Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gomez, Gomez, Gomez!!!!!

You know today's Worker's Party rally was held just outside my HDB flat. It cause me many problems, traffic jams, strange crowd of people hanging around at my void deck. Don't know why these people are so eager to be poisoned by WP's poisonous ideas and manifesto timebombs. The field where it was held is wet and muddy. Why don't they stay in the comfort of their homes to watch the news or something. I close all my windows so that the poison will not enter my home and into my mind. I could still hear the WP but much softer, I could hear a word here and a phrase there - "CPF"," medical cost rising:, etc. I turned on my TV to watch Channel News Asia and had the volume at full blast to drown out the speeches from the rally. It seems like there is only one issue on TV - he is James Gomez. CPF, medical cost, cost of living....all not important to Singaporeans.

Initially I thought it is just a small matter of someone forgetting to submit a form....but I've come to realise from the Straits Times and Channel News Asia that Gomez is a dangerous evil person out to destroy the Elections Dept. Although all the footage is taken by the Elections Dept's CCTV camera, Gomez has "stage managed" the entire incident! How ruthless, conniving and diabolical. His evil intent was to destroy the Elections Dept by not submitting his form and destroying democracy in Singapore in the process. How dare he try to damage the government through his wayang and there is more to be concerned about:

1. You cannot trust James Gomez. Simply cannot trust. He carries an IC that says his race is non-Chinese. Yet he has to apply for Minority Certificate. ...and he has to apply again this year although he was granted one 4 years ago in the last elections. You know why? He might have changed his race since through genetic replacement so the Elections Dept has to make sure. See how little we can trust him?!

2. The Elections Dept is a VICTIM of James Gomez. Last week I was suppose to submit a claim form to the my company's finance dept due to a distraction I forgot and missed the deadline. They told me no problem, they will just let me fill up on the spot and they extend the deadline by a day.....However our Elections Dept cannot exercise such flexibility to address the situation even though Gomez had previously been certified and his information was already submitted in previous applications. Why? Because it a 1st World Elections Dept, they have to examine the CCTV, record applicants telephone conversation and prove to the media, they are right. Also, they don't issue acknowledgement receipts to save paper see how efficiently run they are, they have CCTV running round the clock so they don't need those acknowledgement receipts, they can just replay the tape should anything go wrong.

3. James Gomez is a liar. No doubt about it. His plan was to damage the whole govt by getting himself disqualified sacrificing 6 years of ground work in the process. I would say Gomez is not just a liar, he is a fool. So here is the plan according to the Straits Times if there was no CCTV. James planned this carefully like a stage manager. The Elections Dept & PAP are innocent victims. He kept the forms he was trying to submit so he can blame the Elections Dept later for losing it, thereby causing great damage to the govt and Elections Dept. Great damage will be cause because nobody will believe the govt and they will believe James Gomez. I say Gomez is a fool because our highly efficient Elections Dept could have just called him to remind him to submit the forms given the serious consequence of him not getting certified to avoid the damage. OR they could have taken out his previous application form & the information on it, and grant him a certificate based on that provided he fill up the forms on the spot when he came to collect. They could have offered to renew his old certificate the same way our passports are renewed and that would have foiled Gomez's diabolical plan.

There is no plan by the govt to play up this issue to discredit Gomez just to win the Aljunied GRC. It is just coincidence that whenever a GRC is close, one of its candidates will have an integrity problem. ...just like Tang Liang Hoong, and integrity is very important to the PAP so they have no choice but to harp on it.

We, Singaporeans are so lucky to be living in a 1st World country where our leaders conduct themselves in a gentlemanly fashion to win the heart and minds of voters. They engage in a useful competition of ideas so that the best ideas would emerge and Singaporean's future and interest will be served. There is no lust for power and no greed, just men of conviction and vision leading us into the next decade.

From Wikipedia, on the topic Character Assasination:

In politics, perhaps the most common form of character assassination is the spread of allegations that a candidate is a liar. Other common themes may include allegations that the candidate is a bad or unpopular member of his family, has a bad relationship with his spouse or children, is disrespected by his former co-workers, or routinely engages in disturbing, socially unacceptable behavior, such as sexual deviancy.


A Proud Singaporean said...

careful, the things u say about gomez, later he use on a defamation suit agst u!

assuming he still got a lot of money after the elections after the PM or MM sue him on behalf of the elec dept for bringing its integrity into question...

fr said...

the facts:

In 1997, they labelled Tang Liang Hong "a dangerous man", a "racist", "Chinese chauvinist" etc, allegations which were all untrue. The fact is that Teo Chee Hean had heard Tang speak at a dinner function in 1994, where the latter urged more members from the Chinese community to step forward, as the number of English educated in the Cabinet was disproportionate to their actual number in society. Strange then that they waited 3 years to bring this up. Just like Inderjit Singh in this case, Teo was the 'whistle blower' whose intention was to warn Singaporeans of this so-called dangerous man.

Tang refuted their claims by calling them 'lies', and this invited 13 defamation suits, with damages totalling some $6+ million, because this implied 'by innuendo' that the Ministers were morally bereft, dishonest and therefore unfit for office. Tang's assets were frozen BEFORE the court had reached a verdict, and his wife (who had nothing to do with it at all) was made a co-defendant in the case.

slkou said...

The Defamation Suit Trap

To me, it is clear what the PAP is trying to do. They are trying to round on Gomez and assassinate his character. He is in a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't situation. Watch what happens. It is perfectly conceivable now that he says "I am not the liar, Wong Kan Seng in the liar" and I assure you that defamation suits galore will immediately start pouring in. This is based on the "doctrine of innuendo" that the Singapore courts have evolved, to which there is completely no objective test.

Clear Eye Singaporean said...

PAP is so efficient! See how fast our 1st world class PAP party can find a small thing like forgetting to hand in a form into something so Treacherous like doubtful character, liar etc.. not only for him and also for every other people remotely connected to Gomez.

PAP.. I am damn sick of your multiple smear campaign and Hypocrisy.

May all those who are hypocritical suffer consequenses in the very near future!!

Looking forward to the day where tyranny end and justice and truth prevails!

Shame on you PAP!

k said...

i love you lucky tan!

i wonder, if one candidate forgot to tell the hawker he don't want chilli in his noodles, will PAP pick it and accuse them of intergrity problem?

Anonymous said...

James Gomez so smart can come out this plot. make until all the opposition supporter believe he is not intentional. no wonder li ao said sporean stupid (refering to opposition supporter).

Anonymous said...

i noticed those who support opposition are those lan cheow beng and cheebye lian. father mother all run away family. maybe you all can ask 辛佳博克 to help you to migrate to others country since he is an anti-spore and have lot of links.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lucky that JG has changed his race to Chinese as I heard him being introduced with a Chinese name. I think he is dishonest as he should have asked for a majority cert (if there is one), but instead he asked for a minority form. I think this is a very complicated conspiracy to destroy Singapore 1st, then planet earth

Anonymous said...

Saw the video footage on Channel News Asia website. Gomez actually said "there is video footage .... is it together with the other forms ?" If he was so devious as to "frame the ED" why did he want to tell them there is video footage ? PAP "pian gi nah !" (bluff small kid !"

Anonymous said...

I really think you are damn funny. Kep it up, Lucky Tan!!!

Anonymous said...

How come a Singaporean automatically (without approval) gets his/her CPF deducted monthly (between $1 to $7 for Indians) for contributions to the various Development Funds (SINDA for Indians) without even him/her having to fill up any forms? Funds deducted are automatically credited to the respective 'Race' aligned organization. In fact a person has to op out of the automatic contributions if he/her wants to stop the contributions.

Yet when a minority person runs for elections in a GRC he needs to prove that he/her is of the correct ethnic group.

Interesting how our "1st world" government works.

Anonymous said...

According to the PAP, Gomez would have claimed that the Elections Department deliberately lost his form and he would have accused the ED of colluding with the PAP to deprive him of his Indian Minority Certificate....which....Gomez did not require to contest in Aljunied GRC (Aljunied GRC requires a Malay candidate). Doesn't make sense, right?

The WP has declared that Gomez was never considered for contesting Ang Mo Kio GRC which requires an Indian candidate. This explanation makes PERFECT SENSE: it would be highly unlikely for Gomez to enter parliament by defeating the PM in AMK GRC. Furthermore, the WP team fielded in AMK GRC is obviously the weakest WP team with the least chance of winning. So I believe that all along, Gomez planned to contest Aljunied GRC (Gomez has been courting Aljunied since 2001) where he, along with the strongest WP team, would stand the best chance of winning.

This begs the question: Why did Gomez bother to apply for an Indian Minority Cert? I think Gomez really wanted to keep PAP guessing whether he was going to lead the WP in AMK GRC. It was a 'wayang' for the media and the PAP so as to hamper PAP’s preparation for the election. There is nothing wrong with a bit of deception to keep your enemy guessing what your strategy is.

The real question is: Do you believe that Gomez wanted to submit his Minority Form and he forgot about his non-submission due to too much distraction? If this explanation sounds reasonable and possible, you must also accept that when Gomez showed up to collect his form, he was genuinely upset about the form being misplaced (hence his irritated reaction) but he was NOT trying to frame anyone.

Do you believe that Gomez is trying to FRAME the PAP and Elections Department for losing his form? Can you recall who started the media controversy and the name calling?

What does Gomez have to gain out of framing the Election Department? PAP says Gomez would have made the integrity of the ED and PAP an election issue; where is the proof? The WP does not have the track record of SDP when it comes to questioning PAP integrity. Even if we assume Gomez was going to frame the ED and the PAP, who has the immense resources to convince the public otherwise? Who is the public likely to believe?

Did Gomez really expect to get away with framing the ED? Gomez was in a closely monitored environment with multiple CCTV cameras which PAP claims Gomez was not aware of. Even from the CNA video footage of the Gomez incident (go to the CNA website), I can clearly see the CCTV cameras and they are not concealed. Moreover, every opposition politician knows that the ISD monitors your every move, especially during elections! It would have been a suicide mission for Gomez to attempt framing the ED.