Saturday, May 27, 2006

Back in Singapore!!

My business trip was a total flop. The marketing guy who went with me sold nothing. I gave technical support and answered all the technical questions. Looks like the Chinese & even locals there have muscled into our areas. Don't really know how to face the boss on Monday. At this rate, I might be looking for another job and leave the sinking ship before the year end.

It is so good to be back in Singapore. I read that the casino bid has been won by Sands. Looks like a good choice! See how much effort the govt has put in to give us worldclass entertainment. The govt is so concerned about our future happiness. If you lost and run out of money, you can now go to SingPost to borrow money in the form of EZ-cash. See how much our GLCs care for you, they will help to continue enjoying yourself. Also, in the same copy of Straits Times, a women stole $10M from her company (Tyco) to feed her husband's gambling addiction.

Like the g0vt said, the casino will be good for Singaporeans, otherwise, they will not allow it to be built. Lets trust the govt to work for our interest.

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