Monday, May 15, 2006

MM Lee launches Chinese edition of "Keeping My Mandarin Alive"

Initially when I saw the title I actually thought it was about keeping his system of running this country with mandarins alive. He was talking about Mandarin the language, not mandarin the scholar elites that help run the PAP govt. I thought the later would be more interesting.

First there is the problem of selecting these elites to serve the people. Unlike other countries where leadership emerge naturally from ordinary people, leadership in Singapore is selected and groomed. If you're from the SAF, civil service or GLC your abilities are considered proven because life is so hard in these organisations leadership has to be the strongest. These there are those tea sessions where the MM & PM decide whether you are in or out.

Next step tackles the problem of getting these people into parliament. That is where the GRC comes in, these people so good, it cannot be left the the citizens of Singapore to decide whether they should enter parliament - so they get in by riding on the coattails of ministers in GRCs and with upgrading carrots dangled to encourage voters....getting into parliament is a certainty.

So are elections important in such a system? Actually not. That is why the govt allows only 9 days of live debates, we hardly know these people we have to vote for on polling day....anyway. In the end, we vote for upgrading progammes NOT the people who are suppose to represent us.

I hope one day LKY writes a book to explain to us this advanced form of govt that is cleverly adapted from the Imperial system in China. Singaporeans are so lucky to have such a wonderful political system, one in which they can relax and not think too much about politics and still get people who will sincerely represent our interests in parliament.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic to see you back. I missed your commentary on how to read the Straits Times.

Anonymous said...

Very strange, he tells the China people to study english, then singaporean study mandarin. come another 5 years time, China Chinese speak english to singaporeans and we speak mandarin to them. Thanks god, india not involved. Just imagine the confusion

Anonymous said...

he is really a salesman.tell everybody to do except himself not to.try to make a chinatown in south east asia?how about the Singapura National language?
let it Die?

Anonymous said...

lky a very rich chinese during the japanese occupation of Singapore - he can send for a Chinese tutor to come to his home to teach him Mandarin.

Wow, got time and can learn Mandarin during the jap the same time work as a jap translator

cuckoo said...

Wow! MM Lee always advise people to do this to do that. He advise China to covert to speak English instead of Mandarin. He advise Japan to take in more foreigners. In no time China Chinese cannot speak Mandarin. In no time Japanese become multi-racial society with more foreigners than Japanese people. Guess what will China and Japan become? You are right, they become just like Singapore. Why? Because they are so stupid to listen to MM Lee.