Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Negativity about PAP on the Internet!

Esteemed PAP MP Denise Phua got a shock when she read the internet, she found out that more than 85% of the political articles written about Singapore politics is anti-PAP. ...SHOCKING isn't it. I'm also stunned! With such a high quality govt, I would expect only positive praise for the PAP.

After much thought, there are several explanations for this:

1. People are not reading Straits Times well enough to appreciate the good work of the PAP.

2. The Internet is full of porn, it reminds people of the censorship laws put in place to protect them from harmful material, they write anti-PAP stuff out of lust !

3. Unlike the Straits Times people who write and post on the Internet don't get paid to be objective unlike Straits Times writers. They have no nation building objective.

4. The SDP has hired thousands of ghostwriters to pump anti-PAP material into the internet, that is why it doesn't have enough money to fight the PAP defamation lawsuits.

I think the PAP cannot allow this situation to persist. They must do something about it. One way is to buy pop-up ads to remind people that they owe their lives to the PAP and should show their appreciation each time they post something on the Internet.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Feedback Unit undergoes REBRANDING!!!

Who needs good opposition when you have a feedback unit. One morning because I didn't read my Straits Times properly, I woke up feeling very angry ... I think it was over the increase of my utilities bill which hit $200 that month, I shoot off 3 letters to the feedback unit and felt much better. I receive a courteous letter saying my ideas are being 'considered' ....I was so satisfied knowing that the govt has taken into account my views. Now although I pay $250 for my utilities bill, I feel much better.

The Feedback Unit will now get even better!! To appeal to the new generation of web savvy Singaporeans, they will have blogs and an SMS feedback channel. I guess once they do that there will absolutely no need for an opposition, who needs an opposition when you can SMS to a central database and have your views collated.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a feedback unit to which they can send their views and opinions to.

True Democracy comes to Singapore!!!

To all the Democrats in the SDP who are now busy suing the govt , I say to you that true Democracy is coming to Singapore soon. Singaporeans will get a chance to vote in a fair and transparent process where candidates will be given full opportunity to showcase their abilities and message to Singaporeans. It will be a long campaign lasting for months and there will be intelligent vibrant debate among Singaporeans - on the internet, blogs, media - to decide who is the best person for the job. There will be fair objective commentary on the newspapers and TV. All Singaporeans will be given a chance to vote although voting is not compulsory as in most democratic countries. Yes, this is no pipe dream, it will happen is a promise that Lucky Tan ensures you that will be fulfiled in its entirety.

So who are we voting for this time round?....I don't think President Nathan will be leaving his job so soon...he has been keeping healthy through his daily exercise routine at the East Coast.

What I'm talking about is the next Singapore Idol. Yes, Singaporeans will more spend time thinking and deliberating about who should be the next idol than we do our members of parliament (for which we only spend 9 days). We will know each idol in the final 12 more than any MP we voted for. The whole process will be transparent and thorough. No idol competitor will be allowed to bribe viewers with money - although the last time one contest tried the underhanded tactic of shortening her skirt with every round. ...good thing she didn't go all the way otherwise she would be singing in her undies.....Singaporeans are so smart to see through such unethical scams.

Overall, I dare say that Singaporeans will spend more effort evaluating the ability of each idol than they will ever do for their representatives in parliament.

Singaporeans are so lucky to experience such a democratic voting process....yes I'm sure we will get a very talented idol this time......the process ensures that.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Singapore Opposition causes more TROUBLE!!!!

I can't believe it!!! Instead of praising the Singapore govt for running an highly advanced political system that all Singaporeans can be proud of, they are seeking to declare the elections null and void. What is this?! If elections are voided, it means I have to go and queue up all over again to vote. I already did so much work to queue up the first time for my progress package.

Anyway, the SDP is making all sorts unreasonable claims the election is not fairly conducted:

1. Vote Buying. Hey come on!! Singaporeans are perfectly happy to receive something for their vote. If there is no vote buying, Singaporeans will get nothing for queuing up to cast their votes. Will Singaporeans be better off getting nothing? I could see the happy faces of Singaporeans as they hit the shops the day the progress package was given. Now the SDP seeks to spoil all that, see the kind of trouble makers we have in the Opposition. If not for the progress package, I would not have bought my new digital camera.

2. Linking votes to upgrading. This innovation creates significant value for our votes. Instead of just voting for our leaders, we get to vote for covered walkways, fountains and lifts.

3. Intimidation of Opposition. Our esteemed leaders have already said the oppoistion is full of cheats, , bullies, liars and they are merely protecting Singaporeans from bad influence. Singaporeans should be thankful to the PAP for protecting us. During the elections, the Straits Times ensured that we received accurate information to make the correct choice....and to warn us about the timebombs and poison disseminated by the WP.

Singaporeans should be proud of their democracy. It is highly innovative and uniquely Singapore. It has been transformed through years of PAP rule from the parliamentary democracy we inherited from the British. Singaporeans are so lucky to have system that will take them through the new millenium with optimism and progress.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Back in Singapore!!

My business trip was a total flop. The marketing guy who went with me sold nothing. I gave technical support and answered all the technical questions. Looks like the Chinese & even locals there have muscled into our areas. Don't really know how to face the boss on Monday. At this rate, I might be looking for another job and leave the sinking ship before the year end.

It is so good to be back in Singapore. I read that the casino bid has been won by Sands. Looks like a good choice! See how much effort the govt has put in to give us worldclass entertainment. The govt is so concerned about our future happiness. If you lost and run out of money, you can now go to SingPost to borrow money in the form of EZ-cash. See how much our GLCs care for you, they will help to continue enjoying yourself. Also, in the same copy of Straits Times, a women stole $10M from her company (Tyco) to feed her husband's gambling addiction.

Like the g0vt said, the casino will be good for Singaporeans, otherwise, they will not allow it to be built. Lets trust the govt to work for our interest.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Some Singaporeans GET UNLUCKY!!!

Before the elections, the economy & stock market looked invincible.....somehow after the elections, it melted like chocolate in an oven. If the stock market is right, we will be having some kind of economic slowdown in 6 months.

Anyway, the stock market meltdown is so rapid, my Singapore broker called me in Manila to ask me if I want to make a MOVE. See, in the past, he got familiar with my modus operandi to "buy stocks when there is misery". Somehow, it has worked well for me. He also told me his intuition tells him that something positive might be brewing Cosco Corp ($1.32). I told him to buy a 100 lots since the market has been so miserable for past 2 weeks......just apply my usual strategy. Don't really know if I'll make any money but I will be optimistic.

Really miss the paper version Straits Times, there is nothing like the feel of this paper and after reading it, you have to wash your hands because your fingers turn black. ...guess it is 'hot from the press' and always 'fresh'.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Missing Singapore - Still stuck in Manila!

You don't know how much you love something until you stay away from it.

Stuck in the hotel over the weekend, I begin to yearn for the mega-sales in Courts & BiG. The air in Manila is unclean and I prefer to stay in the hotel protected by the aircon filter. I don't think I'll explore outside the hotel as the surroundings look disorganised and unsafe. I'll just watch TV in the hotel room.

As for food, I'll get room service. ..cannot trust the roadside stuff.

Throughout my stay, I have began to understand the political system here. It is just horrendous:

1. People are allowed to protest. They call it People Power. Looks more like chaos to me.

2. President limited to 6 year term then must change. How to develop longevity leaders like Lee Kuan Yew with this type of system?

3. Newpapers are not controled by the govt and can write anything they want. Terrible.

The Elections Dept is totally independent and was involved in a scandal when the President Arroyo made a phone call to the officials there to check on her votes. This scandal wouldn't have happened if the put the Elections Dept came under the President's office, then Arroyo would have been able to call and order the officials around with no problem. ....Singapore has opted for a more advanced system where the election dept is under the PM office.

I think Philipines' political system is so far behind Singapore's. There is little control over they way people think and limited ability of the govt to deliver happiness to the people. In Singapore, we have the happiest people in the world because our political system ensures order and minimises confusion.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stupid Foreigner RUDE to ME!!!

These days working in Singapore involves travelling around the region. This time my assignment is Manila. Every time I get assignments to such 3rd world places, I will go to the toilet and curse at my boss - hope he gets heart attack and die, die, die! To leave the comfort of Singapore and go to a country so disorganised is a real torture.

When I was in Manila, I got bored at night so I decided to go to the lounge of hotel to enjoy some jazz - the only thing good about the Filipines are the bands - they seem to produce so many good ones. As I was enjoying the music, some American Filipino came to chat with me. This guy went to the US as a kid and was back to visit friends and look for business opportunities. We had quite an interesting conversation as we shared travelling experiences. It was interesting we until talked about politics. I told him how excitied I was to be able to vote for the first time in my life. I tried to explain our political system to him but I don't know why he keeps laughing:

Me: "See before the elections, the govt gives us money deposited right into our bank accounts..."

American : "No kidding....."...*laugh*.

Me: "My estate will be upgraded soon because I voted for the PAP. Estate upgrading gets priority for areas with the highest votes for the PAP".

American: "This is must be kidding..." *laugh* *laugh* *laugh*

Me: "I'm actually looking forward to the fountain they will be building near my apartment...I think they are conducting a survey for the design..."

American: *laugh* *laugh* *laugh*.

Me: "Political podcast and blogging is banned during elections so that citizens are not confused by inaccurate information...we get all our information from state TV & newspaper".

American: "I thought you were from Singapore....not N. Korea..." *laugh* *laugh* *laugh*

At this point I could sense some sarcasm from this guy. Obviously, he is envious of our highly advanced and stable political system. I see no point in continuing the conversation, I promptly excuse myself.

Monday, May 15, 2006

MM Lee launches Chinese edition of "Keeping My Mandarin Alive"

Initially when I saw the title I actually thought it was about keeping his system of running this country with mandarins alive. He was talking about Mandarin the language, not mandarin the scholar elites that help run the PAP govt. I thought the later would be more interesting.

First there is the problem of selecting these elites to serve the people. Unlike other countries where leadership emerge naturally from ordinary people, leadership in Singapore is selected and groomed. If you're from the SAF, civil service or GLC your abilities are considered proven because life is so hard in these organisations leadership has to be the strongest. These there are those tea sessions where the MM & PM decide whether you are in or out.

Next step tackles the problem of getting these people into parliament. That is where the GRC comes in, these people so good, it cannot be left the the citizens of Singapore to decide whether they should enter parliament - so they get in by riding on the coattails of ministers in GRCs and with upgrading carrots dangled to encourage voters....getting into parliament is a certainty.

So are elections important in such a system? Actually not. That is why the govt allows only 9 days of live debates, we hardly know these people we have to vote for on polling day....anyway. In the end, we vote for upgrading progammes NOT the people who are suppose to represent us.

I hope one day LKY writes a book to explain to us this advanced form of govt that is cleverly adapted from the Imperial system in China. Singaporeans are so lucky to have such a wonderful political system, one in which they can relax and not think too much about politics and still get people who will sincerely represent our interests in parliament.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Some people are becoming rude when describing our founding father, the man who dedicated his life to building this advanced political system we have today. I blame this whole mess on James Gomez, yesterday he took another potshot at our esteemed leader when asked whether he will sue, Gomez said he is brought up to be gracious, "I've also been brought up with values where my parents told me to be gracious and kind and that's the way I am. And as far as the party is concerned, we're not the suing type. So I don't think l have anything more to add. I have moved on." .....hey if you're afraid to sue LKY because you will lose, don't give this type of excuse about being gracious. He has now CRIMINALLY insulted our dear leader by rejecting his invitation to sue.

There is nothing despotic about suing people calling people names like liar, cheat, fraud, gangster and dishonest. There is nothing despotic about bankrupting your opponents and grooming your son to be the Prime Minister. LKY did all that for the good of the citizens and not to accumulate power by removing the check and balance in our system. We must all respect him for that.

The other day someone said LKY is really despotic, our newspapers praise him non-stop everyday and is afraid to point out his misatakes. No there is nothing despotic about that. The Straits Times is very objective in its reporting and the objective is to assure us that Singapore is in good hands so that we can all sleep well at night.

Why does LKY stick around at 80+ when his contemporaries and comrades have all retired? .....Because LKY has alot of value to add, you notice in countries like China, Soviet Union, etc the top leader always stay in office until he drop dead. LKY is a databank accumulated from 1950s until now. Without him the young leaders who are only in their 50s are like children in diapers. How are they going to take care of people like Ryan Goh? Who is going to take care of James Gomez? Who is going to take care of Chee? Who is going to take care of Singaporeans? He is around because he is such a caring person, he takes care of people.....his son PM Lee also said he cannot cope if he has to take care of too many people especially the opposition if they enter the parliament.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a GREAT LEADER like LKY look after their interest. He is now in his 80s but look like he can keep going until he hits 100. I see a glorious future for all of us in Singapore. Majulah Singapura!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gomez should issue a Statement!!!

I thought it should sound like this:

I want to thank the police for letting me off with a stern warning. I'm appreciative because criminal intimidation through wagging a finger and harsh words is a jailable offence in Singapore. I understand my actions has cause terrible distress to the civil servants whose greatest agony in life until that day was deciding where to go for holidays at the end of year. My finger wagging must have shocked them terribly.

I would like to thank the MM for only calling me a liar and making me look dishonest....because he called Chee all that plus gangster, fraud and cheat. MM Lee has been so kind to give me such a big discount. He is so gracious and is a true asset to this 1st world govt.

I would like to thank Wong Kan Seng for showing that video of me so many times. I know I look good, but the security camera distorted my face because of its position. May I suggest that it be relocated to shoot from eye level.

I would like to thank the Elections Dept for NOT losing my applications form. I know that simple things like a receipt or acknowledgement or reminders are too much to ask but still I suggest that instead of using the camera to verify every time there is a dispute. I would like to suggest that the Elections Dept issue Minority Certificate that don't expire. I know that some people try to change their race through genetic skin alteration, but I promise not to do it in my lifetime.

Most of all I would like to thank all the Singaporeans who attended my rally. Although I spoke from the stage, I was not stage acting. I have spent half my life time studying the issues that concern Singaporeans like the 'new poor' and declining quality of life. I was hoping to represent you in parliament but 56% of Aljunied residents prefer upgrading to having a real representative in parliament. I will not harbour any ill feelings against them, it is their democratic right to vote for the blue multicolored dolphin fountain that the PAP promised them. I hope they spend many hours looking at it and let their frustrations with rising cost of living melt away as the multicolored lights mesmerise them.

Good bye. I have to go to Sweden now to meet up with my SISSY (Sweden Intimidation Secret Society for Youths) friends.

Gomez the INTIMIDATOR.....!!!

Initially, when he was questioned for intimidation, one of my ah beng friends asked who did he try to get intimate with? I had to explain intimidate is not getting intimate. This is not about sex it is about violence and is better than sex.

Not everyone can be an Intimidator. One has to undergo training for intimidation especially so for Gomez who looks like a nice guy. I believe Gomez got his training in Sweden where he joined the SISSY club - Swedish Intimidation Secret Society for Youths. There they taught him the finger tactic. How to wag your finger in an intimidating fashion. A tactic that will strike immense fear into the hearts of ordinary people especially civil servants. The SISSY also trained Gomez to withstand hours of interrogation without cracking up and confessing to his heinous crimes.

But the most dangerous aspect of Gomez's intimidation is at the political rallies where he and his fellow intimidators Worker's Party tried to intimate us to think. That is the worst form of intimidation against Singaporeans - the mental form. At the rallies, they presented their ideas that seriously contradicted that of the govt, cause our minds to be intimidated by alternatives....that caused us to stay awake at night thinking about our future instead of trusting it in the hands of the PAP govt. That to me is the biggest intimidation committed by the WP. That is why Low Thia Kiang and Slyvia were also interrogated by the police. The PAP has painstakingly created a happy state of mind through the state media and it is criminal to jolt Singaporeans from this happy state and give them a choice by hammering them with alternatives.

Low Thia Kiang MUST be STOPPED!!!

During the 9 days of campaigning, Low has shown that he is dangerous to the blissful life of Singaporeans:

1. At the rallies, he was able to make Singaporeans cheer and clap loudly for him. This is dangerouis, what happens if they turn into protesters? This is a timebomb waiting to explode. Singaporeans should be mild and obedient to its leaders.

2. He evoke strong feelings of loyalty and patriotism to the country. This is very dangerous. For Singapore to progress, Singaporeans must only be loyal to money. The PAP has been teaching us that by offering millions in upgrading, Progress Package etc. Why is Low teaching us the wrong thing?

3. He was able to get Singaporeans thinking. This is highly dangerous and upsetting. Why should Singaporeans trouble themselves with issues when the PAP can just solve everything for them. Low is causing alot of problem by asking people to think. He is undoing alot of things the Straits Times & CNA is doing.

4. He is able to recruit fresh young passionate people into WP. This is bad, it is like a disease spreading to young people and causing them to stand up for their beliefs. It is better to have young people stay at home and watch TV so that our state media can earn more from advertising.

Low is a dangerous person. He undermines many things that make Singapore what it is. We are lucky to have elections that last only 9 days otherwise, WP & Low could have influenced more parts of our society. I suggest the govt reduce elections to 3 days. We are also lucky that the news media has been consistent in their reporting. Most of all we are lucky most Singaporeans after 40 years of PAP rule have their minds all train up so they don't really bother about the elections and issues, they are happy with the status qup.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Today is Polling day....

I've never felt so privileged in my liife to be able to decide for my future and my family's future.
Indeed the future will be very bright with the new covered walkways, the new fountain and the new lift they will be putting up. Can you imagine a better future than that?

We Singaporeans have it good to have a vote that is linked to so many things and a vote that has so much value. Our PM promised that he will add to that value by buying our support. I guess that is what they have been doing all these years, this year is no different. The value of our vote can only go up with such a fine PM. We have to give him the mandate to make the value of our votes go up.

I cry out to Singaporeans to come forward to support the PAP and raise the value of your vote!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Met a real STUPID person today!

"Right now we have Low Thia Khiang, Chiam See Tong, Steve Chia. We can deal with them. Suppose you had 10, 15, 20 opposition members in Parliament. Instead of spending my time thinking what is the right policy for Singapore, I'm going to spend all my time thinking what's the right way to fix them, to buy my supporters votes, how can I solve this week's problem and forget about next year's challenges?" -PM Lee, 3 May 2006.
"You will never respect people you can bribe. and whose allegiance can be bought with money" -a wise man.

Oh please these people attend a WP rally and they think they know everything. They really have to watch more CNA and read the Straits Times for information. When I knocked off from work yesterday, I could feel a headache coming so I took a few of those blue pills to pre-emptively get rid of it. I decided to take a cab home ....

The cab driver had a real problem. First he asked me who I'm voting for. I said obvious need to think, only the PAP can offer upgrading. The cab driver snapped back, saying "The PAP has no ideas for this elections. They are using our tax payers' money to do all this upgrading and it is really unfair to link it with votes". Ooi, what does he mean by no ideas?!
The PAP has plenty of good ideas for this elections:

1. Lift stopping at every floor. That is an example of an excellent idea, nobody could have thought of it except the PAP. They (HDB) certainly didn' think of it when they build these flats for a period 30 years they build flats that don't stop at every floor. It is an idea that so hard to conceive it took 3 decades. See how smart the PAP is to think of it.

2. Covered walkways from bus stop. This is again a very smart idea. If there is no walkway people will get wet during the rain, the PAP has realised that it unpleasant to get wet. You must really give credit to the PAP for thinking of this, many of their MPs are rich so they don't take the bus, it is even more difficult for them to think of this idea. really have to hand it to them.

3. Cleaning of void decks. After a few people wrote to the Straits Times complaining that their place have not been cleaned for 5 years, a team of PAP candidates went on the fours to clean a void deck. See the dedication, all these people have maids to clean their floor yet they make the effort to clean a void deck, they may look clueless at first, but managed to clean it anyway.

4. Ideas for estate renewal. I really like the fountain sculpture they say they will put up near my flat. I keep thinking it will be the single most important issue for me when I walk into the polling station whether I want that fountain or not. I'm sure many aunties and uncles living around me thinks the same way. Imagine every evening when the fountain is built, I can go there after dinner to watch it, nice, in a few years time I'll feel so proud and smart to have voted for it. The flow of water and soothing lights will make me feel so happy. Estate renewal will bring happiness to so many Singaporeans, and Singaporeans so feel so privileged they get to vote for it.

With these 4 ideas I countered the tsxi driver's comments that the PAP has no ideas. The taxi driver was not happy to lose the argument, like many opposition supporters he is unable to appreciate the importance of his vote. He countered that it is disgusting that the PAP use upgrading as a threat to force people to vote for them besides upgrading uses tax payer's money. I told him straight most Singaporeans don't find it disgusting, we all feel so lucky to be voting for what we want. I told him not to be stupid, the higher the vote for his GRC, the higher on the priority list for upgrading, most Singaporeans who can will definitely vote to be higher on the priority list. The taxi driver snap back saying this is equivalent to vote buying and money politics, it obscures other issues like cost of living, and medical care etc. At this point I took down his taxi license plate number and his name. I think I have a case for filing a complain.

Your vote is important. Always remember what your vote means and the power it has. Vote wisely Singaporeans on Saturday.

Took some blue pills today.

I woke up with a splitting headache this morning. Had a bit of difficulty sleeping yesterday. I went to my doctor to get a check up. The doctor said that my lifestyle is bad, too much rich foods, too little exercise and too much television especially Channel NewsAsia. I told the doctor nevermind just give me some of those blue pills he usually gives me to relieve the headaches. The doctor insisted I stop taking those blue pills because they are mildly addictive and I should make some real changes in my lifestyle. I snapped back at the doctor, 'Can't you see I'm ahving a headache right now! Just give me those blue pills, I know they will work'. The doctor relented and I took a few and the headache went away. I feel much better now. Who is the doctor to ask me to make major changes to my lifestyle, I've been living like that for 40 years and I'm still alive - I certainly don't need to change. Just pop a few blue pills and the pain is gone....what is the problem?!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

James GOMEZ is worse than EVIL!

Initially, I thought it was a simple matter of a lost form. Then, it became a plot to damage Singapore and discredit the Elections Dept. Now I tell you it is worse than that almost unspeakably worse!

People in hardwarezone forum analysing the video has found that when Gomez went back to the ELD to collect his certificate to the counter staff to check. When he did that his finger was clearly pointing to the CCTV and he was asking them to check it.
also check out the hardware zone forum where a frame by frame analysis has been done on the video.

What does this mean?! It means Gomez was framing himself, because he wants to be caught. He is so evil and diabolical he has re-directed all the election news to himself!!!! It cannot be a simple matter of forgetting to submit the form, it is a sophisticated plot to redirect all the media attention to himself. Goodness what happened to James Gomez as a child, he didn't get enough parental attention?! Now the PAP really has no choice but to crush him for our own safety and security, this person is just too dangerous.

Also, the theory that Gomez is out to frame the ELD is probably not true, Low TK confirmed that Gomez is to run at Aljunied for sure because he did walkabouts there for 6 years - as there is already a Malay candidate there, there is no need for the Minority Certificate. How can you frame the ELD for not issuing a certificate that you won't need. I believe Gomez is far more evil than that, he has set out to frame himself! Everyone knows the govt has cameras everywhere for our own security, Gomez knew too and wanted to be caught to draw attention to himself.

Someone insulted me today!

"The real challenge is NOT against the PAP but against what the PAP did to our minds" - a bankrupt politician.
Today, when I got home to open my letter box. I found my voting card had arrived and also the plan for my upgrading was in the same batch of letters. As I was walking with the whole pile when a neighbor saw me. I begin to complain about the other day when the WP supporters overrun the area causing a traffic jam. I told my neighbor they won't be getting my vote for sure, they didn't even send me an upgrading plan and besides I've already spent my progress package on a digital camera which I used to record the noise and jam cause by the WP rally to complain to the police. My neighbor whom I've known for 15 years said this, "Lucky, don't ever allow yourself to be bribed, threatened and deceived ........ vote wisely, and vote for the party who put the power back in the hands of the people." 15 years as my neighbor and he triple insulted me like that. Nobody bribe me what?! The Progress Package is just a reward to celebrate the progress of Singapore, that is why it is called Progress Package. Although it is given out close the the elections, this is just coincidence. The govt does not threaten the people with upgrading, especially the old who find difficulty walking, upgrading is an OPTION, you have to opt to be in by voting for the PAP. If you vote opposition, you're merely opting out. How can people ever see this as a threat? ....My neighbor also said I have been deceived, ....who decieved me? ....Oh he trying to say I've been deceived because I like to read the Straits Times and watch alot of Channel News Asia?! Like most Singaporeans, I'm educated, nobody can deceive me okay, I have brains I can think okay. As for 'power back in the hands of the people', the PAP does very well because it give us all the BUYING POWER in the progress package.....and they are so kind they won't take it away by raising the cost of living.
I can't believe my neighbor who usually smiles alot when I meet him, can say this type of thing and when he said it his face looked so serious. See what happens when poisonous thoughts enters a person's mind, it takes away the happiness. The Worker's Party is upsetting the people around me, they must be crushed. I'm so glad, that the MM has taken it upon himself to do this. He has Singaporeans' interest in his heart to protect them and bring them happiness.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Despicable Contemptable Dishonest Act of James Gomez!

Yes I read George Yeo's view of the incident and I'm TOTALLY DISGUSTED and DISAPPOINTED with James Gomez. What kind of a person is this?! How can he do such a dishonest act?! Shameless, shameless....

Yes, I believe all the PAP has said - he is trying to frame the Elections Dept. He is trying to frame them for losing a form. This is really horrible, and damaging to the ENTIRE country if an application form is lost. It would have ruin our reputation for efficiency - this act of framing is most certainly illegal although losing the form is not.

The other day I stood near a dustbin, someone came to throw an empty paper cup but he didn't aim properly, the paper cup fell next to me. I think this guy didn't like my face and is trying to frame me for littering. This is terrible, anyone passing by might have thought that I littered and my reputation would have been damaged. If a policeman passed by he might have cited me for a criminal offense of littering - in my entire life I've never broken the law. Framing a criminal offense that cannot be condoned in Singapore.

Did anyone try to frame you today?!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gomez, Gomez, Gomez!!!!!

You know today's Worker's Party rally was held just outside my HDB flat. It cause me many problems, traffic jams, strange crowd of people hanging around at my void deck. Don't know why these people are so eager to be poisoned by WP's poisonous ideas and manifesto timebombs. The field where it was held is wet and muddy. Why don't they stay in the comfort of their homes to watch the news or something. I close all my windows so that the poison will not enter my home and into my mind. I could still hear the WP but much softer, I could hear a word here and a phrase there - "CPF"," medical cost rising:, etc. I turned on my TV to watch Channel News Asia and had the volume at full blast to drown out the speeches from the rally. It seems like there is only one issue on TV - he is James Gomez. CPF, medical cost, cost of living....all not important to Singaporeans.

Initially I thought it is just a small matter of someone forgetting to submit a form....but I've come to realise from the Straits Times and Channel News Asia that Gomez is a dangerous evil person out to destroy the Elections Dept. Although all the footage is taken by the Elections Dept's CCTV camera, Gomez has "stage managed" the entire incident! How ruthless, conniving and diabolical. His evil intent was to destroy the Elections Dept by not submitting his form and destroying democracy in Singapore in the process. How dare he try to damage the government through his wayang and there is more to be concerned about:

1. You cannot trust James Gomez. Simply cannot trust. He carries an IC that says his race is non-Chinese. Yet he has to apply for Minority Certificate. ...and he has to apply again this year although he was granted one 4 years ago in the last elections. You know why? He might have changed his race since through genetic replacement so the Elections Dept has to make sure. See how little we can trust him?!

2. The Elections Dept is a VICTIM of James Gomez. Last week I was suppose to submit a claim form to the my company's finance dept due to a distraction I forgot and missed the deadline. They told me no problem, they will just let me fill up on the spot and they extend the deadline by a day.....However our Elections Dept cannot exercise such flexibility to address the situation even though Gomez had previously been certified and his information was already submitted in previous applications. Why? Because it a 1st World Elections Dept, they have to examine the CCTV, record applicants telephone conversation and prove to the media, they are right. Also, they don't issue acknowledgement receipts to save paper see how efficiently run they are, they have CCTV running round the clock so they don't need those acknowledgement receipts, they can just replay the tape should anything go wrong.

3. James Gomez is a liar. No doubt about it. His plan was to damage the whole govt by getting himself disqualified sacrificing 6 years of ground work in the process. I would say Gomez is not just a liar, he is a fool. So here is the plan according to the Straits Times if there was no CCTV. James planned this carefully like a stage manager. The Elections Dept & PAP are innocent victims. He kept the forms he was trying to submit so he can blame the Elections Dept later for losing it, thereby causing great damage to the govt and Elections Dept. Great damage will be cause because nobody will believe the govt and they will believe James Gomez. I say Gomez is a fool because our highly efficient Elections Dept could have just called him to remind him to submit the forms given the serious consequence of him not getting certified to avoid the damage. OR they could have taken out his previous application form & the information on it, and grant him a certificate based on that provided he fill up the forms on the spot when he came to collect. They could have offered to renew his old certificate the same way our passports are renewed and that would have foiled Gomez's diabolical plan.

There is no plan by the govt to play up this issue to discredit Gomez just to win the Aljunied GRC. It is just coincidence that whenever a GRC is close, one of its candidates will have an integrity problem. ...just like Tang Liang Hoong, and integrity is very important to the PAP so they have no choice but to harp on it.

We, Singaporeans are so lucky to be living in a 1st World country where our leaders conduct themselves in a gentlemanly fashion to win the heart and minds of voters. They engage in a useful competition of ideas so that the best ideas would emerge and Singaporean's future and interest will be served. There is no lust for power and no greed, just men of conviction and vision leading us into the next decade.

From Wikipedia, on the topic Character Assasination:

In politics, perhaps the most common form of character assassination is the spread of allegations that a candidate is a liar. Other common themes may include allegations that the candidate is a bad or unpopular member of his family, has a bad relationship with his spouse or children, is disrespected by his former co-workers, or routinely engages in disturbing, socially unacceptable behavior, such as sexual deviancy.

Monday, May 01, 2006

What keeps me occupied during my free time? I read the Wiki pedia. It is full of useful information about every thing under the Sun. Take the article below which I pulled out at random.

From Wikipedia :
Character assassination is an intentional attempt to influence the portrayal or reputation of a particular person, whether living or a historical personage, in such a way as to cause others to develop an extremely negative, unethical or unappealing perception of him or her. By its nature, it involves deliberate exaggeration or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person. For living individuals, this can cause the target to be rejected by his or her community, family, or members of his or her living or work environment. Such acts are typically very difficult to reverse or rectify, therefore the process is correctly likened to a literal assassination of a human life. The damage sustained can be life-long, or for historical personages, last for many centuries after their death.

In practice, character assassination usually consists of the spreading of rumors and deliberate misinformation on topics relating to one's morals, integrity, and reputation.
In politics, perhaps the most common form of character assassination is the spread of allegations that a candidate is a liar. Other common themes may include allegations that the candidate is a bad or unpopular member of his family, has a bad relationship with his spouse or children, is disrespected by his former co-workers, or routinely engages in disturbing, socially unacceptable behavior, such as sexual deviancy.

Wikipedia is so interesting isn't it?

Just to add, I would like to say that Singaporeans are so lucky to be living in a 1st World country where politicians conduct themselves in a gentlemanly manner and focus on the issues that matters most to Singaporeans. They don't engage in dirty politics such as character assasination which only takes place in 3rd world countries.

Someone emailed me this picture.

Does anyone know what this is about? Even the big walk does have a turnout like this. Somebody must be offering a free gift or something for all these Singaporeans to turn up.

Outstanding govt, outstanding media!!

"In 2001 a tourist in North Korea went down to the hotel lobby to ask if she can use the telephone. There was only one in hotel, after she used it, the N. Korea bellhop looked at her
and asked, "Madam, don't mind me asking, you mean you have telephones back in your country? I thought such advanced devices existed only in North Korea!".....

Singapore is such a well managed and efficient country. I would think so because during this election period, we are constantly reminded by the media of how excellent the PAP is and few in the world can come close. I really pity people living in other countries where the govt is less efficient than the PAP. Of course in countries such as the USA where anyone can become President, congressman or senator without going through a rigorous selection process, life must be terrible and chaotic.

Last year I went to Los Angeles. That was a terrible place. The public transport inadequate for a Singaporean like myself, and most of the people there are forced to drive even the waiter who served me at the Chinatown drives. Poor feller...he is forced to pay for such an expensive mode of transport. I went to the public library and found they have copied Singapore's system of self-service libray loans, in fact the systems/machines were almost to Singapore's. When I ate at the food court at Macy's downtown shopping center, I found that each food stall has a grade A, B or C. EXACTLY the same as Singapore. Even the size of the letter and font is the same. I suggest the PAP govt patent such ideas so that other places cannot copy it. What Los Angeles don't have is our ERP system, COE and HDB. Thank goodness, they are unable to copy us in those advanced areas.

Without HDB flats, I guess they can't copy our govt's brilliant idea for this elections - a lift that stops at every floor. This is the promise for the elections and only the PAP is able to fulfil this promise. It really means alot to most Singaporeans. The PAP says that this election is about the future and a lift that stops at every floor certainly represents a bright future for us all in Singapore. So remember when you vote your vote is link to the future of your lifts in your block. Do you want them to stop at every floor or not?! That is the crucial question for most voters in this election. You just have to use common sense to decide.

The media will help you to focus on this crucial issue as other issues fall back to the background.