Sunday, May 28, 2006

Singapore Opposition causes more TROUBLE!!!!

I can't believe it!!! Instead of praising the Singapore govt for running an highly advanced political system that all Singaporeans can be proud of, they are seeking to declare the elections null and void. What is this?! If elections are voided, it means I have to go and queue up all over again to vote. I already did so much work to queue up the first time for my progress package.

Anyway, the SDP is making all sorts unreasonable claims the election is not fairly conducted:

1. Vote Buying. Hey come on!! Singaporeans are perfectly happy to receive something for their vote. If there is no vote buying, Singaporeans will get nothing for queuing up to cast their votes. Will Singaporeans be better off getting nothing? I could see the happy faces of Singaporeans as they hit the shops the day the progress package was given. Now the SDP seeks to spoil all that, see the kind of trouble makers we have in the Opposition. If not for the progress package, I would not have bought my new digital camera.

2. Linking votes to upgrading. This innovation creates significant value for our votes. Instead of just voting for our leaders, we get to vote for covered walkways, fountains and lifts.

3. Intimidation of Opposition. Our esteemed leaders have already said the oppoistion is full of cheats, , bullies, liars and they are merely protecting Singaporeans from bad influence. Singaporeans should be thankful to the PAP for protecting us. During the elections, the Straits Times ensured that we received accurate information to make the correct choice....and to warn us about the timebombs and poison disseminated by the WP.

Singaporeans should be proud of their democracy. It is highly innovative and uniquely Singapore. It has been transformed through years of PAP rule from the parliamentary democracy we inherited from the British. Singaporeans are so lucky to have system that will take them through the new millenium with optimism and progress.


Timothy said...


righteffort said...

can have another public holiday....ha ha ha. may be gerhment can consider giving 1 week public holiday before poll day for us to conduct research, reading,... instead of giving us "cash" as vote buying...

PAP_smear said...

I like the idea of another round of erections ...

PAP must double the progress package on hindsight that they only got 66.6%, a B3 only! And I could do more with a couple of hundred of dollars ... hey, the Great Singapore Sale is on liao.

Actually I damn not happy that my vote costs only 600 dollars but those votes from the opposition, reportedly is valued more, another $180 mil to be exact!!!! What the xxxx. You call this fairness and equality?