Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Negativity about PAP on the Internet!

Esteemed PAP MP Denise Phua got a shock when she read the internet, she found out that more than 85% of the political articles written about Singapore politics is anti-PAP. ...SHOCKING isn't it. I'm also stunned! With such a high quality govt, I would expect only positive praise for the PAP.

After much thought, there are several explanations for this:

1. People are not reading Straits Times well enough to appreciate the good work of the PAP.

2. The Internet is full of porn, it reminds people of the censorship laws put in place to protect them from harmful material, they write anti-PAP stuff out of lust !

3. Unlike the Straits Times people who write and post on the Internet don't get paid to be objective unlike Straits Times writers. They have no nation building objective.

4. The SDP has hired thousands of ghostwriters to pump anti-PAP material into the internet, that is why it doesn't have enough money to fight the PAP defamation lawsuits.

I think the PAP cannot allow this situation to persist. They must do something about it. One way is to buy pop-up ads to remind people that they owe their lives to the PAP and should show their appreciation each time they post something on the Internet.


singaporeheart said...

Another alternative is - the MPs create their individual blogs. There are many advantages to this -

1 Cut costs - why waste so much money on SPH and Mediocorps?! The MPs can pitch against themselves in how creatively they can say the same things. I know this is already done in the Party itself :)
What the heck, SPH and mediocorps are not doing a good job of it, time to move on. Also goes to show that outsourcing is not necessary the right solution to all things. Propaganda, for one cannot be outsourced.

2 A personal blog will allow the esteemed politiicans to eduate and inform the internet community, particulary in the use of English. How do you expect the ordinary folks to know the latest definitions of bad egg,liar, hooligan, incorrigible riff-raff etc if not for the regular updates before each election. Co-incidentally, this could also help in the sale of someone's book on learning English as well. So cham, go to china to sell books. I thought only that bankrupt clown does it. To digress, now I am convinced that MM Lee is effectively bilingual. He scold people like the chinese helicopter did , huai dan!

3 Tipping the balance. Come on, don't you think this is the only way to go? How to tell these youngsters to write nice stuff about you when they don't even listen to their parents.

4 Seriously, MP's personal blogs is good for PAP politics. First, if they don't already have this foresight, then it's about time to tell them that the future generations are not going to follow those ah peks and ah mahs who will go to the MP's void deck office to seek their audience. Blogs can and will become MPs' void deck offices, truly void, I mean.

5 A truly uniquely singaporean way to a open and consultative society. The MPs can preach all they want on their blogs and democractic singaporeans can get an exhilarating experience in whacking the MP of their choice directly and personally. Remember, use of DIRECT langauge is allowed in Singapore if you desperately need to get your point across. Ask Mr Lee.

I hope I get half a peanut for this suggestion.

Anonymous said...

C'mon say these people wrote on the blog out of lust is bullcrap! Youngsters are human beings as well, they have their own eyes to see, their own mind to think.
As Confucius said, "The superior man is distressed by the limitations of his ability; he is not distressed by the fact that men do not recognize the ability that he has. "
If truly, the PAP's actions are gratifying and undeniably benevolent to the people of singapore, surely, there'll leave not much room for people to disagree or feel unhappy about.
Did you mention people are not reading newspapers enough to appreciate PAP? I think for this point, you are correct!!! The simple basic reason is: Most local newspapers will only publish entries that are Pro-PAP... they will not publish FACTS; they will not publish TRUTH! As [LuckySingaporean] mention in Point 3 of his blog, these writers are paid to write. So, I can understand why they are not doing this as who'd risk their salary writing stuffs on the papers?
In additional, you mention that SDP are paying a group of Ghost writers to publish PAP-negative blogs on the internet, you may be right there, but one thing for sure, I dun work for the SDP. Neither am i Pro-SDP or Pro-Any-Other-Party. I just felt that it is irresponsible of you to be claiming this when u do not have evidence to prove this.

Timothy said...

for goodness sake, the writer of this blog is obviously being scarastic. Please anonymous, do not make yourself look so stupid, all these are meant to be taken with a pinch of salt.

visceral said...

perhaps this might generate some income for budding sycophants such as myself. its great to be able to blog on the side of establishment, but it would be best to be paid for ones effort to educate unruly commoners

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with singaporeheart and I would like to add on:

They must
1)DISABLE the comment section
2)and replace comment with ST Forum-like section to publish all the good things.
3)to show open-ness, they got to allow some -ve views countered by tons of explanations and clarifications so that the -ve parts are neutalised.

In this way,, we will have hardcopy ST and its soft copy clones in the forms of MPs' blog

peasant said...

I'm glad we have blogs like yours to counter the 85% anti-PAP views.

Pls persevere to give us the much needed counterbalance.