Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Singaporeans READY for elections!!!!

'I just wanted there to be a walkover and PAP to come back to power. Now, I might have to go and vote, it's very 'leceh' (troublesome).' - Hendry Han, 52.

As the election draws nearer, a number of Singaporeans are lamenting the fact they will have to vote for their MPs....they are probably not going to get them through effortless means like walkover. How troublesome, many say. Why can't those opposition guys go to some other constituency and cause trouble elsewhere instead of their ward? See the headaches and problems the Opposition brings to this country. Instead of telling us nothing but good news like the PAP, the Opposition likes to dwell on problems like rising costs, rising unemployment, rising income gap, lack of check and balance etc to make us worry. Singaporeans don't like to hear bad news especially if it has nothing to do with them but some other unfortunate person who has to dig the thrash for aluminium cans to put food on the table. So what if 20% of the households have to live on less than $1000 a month as long as you're not one of them, you don't have to think if the influx of foreign workers has caused wages to be depressed to the detriment of local workers.

Whatever it is, PAP MPs are already paid $13,000 a month to look after our interests so we can all relax and leave it to them. If anything goes wrong in the coming years, the govt will rectify with an even bigger goodie bag before the next elections to relieve your unhappiness. This is a govt that cares about you, they need to keep you alive and working until age 70 to pay for your HDB, ERP, GST, COE etc, so why would they do anything that is not good for you. Singaporeans are so lucky.

Residents are ready for a contest
By Veena Bharwani, Electric New Paper.
March 05, 2006

BRING on the fight.
That's what one resident, Mr Lim Kee Song, said when asked how he felt about his area - the newly-created Yio Chu Kang single seat - seeing a contest.
Said Mr Lim, a grassroots leader in the neighbourhood: 'I want to see who comes and challenges this area and the PAP. It will be fun to see.'

An ardent People Action's Party (PAP) supporter, Mr Lim, 56, is confident that even if the opposition contests the seat, the PAP will win.
Previously, the area surrounding Yio Chu Kang MRT station was part of Ang Mo Kio GRC, which was the Prime Minister's constituency.
Now, it's a new seat on its own, up for grabs.
Other residents said they were taken aback when they heard about the split from Ang Mo Kio GRC.
Said housewife Pearline Lim, 46: 'At least I'll get a chance to vote. I have never voted before.'Mr Hong Heng Hoon felt the same way.
Mr Hong, 40, a grassroots member said: 'I am very surprised and a bit sad that we are no longer under the GRC.
'I've lived here for 16 years and I've only voted once and that was long ago.
'So it will be very special for me to vote again.'
Since Ang Mo Kio GRC was formed at the 1991 elections, it's never seen a fight.
But resident Henry Han, 52, is not so excited.
'I just wanted there to be a walkover and PAP to come back to power. Now, I might have to go and vote, it's very 'leceh' (troublesome).'


Anonymous said...

hey on a totally unrelated note, i just saw the trailer for the movie "Vendetta", the the main character wears a mask that looks like yours, Mr Lucky Tan!!

And there is a line in the trailer that goes "People should not be afraid of their governments; Governments should be afraid of their people"...

Anonymous said...

And your blog is focusing on the sad truth T_T

Anonymous said...

Aiya, this hendry must be a rich man. Look at Potong Pasir, the PAP candidate served cheap shark fin soup and offer subsidised tour (really subsidised unlike HDB flats). They are really concern for the poor in opposition areas.

Anonymous said...

It is really kinda sad to see old people digging/searching cans from rubbish bins.

And recently, I see more old people selling tissue papers at bus interchanges and markets.

I wonder what is our future like?!

Anonymous said...

The only true distinguishing factor between being a S'porean and a PR or FT is having the right to vote your next goverment and President(Common S'poreans are 2nd class in all other areas). However I have not been able to vote for the past 15 yrs for Govt and 12 yrs for President due to various maneuvering by the ruling party. So I have lost even the last distinguishing factor over my PR and FT friends. What else is there left for me other than to consider leaving this place. Hopefully things prove different this time round.

Anonymous said...

now, before he election, here is your chance to speak out and not to keep in silenec forever. there are truths out there, and we knew it, just speak the things you want to say..or else there will be no chance at all

Siaoah said...
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Anonymous said...

Just read today's paper bout the Gov saying no to mandatory rest days for maids. Their excuse is that some families have special needs like elderly and poeple who are physically poor. (Which translates to: We don't want to provide social welfare or spend money on helping these people. The employers have been paying these maids to do teh job for us. Why stop?)

Siaoah said...
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Anonymous said...

i tink the PAP is dying to test to see if pple r voting for them. coz it is PM lee's first GE.. they need to get the feel of how pple react to mr lee n his team..

Anonymous said...

lucky i live in lentor. i'm unaffected! walkover for me! no need to vote! yay!

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