Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Singapore's ruling party warns voters against voting for opposition!!!

"People should not be afraid of their governments, they should learn to obey them happily" - Lucky Tan.

Please heed the warning sounded out by our govt. It is for your own interest that you vote for them.... they care enough about you to warn you about making a serious mistake. Please safeguard yourself from alternatives that will confuse you. Instead of having a blissful 5 years ahead, the alternatives will highlight problems with our country day in day out- unemployment, lack of transparency, high medical cost, govt waste, poverty, high housing costs etc. Who wants to have these things trouble you everyday most of the time it concerns other members of our society anyway.

Take care of yourself, don't lose out on subsidised upgrading, do the sensible thing that benefits yourself.
Really outstanding advice from a govt that cares.


SINGAPORE, March 27 (Reuters) - Singapore's ruling party, which is likely to call an early election this year, has warned voters if they elect an opposition candidate their constituency stands to lose out on state-subsidised improvements.

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, who visited an opposition ward at the weekend, told local reporters that it would be in the residents' interests to vote for a People's Action Party (PAP) candidate at the next election if they want their estates to be get new lifts and improved shopping facilities.
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently asked Goh, a former Prime Minister, to help win back Singapore's two opposition wards. The tiny, fragmented opposition holds only two out of the 84 elected seats in parliament.

Chiam See Tong, chief of the Singapore Democratic Alliance, has led the Potong Pasir constituency for the past 25 years while Workers' Party secretary-general Low Thia Kiang has chaired the Hougang ward since 1991.
"I do not want the two constituencies to be left behind, especially Potong Pasir, an old estate. Five years down the road, assuming Chiam do win, there will be no upgrading," Goh was quoted as saying on state broadcaster Channel NewsAsia's Web site.

Goh's comments echo remarks he made before the January 1997 poll, when he told voters that those wards which elected an opposition candidate would be the last in line for upgrading and risked becoming "slums".
The upgrading of state-built housing estates typically includes a fresh coat of paint, new parks and playgrounds, and facilities for the elderly such as ramps and lifts that stop on every floor.
The ruling PAP has dominated parliament since Singapore's independence in 1965.

Goh told voters in the opposition wards at the weekend that if they elected a PAP candidate at the next poll, he would propose that those two members of parliament be freed of the party whip. PAP members of parliament are required to vote in line with the party. Analysts say the PAP's decision to put Goh in charge of winning back the opposition wards reflects the increased prominence of the opposition, which recently said it would contest as many as 57 of the 84 elected seats at the next poll.

"The PAP is now focusing on the opposition constituencies, putting them as top priority. This will force the opposition's two top leaders to defend their own wards instead of venturing out," political scientist Ho Khai Leong told Reuters. Lee, who took over from Goh in August 2004, does not need to call a parliamentary election until mid-2007, but many observers expect a poll in coming weeks or months as the government takes advantage of a strong economy. Last week, the PAP revealed three new candidates for the upcoming election as it plans to retire some of the older politicians.


Anonymous said...

I despise him. How I wish I could spit my saliva on his hypocritical face.

Anonymous said...

How did this type of person become our PM & SM?!

Singaporeans are treated like slaves to threaten and warn.

Anonymous said...

if ruling party wins all the seats, then which area will become slums?

Anonymous said...

Wow! There are so many successful professionals joining the ruling party. Imagine the way they run the country like an efficient profitable business, with retrenchment to minimise cost, efficient economic allocation of resources to make $, ignore welfare as that promote laziness, and make more and more money from the citizen customers. Wow! I'm looking forward to the next GE (2011) handout

Anonymous said...

I fully support the ruling party's view. Why should opposition estates benefit from such brilliantly thought off policies by the million dollar ministers. Who else could ever have thought of Upgrading.

In fact, we should go a step further. People in these wards should be made to wear badges of a Hammer or Big Star+4Circles to indicate their lower status in S'pore society. Lower priority in Hospitals, Polyclinics and for any other service in government departments services. Let them all rot.

Anonymous said...

All hail to Nazi Singapore... The rise of the First Reich in Singapore. Shall we send the lower qualified citizens and the opposition to the gas chambers?

Anonymous said...

Why we should not be worried about Opposition SPENDING our reserves

When there are more and more oppositions or even oppositions walking the wards, there are bound to be goodies.

1. Hougang residents get to eat Abalone porridge... Would you have this in a non contested ward?

2. Even when an opposition walk the rounds, you'll immediately have a 5 year upgrading plan in place.

3. Last election, we have someone bring up the idea of the NEW POOR, now our PAP has adopted that idea as their own. (Great initiative) This show they care.

4. With Election coming, now there is Progress Election Package. And we are running a deficit to do that. (COOL, so uncharacteristic of PAP, supposedly they will try to retrieve that later).

And OH... have you ever heard of a progress package before there was any opposition?

Don't worry, with more and more Opposition, we will see more and more such packages... Some ideas for PAP

- Growth package for Election
- Sacrifice package for election of course.
- Stay together package
- vote the PAP package
- Reduce the National Reserves so Opposition cannot touch it if they win package.

So by the time and probably, before it... our government will be bankrupt.

But good thing... they are developing a debt and bond market... How ingenieus.


Anonymous said...

if ruling party wins all the seats, then which area will become slums?

Golden Mile Complex.
It's an eyesore to the PAP MPs.

But isn't this building under PAP constituency?

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