Monday, April 17, 2006

Thank goodness Singaporeans have short memories!

Otherwise our beloved govt will be in trouble.

Tan Soo Khoon on public transport fare hikes in the midst of Singapore worst recession since independence (9th July, 2002):

Let me put it squarely to the Government by relating an encounter that I had with a perfect stranger just a few days ago. He expressed his anger and frustration at all the price increases to me in a very cool way. He was not saying it very loudly, but in a very calm way. He told me that he observed that every time after an election, the PAP increased prices and by the time the next election came, people would have forgotten and they would just vote for the PAP again. He then smiled at me and said, "Mr Tan, just tell your leaders, next time round, we would not forget."

This debate is not just about bus and MRT fares. It also has to do with the slew of increases in charges of other public services that have taken place, or are about to take place. Sir, I believe that this is the main cause of discontent on the ground. Consider this: GST up, ERP up, petrol up, car park charges up, telephone charges soon to be up, and, of course, unemployment is up, retrenchment is up. Morale is upside down, and so is our pay, it is down.


Anonymous said...

too bad there isnt a way to remind Singaporeans of how the costs are going. Like, if someone were you create a table of how the prices of all these items have gone up and how (if it is happening) pay wages have gone down. But, then again, to make this table and distribute it during the nearing elections would be considered illegal because it might actually give the voters information to use when deciding (if they get to decide at all considering the walk over rate of GRCs) who to vote for.

Anonymous said...

That is why Li Ao did utter the plain truth - hurtful as it was - that Singaporeans are stupid.

Anonymous said...

He is our good friend, isnt he? ;)

Anonymous said...

Too bad our dear Tan Soo Khoon 'got' retired.

Singaporeans. Whack them jialat jialat for 5 years. Then give them a few hundred dollars and everything forgetten.

Thea said...

In economics and history, it is known that whenever government give tax cuts, future taxes would rise. In this case the progressive lump sum of transfers called "progress package" would be like a lump sum tax cut. I wouldnt be surprised if their increase GST, ERPs etc. again. If not now.... then in the near future.

It has already happen before, so why not again?

Too bad Singporeans have bad memories.

eh said...

well said..keep it going..

ccw said...

According to the above report from the Today news. Many PAP greenhorn candidate are reluctant to enter politics.

Do you think voters should concern?

Your comment please.

Anonymous said...

According to Today - Tues - 18 April 2006.

These following issues are NOT IMPORTANT to voters according to 158 respondents from "some" 14 constituencies:


(1) Casino
(2) NKF Saga
(3) Foreign Talent
(4) Ministers' Salaries


(1) Cost Of Living
(2) Jobs/retrenchment
(3) Economic growth
(5) Terrorism concern

phfeww.. talk about journalistic independence and social mulipulation!

eh said...

media propagandas-they distort the truth..even politician incld ministers did that very often..half-truths and lies..