaten people to get votes. This is disgusting and sad and shameful.

Anonymous said...

what about the minority who voted for the PAP in an opposition ward?

Is the PAP abandoning these supporters?

Should a government act in the best interests of the nation (include opposition wards) or act in the best interests of PAP?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the real procedure of getting an estate upgraded? Shouldnt updgrading funds be fairly distributed among all wards including those under the opposition? Afterall the money they are using is from all taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

PAP's mindset is that since they are the capable party that has collected taxpayer money, invested, and reaped the benefits; it is now PAP's money, they are the ones to decide the distribution.

Anonymous said...

I read in the paper what was said about the upgrading of housing estates. This is what s known as political blackmail. Vote in an opposition MP and your estate will be upgraded last. Has politic in Singapore been brought down to this low level??

Anonymous said...

has stayed in singapore for a few years. was shocked to hear all these. I guess nobody dares to leave their real names in this blog. otherwise, tax payer's money may be used against you.

Anonymous said...

has stayed in singapore for a few years. was shocked to hear all these. I guess nobody dares to leave their real names in this blog. otherwise, tax payer's money may be used against you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky Singaporean,

I nearly choked on your sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

why do Singaporeans let the PAP get away with such blatant unfairness and injustice?

40 years of social engineering has indeed worked wonders to produce uncaring, unthinking sheep, thus far.

I am part of the new Internet Generation Singapore that will not tolerate the bullying of the PAP.

Anonymous said...

I'm a young Singaporean. I'm brought up to learn not to care about these political bullshits and just vote for PAP and live on.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 1.25pm,

if every singaporean think like you, then the PAP would have absolute power, they can do as they wish since they have your absolute trust.

do u think that the PAP is incorruptible? No TT Durai in PAP? What is good for the PAP is not necessarily for your benefit.....u might be sacrificed for the 'greater good' of the 'nation'.

Anonymous said...

If PAP win all seats, it will be a sad day for this nation. We have voted for pork barrel politics instead sincerity....

Anonymous said...

The PAP has not won yet.... and we should try our best to make sure that they would sweat their hearts out during this GE period. Many of us just talk bad about teh governemnt, if we really wnat to see changes then we should help the opposition. I am not suggesting people to join them. Even as normal citizens we can do our parts and help the opposition put up posters and such...

anon @ 1.25pm, if you really care for you future in sg then please do analyze the PAP's programmes and vote for them base on that instead of blindly following them. Make sure it is what you really want and not regret your choice.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:16, I'm shocked that you actually think we can vote for pork barrel politics! Are you sure you've been following Lucky Tan's blog closely?

Remember, Lucky Tan has mentioned many times on his blog that there are no pork-barrel politics in Singapore!

I'm so disappointed with you!

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