Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Good Night, Good Luck! The PAP govt will protect you.

The Internet environment without proper controls to guide the people on what opinions to produce is highly dangerous. It can result in unhealthy thoughts that will mislead people and confuse them.

It is therefore necessary for the govt to regulate internet discourse. Bloggers can be presecuted if the did not register their sites with the authorities.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that protects their thinking from corrupting and unreliable sources of information. The regulations ensure that our citizens only possess consistent, reliable and healthy ideas that will not upset them. I'm glad the govt has decided to prosecute bloggers who express harmful political opinions, of course blogs like xiaxue which discuss which handphones to buy, and which restaurants to eat at are considered healthy.

Singaporeans are so lucky to be protected from confusing ideas and information that is not consistent with the Straits Times. Instead of spending time trying to reconcile the inconsistencies, they can make their lives more meaningful pondering which car to buy, which handphone is best, which digital camera......etc....what to do with the prosperity package...With so many important issues to think about, they should be glad they that the govt protects them from wasting time on political issues.

Singapore Govt warns Bloggers!
.By Reuters

Political debate on the Internet could fuel "dangerous discourse" in Singapore, the city-state's government said on Monday, warning that Singaporeans who post political commentary on Web sites could face prosecution. Speaking in parliament, Senior Minister of State Balaji Sadasivan said anyone using the Internet to "persistently propagate, promote or circulate political issues" about Singapore during election periods was breaking the law. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, whose People's Action Party has dominated politics in the city-state since its independence in 1965, is widely expected to call early elections in the coming months. "In a free-for-all Internet environment, where there are no rules, political debate could easily degenerate into an unhealthy, unreliable and dangerous discourse, flush with rumors and distortions to mislead and confuse the public," Sadasivan said. The tiny island-republic's laws require political parties and individuals to register if they want to post political content on the Net. Print media in Singapore are tightly controlled, but the Internet is rife with Web sites that discuss Singapore politics, from the critical newsgroup Sg-review to the comical Talkingcock.com and blogs such as Singabloodypore and Yawningbread. It is not clear whether any of these sites has registered with the government. While Sadasivan said the government's approach was to take "a light touch" in regulating the Internet, political activists have complained that the rules are too broadly defined, preventing an open debate. Sadasivan said a change of the law was ruled out. The rules also apply to "podcasting," an increasingly popular medium throug

h which audio files are made available for download on the Internet, allowing Web surfers to listen to them at their convenience. Last year, opposition politician Chee Soon Juan launched a podcast on the Singapore Democratic Party's Web site in an attempt to reach a wider audience and bypass the pro-government media. Story Copyright © 2006 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved.


Haha said...

You may soon need to register your blog as a political website leh! LOL. Seems like our Government very free sia... Even interested in its people's blogs!

zyn said...

just wondering - are you not afraid that your blog will be considered "unhealthy, unreliable and dangerous discourse"?

Aragorn said...

very interesting blog.

your blog is now featured in the newspaper.


Anonymous said...

Got meh? Which newspaper? Anyone got a clue? I neber see leh...

Aragorn said...

digital life la dei!

where have u been.


Aragorn said...

digital life 4 Apr 2006

YOU ARE SO LUCKY, lucky singaporean!

rofl, lol.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like that article just pertains to the political elections and not about real life. Though, makes sense, since Singapore appears to be very strict about no campagning, no political information given out and just show the people what they see. After all, who wants to know that there might be something better out there than tyranica...I mean, strong loved gov't leaders to guide the population through their worrisome lives.

Wish our gov't would stop treating us like adults and tell us what to think. This whole freedom thing is getting tiresome.

Anonymous said...

Zyn, why should Lucky Tan be afraid? He's a staunch PAP supporter who post the truth about how wonderful our government is! Before I came here, I was cursing every day and night about PAP, but now I'm a convert. I pride myself to be a true PAPian. Long Live Singapore!

Lucky Me said...

Well done PAP! Our system is so transparent! Our politics is so fair! We've just shown the world what true democracy is! Congratulations!

Aragorn said...

i honestly think they're doing a good job.

LuckySingaporean said...


I happened to be overseas today. Really missed my daily Straits Times. I'm so honored to have my blog mentioned in Digital Life.

BTW, what did they say about my blog?

arugone said...

they say that your blog is very ... . i think tmr you are gone liao, and all record of your existence will be erased. if u are still oversea, better stay there (unless it is sentosa).

Looking glass said...

I doubt they will make you register coz it's like they are asking a "clown" register his blog as a political one. That would make them look silly....

Anonymous said...

You forgot that xiaxue blogged about serious and healthy stuff like the Christmas party at Orchard Road where girls where molested by FT who used their fingers "once in, once out."

Calvin aka Yamada Shun 山田駿 said...

You make a fantastic mouthpiece of PAP. Continue the brainwashing.

珍しい, とても馬鹿!!

dd said...

Good Night, and Good Luck

If you haven't seen this film yet, it's well worth a watch. It has been one of my more anticipated films recently

Anonymous said...

In a Nation Terrorized by it's own government, no man dare to tell the truth.

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves."

The government has confused dissent with disloyalty. We walk in fear of our government. We are driven by fear to vote for the PAP. If we dig deep into our history, we are decended from fearful men.

This is no time for men who oppose PAP's methods to keep silent, we cannot escape responsibility for the result.

Vote wisely. Make 2006 the turning point in the history of our nation.

I am a quitter who has deserted my home, found freedom abroad and Cry Freedom for my motherland.

LuckySingaporean said...

I think I've to either bring down my blog or register. The PAP does not want any unfair advantage that my blog gives them. The Opposition is already having a hard time winning so the PAP desires to level the playing field by regulating blogs that support them like mine.

See how honorable the PAP govt is! They are highly concerned about political fairplay and knowing that most blogs support the PAP govt because they are a govt of high integrity and principles, they have to regulate them to give the Opposition a chance.

I'm considering to register or suspend the blog during elections.
Nobody has told me what the Digital Life said about my blog, I'm overseas for 2 months.

Anonymous said...

calvin, you're a noob. a dumb noob. honest.

Anonymous said...

Your support for this repressive government that exploit its own citizens for its own gain is despicable. The ban of blogs is another step in repression. If the PAP is really so good and work for the people in a just manner, why does it fear people discussing freely on the internet, what do they have to hide?!

Anonymous said...

calvin, if you are a real Japanese, you are forgiven.

But if you are a fake Japanese, as I think you are, then I suggest you go and brush up on your English language.

Take up any English dictionary (or better still, go online) and look up words like satire, sarcasm, spoof, lampoon, etc.


Calvin aka Yamada Shun 山田駿 said...

Hey, you do not have to use personal attacks on me.

I'm sure I can speak much better than you. Mr "Anonymous".

Calvin aka Yamada Shun 山田駿 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Calvin aka Yamada Shun 山田駿 said...

Hurling personal attacks show how pussycats retarded fuckards can be.

Sitting behind your computer screen and behaving like some pussies with a big slutty mouth wont earn you a title.

Anonymous said...

you are away from Singapore for 2 months???? gone from your beloved country with no gov't telling you what to do, watch and listen to? My god man, can you survive in the godless rampant countries out there? Does the PAP email you what to do when you are out?

gayle said...

I've been blogging frequently about Singaporean politics and do so in an open manner, but I'm not anything like a political site and don't get high volume of readership outside of my own circle of friends, and some randoms. I've got some options:
1) Stop blogging about politics.
2) Register my site.
3) Just keep on blogging without registering.

The first violates my principles, the second seems retarded and also a concession to them, and the third -- well I think I'm going to go with the third.

I understand your blog, as a high-profile one, probably has more reason to fear being cracked down on, so I get your concerns. One thing though, I don't think they've changed the law yet to prosecute bloggers who are overseas, so if you're staying overseas for longer perhaps you don't have to worry - yet.

LuckySingaporean said...


What are you talking about? As a happy Singaporean living in this wonderful utopian nation, if the govt tells me to shut down my blog, to remain happy I will do accordingly. Otherwise, how can the govt secure my happiness if I don't obey their rules....something will happen to me and it is not the fault of the govt that I have to be punished under the law and become unhappy

Anonymous said...

Singapore is lst world contry with 3rd world mentality....

The Singapore economy is a globalised one, however it's oldguards are still using the 1950's rule of law to control and chain the people.

Anonymous said...

PAP is treating adults like babies.
Forever keep us from 'danger'.

So well protected.

Anonymous said...


I totally agree with you. PAP is such a wonderful party for Singapore. Look, we are so well protected. In fact, we are like kids, babies that never grow up. We can't think for ourselves, for sure. In case we start to think, we might think wrongly, hence it is necessary for the government to help us to think. We just sit back and relax. When we need entrepreneurs, thinking adults, all we need is, just conduct Entrepreneurs course. It's easy. Our adults are thinking properly as long as they say yes to all government policies. We are a cohesive society. That is the reason for our progress. Come on, can you really sacrifice our comfort to support the opposition? Why think when you have someone think for you. When you need a job, just ask. When you need money, just ask. PAP is our material father and mother. So come the day when the good times stop, we may look for another PAP. Be that America, Canada, Australia, UK, Japan, Hong Kong??? Anyway, stop the complaining... Grab all the money while you can and while it lasts... Shut up and just support the PAP because anythingelse is dangerous...
Now, guys, whatever the PAP, the media says, just agree. If you don't agree, then you are thinking wrongly. Perhaps, you are dangerous because you are contaminated and you should be quarantined. You should be put into a re-education camp to be thoroughly washed of your wrong thoughts. Let's wish PAP long life and never make any mistakes. I count on you PAP... I LOVE PAP.

Anonymous said...


PAP protects you. You ask, you get. Perhaps it's time the Government considered PAP as a religion. They should be allowed to set up a place or worship. I mean, you'd worship PAP won't you?

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

/// I'm sure I can speak much better than you. Mr "Anonymous".///

calvin, you sure can speak much better. But are you sure you understand what LuckySingaporean is trying to say?

I am very sorry if I appear to doubt you understanding of the English. Please forgive me. By the way, I am a different Anonymous from the one who called you names. I am the one who just want to make sure that you know the meaning of satire. Nuances make all the difference.

The Sincere Singaporean said...

I think this is the best blog ever. Indeed, we need to be reminded how lucky we are. There is only one thing I disagree with - the entry on PAP winning every seat. Didn't you read that LKY has said that opposition is good and that every seat should be opposed?

It is in our interest, and in the interest of our supporting PAP, to have opposition. Otherwise, people might say that this is a totalitarian society - and obviously this is not true. The problem is that the opposition is not organised.

Now, what the PAP has not yet realised is that the government must organise the opposition. Every Singaporean knows what we cannot organise things ourselves. The government is much better at this than we are, and in any case, anything we want to organise must get their permission first. Or else, who knows what unhappiness we might cause ourselves.

So, what I propose is this. Since the PAP has so wisely tied the elections to upgrading, opposition parties should only contest those constituencies which have just been upgraded or just been built. All these constituencies will not have any upgrading for the next 5 years or so, so they can easily afford to vote for the opposition. This way, the opposition will not feel discouraged because they have deprived the people of the upgrading they deserve.

If we go by this strategy, then surely we will have at least 20% opposition. And everyone will know at last that Singapore is truly democratic. Chiam See Tong should step down and run for election in one of these FLOPs (Free at Last to OPpose) and not cause the Potong Pasir people any more injustice.

In this way, Singaporeans will know that they will have a chance to flex their opposition muscles at least once every 25 years - we can all take turns in this. How fair can you get?

At the same time, PAP will not have to employ so many MPs at million dollar salaries to look after us. A cost saving of 20% - these opposition people work for free!!!

Finally, Singapore will get the orderly democracy we want - with opposition and without worry about getting into trouble because of our own misguided thinking. The opposition can act as our mouthpiece without worrying too much about it. It is just part of their job to help the government make sure all ends are covered.

Also, the opposition candidates will not have to worry about a mandate or manifesto. In the immortal words of Chiam See Tong: We are the opposition, so our role is to oppose. In 9 days, what manifesto can you deliver, anyway? With this system, we can vote, get the distribution of votes we need, get a good opposition, and get on with our lives. All in 9 days, no good meh?

So, maybe the various opposition parties ought to get together and propose this to PAP and see if they are agreeable. All they need is their permission.

Sincerely, SS.

Calvin aka Yamada Shun 山田駿 said...

No wonder famous politician and authoer Li Ao comments that "Singaporeans are stupider".

Only a few outstanding few like LKY and his son, the rest are not from a good stock, so building a British-style democracy but because the people are not up to scratch, they only know how to toe the line.

Singaporeans do not po ge(break rules) but they also do not chu ge (stand out)....So damn fucking true!

Anonymous said...

Indeed Singaporeans are stupider.

Where on earth in other parts of the world that citizens believe having 1 ruling party without any opposition is good for the country?

The tiny red dot.

Anonymous said...

I love the PAP government just like I love my parents. PAP is like a father to me, always caring and always showing concern.

Classic example is Dr Balakrishnan. I am so touched by his care and concern for Singaporeans. He don't want us to fall and die because of some stupid thing like bar top dancing. He don't want immature Singaporeans to fight and die because of girls in mini skirt. Hey look, we even fight because of Hello Kitty, what more a girl in mini skirt! His cause for concern is real.

Quote - "If you want to dance on a bar top, some of us will fall off that bar top. Some people will die as a result of liberalising bar-top dancing."

“Not just because they’ve fallen off the bar top, but because it’s usually a young girl with a short skirt who’s dancing on it, who may attract some insults from some other men.

“The boyfriend starts fighting. Some people will die. Blood will be shed for liberalising the policy.”

See? I'm so touched. I'm willing to be a baby adult under PAP. PAP forever!

The Sincere Singaporean said...

Yes, anonymous, I agree. We have PAPa and MOM (Ministry of Manpower). What more do we need?

Sincerely, SS.

need nuts said...

We need more PEANUTS!

Anonymous said...

Digital review had an excerpt from your entry Elitism 101; from "our selection process is now so rigourous.." to the end of that blog. It mentioned that there were "political" discussions in various blogs and that S'poreans weren't apathetic. Included a few excerpts from various blogs entitling yours "just a formality". Little wonder about Calvin's comments. Probly read that n took your entry at face value. Must admit that the first time I read your blog , I thought u were a PAP MP wannabee. Realise after reading more that it had to be a joke and have been enjoying reading your posts since. Hope u keep this going...

sincere singaporean said...

Dear need nuts,

Didn't your get your progress package? Most singaporeans will consider the two hundred dollars peanuts. Not enough? Sorry-lah, too many peanuts is not good for you. You must listen to your PAPa,y'know.

Sincerely, SS

Anonymous said...

I strongly disagree that we are a totalitarian autocratic one party country. We have future PAP MPs to act as opposition parties as recommended by our SM, and NMP who will voice their opinion on issues (although I don't know who they are speaking for as they are not elected). If that's not enough, we can turn to forum and for added bonous, win awards for having the most published letters.

We are a LUCKY democrazy country

Anonymous said...

I see that a comment has been deleted. Why do you preach free speech yet moderate the comments? You are such a hypocrite.

need nuts said...

What?!?!? My peanut only worth $200???? Then why Mrs Goh's peanut worth $600,000??? How about my 5 plates of Cha Kway Teow??? Life is so unfair! I want to die!! I'm going bartop dancing to shed blood and commit suicide now!

Anonymous said...

anon @ 10:31 PM

for all you know, the comment might be a libelous attack on the PAP. knowing the PAP history of sueing, its only right that such comments be removed.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan,

I hope u continue blogging!


Lucky Goh

Anonymous said...

Happy Goh Lucky?

Aragorn said...

hi lucky.

digital life merely featured your blog as one that comments on politics.

nothing negative, so dont worry.

Anonymous said...

I am a monkey who love peanuts, not a stupid Singaporean.

I have to obey papa and mom because I was brought up this way.

Whatever they say I must say 'yes' and never oppose.

If I need peanut, I have to beg because I am afraid to be sued.

I will pray to them because they are my gods and religions. I can't disobey cos I will be severely punished.

They take care of my need and I never have to grow up.

So, why is there to complain?

Just be good and I will be fed.
If I have to die, I will die with glory because I am a monkey, not a stupid Singaporean!