Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stupid Foreigner RUDE to ME!!!

These days working in Singapore involves travelling around the region. This time my assignment is Manila. Every time I get assignments to such 3rd world places, I will go to the toilet and curse at my boss - hope he gets heart attack and die, die, die! To leave the comfort of Singapore and go to a country so disorganised is a real torture.

When I was in Manila, I got bored at night so I decided to go to the lounge of hotel to enjoy some jazz - the only thing good about the Filipines are the bands - they seem to produce so many good ones. As I was enjoying the music, some American Filipino came to chat with me. This guy went to the US as a kid and was back to visit friends and look for business opportunities. We had quite an interesting conversation as we shared travelling experiences. It was interesting we until talked about politics. I told him how excitied I was to be able to vote for the first time in my life. I tried to explain our political system to him but I don't know why he keeps laughing:

Me: "See before the elections, the govt gives us money deposited right into our bank accounts..."

American : "No kidding....."...*laugh*.

Me: "My estate will be upgraded soon because I voted for the PAP. Estate upgrading gets priority for areas with the highest votes for the PAP".

American: "This is must be kidding..." *laugh* *laugh* *laugh*

Me: "I'm actually looking forward to the fountain they will be building near my apartment...I think they are conducting a survey for the design..."

American: *laugh* *laugh* *laugh*.

Me: "Political podcast and blogging is banned during elections so that citizens are not confused by inaccurate information...we get all our information from state TV & newspaper".

American: "I thought you were from Singapore....not N. Korea..." *laugh* *laugh* *laugh*

At this point I could sense some sarcasm from this guy. Obviously, he is envious of our highly advanced and stable political system. I see no point in continuing the conversation, I promptly excuse myself.


Anonymous said...

*looking at the mirror*
laughs laugh laugh.

We vote them in. We are just clowns.

Anonymous said...

How dare he laughs at us and compare us to North Korea. The North Korean government is despotic and keeping its people poor and ignorant, our government on the other hand created a nation that is rich and strong. We ought to ve thankful that we don't end up like the Philippines- an unstable country with a poor economy.

Anonymous said...

Here's some evidence of our government's competency with regards to dealing with our nation's problems:

I am definitely proud to be a Singaporean, our ministers are so able and competent. Could the Philippinoes have handled the issue so well? Public outrage in Philippines usually leads to mass protests and in rare occasion street violence. All these are skillfully avoided by our minister of health, who had so kindly took time out and solved this problem for the country, I am so touched by his sincerity and willingness to sacrifice his time and energy in order to help the kidney patients.

Piglet said...

I suppose you were referring to this link:

Anonymous said...

So glad to find your blog again. Have been searching high & low for you since

Those foreigners are ignorant. That is why our GREAT LEADER & DEAR LEADER invited many FT to Singapore to learn from us.

Maybe retirement village was conceptualised to export our experienced aged Singaporeans to spread our political ideals to neighbouring countries

Anonymous said...

haha stupid american he's just jealous of our system

Anonymous said...

hahhaa, one clever american but lots of stupid singaporeans, vote not to get free speech,

with regards,

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans have peasant mentality, they are not smart either. Except Lee family and Tony Tan nothing much to be proud of

Singaporean voice

Anonymous said...

Singtaporeans stoooopid, why don't you put your head where your butt is

Singaporean Retardee Societee

Anonymous said...

foreigner wan to be citizen of singapore ask them dream on and go back to thier country