Monday, May 01, 2006

Outstanding govt, outstanding media!!

"In 2001 a tourist in North Korea went down to the hotel lobby to ask if she can use the telephone. There was only one in hotel, after she used it, the N. Korea bellhop looked at her
and asked, "Madam, don't mind me asking, you mean you have telephones back in your country? I thought such advanced devices existed only in North Korea!".....

Singapore is such a well managed and efficient country. I would think so because during this election period, we are constantly reminded by the media of how excellent the PAP is and few in the world can come close. I really pity people living in other countries where the govt is less efficient than the PAP. Of course in countries such as the USA where anyone can become President, congressman or senator without going through a rigorous selection process, life must be terrible and chaotic.

Last year I went to Los Angeles. That was a terrible place. The public transport inadequate for a Singaporean like myself, and most of the people there are forced to drive even the waiter who served me at the Chinatown drives. Poor feller...he is forced to pay for such an expensive mode of transport. I went to the public library and found they have copied Singapore's system of self-service libray loans, in fact the systems/machines were almost to Singapore's. When I ate at the food court at Macy's downtown shopping center, I found that each food stall has a grade A, B or C. EXACTLY the same as Singapore. Even the size of the letter and font is the same. I suggest the PAP govt patent such ideas so that other places cannot copy it. What Los Angeles don't have is our ERP system, COE and HDB. Thank goodness, they are unable to copy us in those advanced areas.

Without HDB flats, I guess they can't copy our govt's brilliant idea for this elections - a lift that stops at every floor. This is the promise for the elections and only the PAP is able to fulfil this promise. It really means alot to most Singaporeans. The PAP says that this election is about the future and a lift that stops at every floor certainly represents a bright future for us all in Singapore. So remember when you vote your vote is link to the future of your lifts in your block. Do you want them to stop at every floor or not?! That is the crucial question for most voters in this election. You just have to use common sense to decide.

The media will help you to focus on this crucial issue as other issues fall back to the background.


Jerome said...

What's wrong with copying ? You don't want them to progress? Anyway how sure are you that they copied us ? Maybe we copied them ?

LuckySingaporean said...

"Maybe we copied them ?"

That is a malicious insinuation even close to defamatory. If Singapore had copied them our govt which has the highest integrity and enough integrity to harp over on single application form, would have admited up front that those ideas are not their own and adapted from America.

By asking that question are you trying to cast doubt on the integrity of our govt. Remember why CSJ is bankrupt, he ask the wrong question....and that has defamatory insinuations.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is one of the most progressive nations when it comes to government policies. Our policies are amongst some of the most successful in the world. The ERP for example is mentioned in many prominent economics articles and textbooks as a case study of how governments successfully tackle road congession. With such top class talents in the government, I feel much safer. It's a matter of how much you pay for these top talents. I suppose when you pay them $1m per annum, there's going to be the quality there. Much better than lowly paid ministers with no quality working around the clock- 24/7. If that happens,it would be a 24/7 disaster. Nowadays, working hard and being sincere is not everything. So what if you are willing to give up your job and become a full time MP, it's useless if you don't have quality.
Only ministers with quality can come up with good policies for our country that best suits the ever changing needs of Singapore and the global economy.

Anonymous said...

Pay no heed to the brainless fool just above this post.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that the PAP has done a good job in a lot of areas and S’pore is what it is today due to some excellent policies and hard work by the PAP ministers, the civil servants and MOST OF ALL the citizens of this country.

While we may lavish praises on all our accomplishments of the past we forget one important fact and that is that the world doesn’t care about the past achievements. It is the future that counts. Can S’pore continue to exist in a one party system? Signs are already showing that the one party system is failing. Why haven’t any of our local SMEs moved up to the level of global MNCs like the other Asian tigers (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan)? Why is S’pore so lacking in entrepreneurs? Why do FTs continue to hold most of the high level jobs? Why do we now have to bet so heavily on IRs (casinos)? Why is the income gap increasing? Why are there now suggestions by a Minister to ship our senior citizens out of S’pore? We might have all the success but we are starting to loose our soul and this will eventually lead to our decline.

History and nature has always shown that competition is absolutely necessary for ones survival in the long run. Same goes for S’pore. The usual argument that opposition is not up to mark no longer holds. Yes, they are not up to the mark AT PRESENT to be the next government but they are certainly up to the mark to be MPs and start the motion of adding TRUE competition to the system. We have to start somewhere and that somewhere is NOW.

Anonymous said...

immitation is the best form of flattery. we should feel proud that other countries are copying our technology, which is well ahead of many others.

when i go bangkok, i feel so proud to see their rail system because they got the idea from our world class mrt system.

i remember london also uses singapore's ERP system.

malaysia copied our national service model. although they have lots to improve on.

i have so many examples that if i were to type all out, i won't get to sleep tonight.

Anonymous said...

Message from Sammyboy forum:

Dear SPH journalists,

After seeing how you display the highest level of journalistic professionalism in handling James Gomez case, I would like to provide you a chance to get the biggest scoop of all time.

The NKF's Ong Su Ying is the niece of Mah Bow Tan!

Go and take a look again of her role in the NKF affairs. Go and find out why she was not charged by the MOM!


Capt_Canuck said...

I dont get long has the HDB system been going on in Singapore? and has the PAP used the upgrading 'carrot' of lifts stopping at every floor as an incentive to vote PAP every election?

Figure if it is a 'carrot' that has been dangled in front of Singaporean eyes for more than 8 years (two elections) and they are still not stopping at all floors, most would have thought that perhaps the PAP is never going to actually fulfil that campaign promise to the people. And if the PAP isnt going to fulfil that promise, perhaps all their promises are lies.

Perhaps the other parties should take the slogan "give us 82 of the 84 seats in parliament and see how fast the lifts get upgraded in ALL districts"

Anonymous said...

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