Saturday, May 13, 2006

Low Thia Kiang MUST be STOPPED!!!

During the 9 days of campaigning, Low has shown that he is dangerous to the blissful life of Singaporeans:

1. At the rallies, he was able to make Singaporeans cheer and clap loudly for him. This is dangerouis, what happens if they turn into protesters? This is a timebomb waiting to explode. Singaporeans should be mild and obedient to its leaders.

2. He evoke strong feelings of loyalty and patriotism to the country. This is very dangerous. For Singapore to progress, Singaporeans must only be loyal to money. The PAP has been teaching us that by offering millions in upgrading, Progress Package etc. Why is Low teaching us the wrong thing?

3. He was able to get Singaporeans thinking. This is highly dangerous and upsetting. Why should Singaporeans trouble themselves with issues when the PAP can just solve everything for them. Low is causing alot of problem by asking people to think. He is undoing alot of things the Straits Times & CNA is doing.

4. He is able to recruit fresh young passionate people into WP. This is bad, it is like a disease spreading to young people and causing them to stand up for their beliefs. It is better to have young people stay at home and watch TV so that our state media can earn more from advertising.

Low is a dangerous person. He undermines many things that make Singapore what it is. We are lucky to have elections that last only 9 days otherwise, WP & Low could have influenced more parts of our society. I suggest the govt reduce elections to 3 days. We are also lucky that the news media has been consistent in their reporting. Most of all we are lucky most Singaporeans after 40 years of PAP rule have their minds all train up so they don't really bother about the elections and issues, they are happy with the status qup.


Anonymous said...

u talking crap lah... that is an increase in the percentage which we are represented. workers party..

Anonymous said...

u talking crab,,,u mind is immature.n u either brain washed like a pair of under pants by t govt or u r jus simplily brain dead..
spore was gud..

wat future holds for u ?? will u survive if have no job in spore??
will u b retiring poor/broke t many aunties & uncles working in t coffe shops??/

think & grow smart

Anonymous said...

foreign workers..tey stealing our jobs..
but working for lower salaries...

but jus for a few years..
tey go home..

u & sporeans cant accept samne wages as them..wwhy??/

bos u have a HDB mortgage..
tey can buy a house for $10K when tey return home..

i applauded by t simplicity of yr mind!!!!!

Anonymous said...

tink carefully my fren

u have to live with a HDB mortgage..
tey dont ned to

tey can compete with u for lower wages..

Anonymous said...

U have a brain of your own. starting thinking. i bet something in you is very abnormal.. for what i cant say but i know you are part of them. just to create something.
Mr Low is highly regard by me. so stop talking like u think PAP is so good.

Anonymous said...

You must be joking.

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