Saturday, March 18, 2006

Young Voters are the same as old voters

When that rebellious young NUS undergrad stood up and called our esteemed MM a despot, and demanded for more checks and balance in our political system, some of us fear that the new generation in Singapore will be unlike the previous generation. Our people's most distinct trait is the lack of desire to question the govt and willingness to follow instructions. The emergence of Jamie Han looks like a worrying trend.......but not to fear.... a recent survey done by the Straits Times is reassuring:

1. 40,000 young age 21-34 Singaporeans don't even know that the PAP is one of the parties in parliament.

2. Half of those survey shows a total lack of interest in politics.

3. Political issues like "need for more opposition" ranks below jobs, housing, education etc.

4. Many don't want to vote.

Thank goodness our new generation is the same as our old. Looks like our education system has not failed us. The PAP can continue to rule and control this country maintaining the status quo for more decades.


Anonymous said...

haha, u sarcastic patriot. Followed your judiciary comment from SBP. keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

I think the problem lies in young women voters. They are the ones who doesn't care much about politics.

So long there are enough shopping malls for them to shop is good enough. Alternative voice or not doesnt matter to them.


Anonymous said...

people are not stupid..they are silent type

Anonymous said...

Thank God for this great news. For a moment the likes of Jamie Han got me worried that our education system might be actually working and producing real thinking people again like the early years of S'pore history before PAP changed it all. Phew!! Nothing to fear now. We continue to produce unquestioning, "patriotic” (sing Stand Up for S’pore song at ND parade once a year), Upgrading centered, book savvy,... people. (Hence the need for FTs to fill the void)

Soon we will have no more opposition and therefore no need for elections. No need for the wayang for giving goodies once every five years. We can then channel the money to better use (like increasing the ministers’ salaries).

Speedwing said...

When I read about Jamie Han and what he said, I was shocked. I thought to myself, "Oh no!! we cannot have this kind of rebellious thoughts among the university students!! Afterall, they are the leaders of Singapore in the next generation. We use our hard earned tax payers money to send them to schools and universities and they come up with nonsense like that. How ungrateful!!!"

Well fear not, nothing has come out of that episode. Upgrading of housing estates will determine who rules the country.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 12:00 AM

It's quite unfair that your blame the apathy on the women. There are plenty of young men who are too busy watching porn to be concerned about politics.