Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gomez the INTIMIDATOR.....!!!

Initially, when he was questioned for intimidation, one of my ah beng friends asked who did he try to get intimate with? I had to explain intimidate is not getting intimate. This is not about sex it is about violence and is better than sex.

Not everyone can be an Intimidator. One has to undergo training for intimidation especially so for Gomez who looks like a nice guy. I believe Gomez got his training in Sweden where he joined the SISSY club - Swedish Intimidation Secret Society for Youths. There they taught him the finger tactic. How to wag your finger in an intimidating fashion. A tactic that will strike immense fear into the hearts of ordinary people especially civil servants. The SISSY also trained Gomez to withstand hours of interrogation without cracking up and confessing to his heinous crimes.

But the most dangerous aspect of Gomez's intimidation is at the political rallies where he and his fellow intimidators Worker's Party tried to intimate us to think. That is the worst form of intimidation against Singaporeans - the mental form. At the rallies, they presented their ideas that seriously contradicted that of the govt, cause our minds to be intimidated by alternatives....that caused us to stay awake at night thinking about our future instead of trusting it in the hands of the PAP govt. That to me is the biggest intimidation committed by the WP. That is why Low Thia Kiang and Slyvia were also interrogated by the police. The PAP has painstakingly created a happy state of mind through the state media and it is criminal to jolt Singaporeans from this happy state and give them a choice by hammering them with alternatives.


Anonymous said...

when i saw the video, i was shocked too. how could gomez use such imtimidating words, some more in front of cameras. it's obvious that he's up to no good, especially when PAP says so. i pity the civil servant.

Anonymous said...

wah, ho say aa, Lucky u are damn good. Every post so high quality one. we need more world class supporters of PAP like you, so that eventually they cant tell difference between their supporters and us.

praise PAP! Reject AP by putting a big, nasty, x next to their names when voting!