Sunday, March 19, 2006

The real meaning of your VOTE....

It does not matter who the PAP put up as candidates.
It does not matter what their views on issues are.
It does not matter what past experiences they have or qualities to connect with the people and empathy for their problems.

It is not important anyway because the PAP govt only allows 9 days of campaigning, so you won't be able to figure out the character of the people put up for elections.


Your vote is not for the PEOPLE who will represent you, your vote is LINKED to the upgrading of your estate. Most people will vote for the PAP because they want their estate upgraded with nice surroundings and lifts stopping at every floor. This is not an election about issues, problems and solutions faced by the country. It is to elect the UPGRADING PROGRAMME for your estate.

Please don't be confused what your VOTE is for okay. It is for the UPGRADING of housing estates and that is the primary purpose of us voting in May 2006.

The Straits Times, 11 April 1992:
"Minister Goh Chok Tong made public the government's intention to link the choice of housing estates to be upgraded to the strength of votes for the PAP in the general elections"

See how lucky Singaporeans are? Instead of going through a difficult decision making process, the trouble of thinking through important issues that will affect your family's future, you can make the decision who to vote for easily. What is there to consider when your housing estate will be left old and dilapidated unless you vote for the PAP. The PAP govt will take money from those who vote the opposition into parliament to upgrade the PAP wards. has to be stupid not to see how lucky he is to be able to gain from this scheme.


Anonymous said...

ask yourself: how's life recenly for the past few year? is it the same or better? or moving backwards to 80s and 90s. do peope care for each other? so, whether you vote or not, there are already string attached..nothing is free..

Anonymous said...

this is really sad, instead of voting for people representatives, we are voting for swimming pools and sports complexes.

the people are held to ransom by the PAP and their(our?) money.

Anonymous said...

Just for for PAP lah don't think so much.

Anonymous said...

be grateful our government is so wise ok?!!

i read a few days ago from Straits Times that pasir panjang might finally get their own sport complex!

Hurray! Hurral! now the people of pasir panjang area will finally get a place to jog and execise instead of thinking about ambitgious issues like work plan, country mission, justice and equality and other stuff like that. Now, We can jog! Fianlly.

Thank You PAP!