Friday, May 05, 2006

Took some blue pills today.

I woke up with a splitting headache this morning. Had a bit of difficulty sleeping yesterday. I went to my doctor to get a check up. The doctor said that my lifestyle is bad, too much rich foods, too little exercise and too much television especially Channel NewsAsia. I told the doctor nevermind just give me some of those blue pills he usually gives me to relieve the headaches. The doctor insisted I stop taking those blue pills because they are mildly addictive and I should make some real changes in my lifestyle. I snapped back at the doctor, 'Can't you see I'm ahving a headache right now! Just give me those blue pills, I know they will work'. The doctor relented and I took a few and the headache went away. I feel much better now. Who is the doctor to ask me to make major changes to my lifestyle, I've been living like that for 40 years and I'm still alive - I certainly don't need to change. Just pop a few blue pills and the pain is gone....what is the problem?!


Morpheus said...

You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Serenditpity said...

Understand that an emergency meeting has been called by PAP to discuss the final day strategy.

Location unknown.
Meeting convenor: WKS
Attendees list: Unlnown but members from the SPH, CNA and perhaps ISD amongst others (expected attendees about 20)
Agenda: Last day's strategy.
To note: GCT not in the attendee list, though he initally he was also called. GY called specifically. surprise attendee: TCH, Hen and Vivian as well, though they were not part of the core strategy team.

My hunch is that they are looking for new and fresh ideas, as their existing ideas have not had much impact.

PAP clearly didnt expect the crowd's response at AMK on 4th night. They were really shocked. My assessment is that they are going to do something dramatic tomorrow to make sure that they do win Aljunied and PP. They MAY SET UP A BAIT FOR WP to flounder.

Expect dirty tricks, or major stunts by the PAP. the stakes are too high for the PAP.

Apparently LKY was to make a visit there (aljunied) tomorrow morning, but Mama Lee had objected. Dont know the reason.

There is panic and pessimism in the PAP camp which is very easily visible. there is a facade of unity because a small minority of PAP Ministers also didnt like WKS and LKY's handling of JG affair. But they had to keep their mouth shut.

LHL is actually exhibiting nervousness. Not that he is scared of losing AMK, but wondering of the implications of losing Aljunied and the overall percentage of popular vote declining. He cancelled a scheduled interview today at 6 pm with the media.

He is clearly indecisive; keeps going through the draft speech repeatedly. And keeps consulting guys like WKS, Tharman and his journalist friend in SPH about possible reactions to the statements. He is completely unsure.


Anonymous said...