Saturday, April 15, 2006

Why the Internet has to be regulated in Singapore!!!

"Politics is serious business. We cannot allow it to descend into entertainment"....... I guess the Thai protestors who stand in the hot sun are just doing it to entertain their fellow country men not because they are fighting for their beliefs and convictions.

The Internet can turn dangerous if left unregulated. Falsehoods, half-truths and rumours that can potentially destroy Singapore. We must therefore regulate the Internet to ensure that only consistent truths, safe inferences and unprovocative discourse take place. If we want something controversial, it should be conducted exactly like the dialogue that MM Lee had with the group of young people, pre-recorded in case something goes wrong - if something goes right, it should be played on TV endless times so that those who needs their thoughts to be corrected can tune in and get their thinking fixed.

I think that the regulation should be extended to coffeeshops where many people sit around and discuss issues in an unregulated manner. What happen if someone through these discussions spread some falsehood (for example .say, Ho Ching's Temasek has been losing tax payers money investing in Thailand), we must put a stop to it. I suggest the govt look into installing CCTVs in every single coffeeshop to record these potentially harmful conversations. We can employ security and intelligence officers to play back and check these recordings. All this will make Singapore a safer and more stable place to live in.

Singapore needs to be ahead of the curve. We have to put our internet regulations in place before our competitors in other countries realise that it (the Internet) will destroy them. By then it will be too late, Singapore will again come out on top. So far no other nations except for N. Korea, Cuba and China has tried to regulate the we are ahead of our competitors such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and S. Korea....none of them have much Internet regulation and they risk the internet endangering their society.

Singaporeans are so lucky that the govt looks after them so well and doesn't want their thoughts to be corrupted and infected by an unregulated internet. These regulations will safeguard their happiness and sense of security.
New media, same rules

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The Internet has its own unique characteristics which require special attention. The Internet is ubiquitous, fast and anonymous. Once a false story or rumour is started on the Internet, it is almost impossible to put it right. Despite its usefulness, the Internet is chaotic and disorganised, with many half-truths and untruths masquerading as facts.

This is not theoretical; it has already occurred. Shortly after we announced Zaqy Mohamad in the line-up of new PAP candidates, there were netters who said that he was a nephew of Speaker of Parliament Abdullah Tarmugi, and this spread quickly on the Internet.
In fact, this is completely untrue, but how do we now rebut it on the Internet, and get all the blogs, bulletin boards and chatrooms to put out corrections to set this right? In this case, it is not an important issue, but if it involves emotive issues of race, language or religion, then it can easily destabilise our society. So we must be very careful and set rules so that individuals take responsibility for their actions.


Capt_Canuck said...

How do you stop rumours from happening or correct them if they have started? hmmmm, tricky question...gonna go out on a limb here and say "how about actually telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth ALL the time about everything that happens in politics and let the people know what is happening" After all, rumours and gossip only surface and live where their is doubt, suspicion and deciet...

But, what does Singapore have to worry about here,since the PAP has done nothing but told the whole truth, been fair to all citizens and has been a model of gov't power. Right?

Anonymous said...

internet needs to be regulated to prevent dangerous ideas from polluting our citizen's mind.

all websites, unless approved by pap, should be banned in singapore.

i seriously urged our government to adopt this.

Anonymous said...

ah.. Swiss standard... we have kind of move towards that in term of cost of living, but standard ah...hmmm still a wide gap leh. like that GCK's job not accomplished yet, right? So, why now change menu again.... confuse people only!

Like salesman... after sold your is your business.... who ask you to believe all that was promised?