Friday, March 10, 2006

Temasek Holding's brilliant investment move!

Indeed we are all lucky to enjoy the great services of high fliers at Temasek Holdings. We can see from the recent purchase of Shin Corp how brilliant these guys are. In a single move, they have taken control of major Thai satellite assets, telco concessions and licenses. All for the price of only $3B. The transaction itself was enough to push up the Baht for a week on the forex market.

Unfortunately those crazy Thais fail to appreciate our generosity and kindness pumping money and creating jobs in Thailand. Instead they accuse us of "buying their national assets". Temasek says it is purely a business transaction. I guess Ho Ching must really be confident of this purchase because the bought Shin Corp close to the historic peak of its stock price. Those ungrateful Thais now want to revoke the concession and boycott the telco. This is really silly because nobody will ever have the confidence of Temasek Holding to buy Shin at such a high price. This $3B move does not need the consent our parliament. I guess there is no need since the MPs especially those from the Opposition will not be able to appreciate the wisdom of the financial wizards at Temasek Holding. It is also important to keep some level of secrecy so that nobody can copy and emulate Ho Ching's investment acumen.


Webmaster, GLCWatch said...

I do agree with your comments on a brilliant move for Shin Corp by Temasek Holdings as a long term investment, snapping up cash generating assets in a growing economy such as Thailand.

However, I feel Temasek Holdings may have overpaid due to a ramp up of Ship Corp's share price prior to the purchase. Massive coverage by the Thai media drove the prices up by speculators.

I feel Temasek also underestimated the political fall-out that subsequently followed that led to investor fleeing and waiting on the sidelines.

However, nevertheless Kudos to TH for a good buy !

Anonymous said...

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