Monday, June 26, 2006

Hooray Another Seditious Blogger to be Jailed!!!

You cannot feel safer in any other country. You have both physical and mental security in Singapore. Your religious beliefs and race is protected from seditious acts of evil people. I totally welcome the effort to presecute the blogger who put up those Jesus cartoons under the Sedition Act. Singapore will be a better country because of that.

I would like to appeal to the govt to take the regulations further - to protect non-religious people like myself. I've been ridiculed by religious people for failing to understand and accept the basic truths they find so obvious. Take the example of a "superior being that created Man & everything". defective mind would ask "who created the superior being". They would reply that "He does not need to be created, He existed from the beginning" ....and stare at me like I'm the biggest moron who can't understand such a simple logic. I would go back and think for a few days and still don't get it.

I think it is only fair to have laws to protect non-religious people like myself from people who potentially ridicule my beliefs and hurt my feelings. Non-religious people just like religious people should be protected from insensitive remarks and cartoons. It is only fair that our non-religious beliefs are protected.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The ODDS and ENDS of Soccer Betting!

I thought I was one damn BIG gambler (chance gamer) when I walk to the Singapore Pools outlet to place my $100 per match bets. My ego shrunk when the uncle wearing slippers in front of me put in a whopping of $4500 worth of bets. So where is the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) ? ....nowhere to be seen...anyway who needs them when Singaporeans have been so lucky winning on the bets during the World Cup. Yes, Argentina is SURE to Mexico tonight...who needs the NCPG when making money as easy as taking a bet on Argentina.

If you have A-level (high school) maths and have an interest in soccer betting, I'll be able to make you see how lucky Singaporeans have been in the past weeks.

Although I was born Lucky, I don't take chances when it comes to soccer gambling. I acquired an expert system several years ago and it tells me the probability of each outcome and the confidence interval of the estimates. So what can I do with this system? ....Win money of course!
The system takes in historical and recent performance and tons of data to churn out probably estimates of various outcomes.

Take the Germany-Sweden match, my system says this:

Germany to Win : 55%
Sweden to Win: 16%
Draw : 29%

Based on these probabilities the Bookie (if he has no interest in making mone)
should pay for a $1 bet:

Germany to Win : $1.8
Sweden to Win : $6.25
Draw: $3.4

Now what I do is I take the output of my system and look for favorable bets on Singapore Pools. Singapore Pools payback for match:

Germany to Win : $1.42
Sweden to Win : $6.4
Draw: $3.9

You can see from the Singapore Pools payback that it is more favorable to bet on Sweden to Win or Draw. Betting on Germany is simply horrendous because Singapore Pools is paying so little for a win by Germany. However, this is the bet that most Singaporeans will go for. It is common gambler's fallacy to bet on favorites.

Now why do I say that Singaporeans have been lucky? ....They have been winning so far betting on favorities and on a strategy with the most negative mathematical expectation i.e. they have been winning against the casino. However, with each win the Singapore punter becomes bolder and surer. ...they are betting on Argentina like there is no tomorrow, they are almost 100% SURE Argentina will beat Mexico. The payback for Argentina winning on the Singapore Pools is $1.25.....they believe Argentina has more than an 80% chance of beating Mexico. My expert system says the probability is 65%.....this is a big difference. ...and international bookie odds suggest the upper bound of this probability figure about 69%.

Singaporean punters are so lucky they can win against the odds! For me I think I might be taking a chance with underdogs Mexico and Sweden tonight.....

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Singapore Cleaners UPGRADED!!!

See when the PAP says it will take care of the poor and underprivileged, it is really serious. Take this recent initiative, toilet cleaners will now be called RESTROOM EXECUTIVES. Wow! Who
could have thought of this except a First World government. Now that is a such a first world term for toilet cleaners.

Let me move on to the topic of gambling. Remember when the PAP sought after support for building those casinos, they promised they will be committed to solving problem gambling. Now some people are saying the PAP has renegaded on its promise, just look at Singapore Pools outlets extending opening hours during the World Cup, expanding into phone betting and increasing the types of bets available for gambling. When you go to an outlet, you hardly see a single poster warning about 'problem gambling'.

Don't worry the PAP govt will eliminate problem gambling just as they have lowly jobs such as toilet cleaners. I heard they will rename gambling to "chance gaming" . See how smart the govt is!! There will be no more gamblers in Singapore only gamers.....problem solved..

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that is so innovative at solving problems.
Singapore to upgrade toilet cleaners to "restroom specialists"

SINGAPORE (AP) -- Singapore, famous for its spotless streets, is stepping up its campaign against filth in the restroom with a training program to boost the status and skills of the city-state's toilet cleaners, a newspaper reported Thursday.
More than 50 toilet cleaners will be promoted to "restroom specialist" upon completing the three-day pilot course taught by Japanese experts in the latest toilet technology, The Straits Times reported.
The program - sponsored by the city-state's National Trades Union Congress and the Singapore-based World Toilet College - aims to boost the image and wages of professional toilet cleaners by training them to do more on the job, The Straits Times reported.
The college has flown in three top Japanese trainers to conduct the course on improving cleaning techniques and technical expertise to the initial group of 51 cleaners.
"The plan is to expand the pilot course to a 64-hour one, after which trainees will be certified as 'restroom specialists,'" the article said.
"Cleaners have low morale and low skills," the paper quoted Jack Sim, the World Toilet College's founder, as saying. "We want to professionalize them and teach them to be proud of their jobs."
Sim said he plans to train all 5,000 toilet cleaners in the tiny city-state and raise their average monthly wage to 950 Singapore dollars (US$598; €472), from the previous S$750 (US$472; €373).
This cleanliness-obsessed nation has launched a number of campaigns to improve the city-state's toilets.
In November last year, the government released new guidelines for public toilet usage to cut down on long lines at women's restrooms. It has also published maps to Singapore's 500 cleanest public toilets, and awarded "five-star" or "Happy Toilet" ratings to those with spic-and-span interiors.
© 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

PM Lee : Singaporeans enjoy lots of Democratic Freedom!

According to PM Lee who is in NZ : link

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday strongly argued that his tightly controlled island state enjoys political freedom, saying his government has no reason to restrict democratic rights.

See the PAP has no reason to restrict democratic rights. Why would they want to control you? You are free! Your PM says so. Why aren't you enjoying that freedom? As long as you're NOT a film-maker who likes to make party political films OR an Opposition figure who likes to ask direct questions OR someone who likes to protest for better government or someone who wants to strongly express a different opinion from the govt OR someone who likes to speak without applying for license, I GUESS YOU WILL BE BUSY ENJOYING ALL THE FREEDOM THAT PM LEE IS TALKING ABOUT.

Forty-seven opposition politicians contested May elections, but "the electorate rejected them," Lee said.

Actually for me, I didn't actually reject them. I didn't get to hear much good stuff about them from the state controlled media and I keep getting this wonderful offer to upgrade my environment, like most Singaporeans I simply couldn't resist. ....also I felt damn good after buying that new digital camera with my Progress Package money....

A lone protester, George Darroch, yelled "shame," "freedom of speech" and "freedom of assembly" as Lee arrived at Parliament on Monday for an official greeting.

Hey, how dare he openly criticise our esteemed PM. What is this? How can the New Zealand police allow this, it is so shameful and embarassing. In Singapore, we would have simply arrested such a person under one of the many "public disturbance" laws. NZ police have alot to learn from us.....the NZ PM should have asked her police to 'take care' of this guy as a good mean in NZ even the PM is powerless to deal with protestors?! What kind of a country is that?!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Some criminals are so lucky!!

Yes, they are so lucky when they go to court - guess 'heaven' is just trying to be fair because they come from countries so horrible compared with Singapore..... I'm sure it is because they are better at selecting lawyers to represent them.

I guess you have all read about the British double murderer Michael McCrea who killed 2 people in Singapore- he will get a maximum 10 years jail if convicted : read about it here. His Singaporeans girl friend is now serving a jail term of 12 years for helping to clean the blood and carry the bodies.

Kiwi exec caught in Singapore drug bust Saturday June 17, 2006 By David Eames

A man who ran New Zealand-based manufacturing giant Fisher & Paykel Appliances' business in Singapore faces up to 10 years in a Singaporean jail and $20,000 in fines after being found in possession of methamphetamine and ketamine. Graham Ball, 45, could also have been facing 10 strokes of the cane had it not been for a plea bargain arrangement between defence and prosecutors. His arrest comes at an embarrassing time for both countries. Singapore's Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, arrives in New Zealand today for an official five-day visit, including a trip to the All Blacks v Ireland test with Prime Minister Helen Clark . Ball was Fisher & Paykel's general manager of Singapore sales until his arrest. Singapore police spokeswoman Dawn Sim told the Weekend Herald that he was arrested after a police raid on his home on March 31. The raid was a targeted operation, stemming from information supplied to police. Ball was allegedly found in possession of 2.25g of methamphetamine and 1.19g of ketamine. Ketamine is both a human and veterinary anaesthetic, popular with drug users for its hallucinatory effects. The quantities were not large enough to attract Singapore's mandatory death penalty, but enough to put Ball at risk of a 10-year jail term, a S$20,000 ($20,170) fine or both, Mrs Sim said. However, Ball's Singapore defence lawyer, Harbajan Singh, told the Weekend Herald his client's penalty could have been much worse. Mr Singh said Ball was originally charged with trafficking the drugs, and faced a minimum five years in jail and five strokes of the cane on each charge. He also faced charges of possessing drug paraphernalia, consumption of drugs and allowing his apartment to be used for illegal activity. Mr Singh said Ball was "definitely not in a strong position" after a urine sample returned a positive drug reading. But a "helpful" prosecution team had agreed to reduce the charges to possession, which would spare Ball a beating. "I think we have got somewhere and hopefully we can get some more mileage."

Mr Singh said Ball could receive as little as nine months in prison, of which he would serve two-thirds. His client was on bail, staying in a "very, very pleasant condominium", Mr Singh said. He believed Fisher & Paykel owned the condominium. "They have terminated his employment, but have not asked him to leave the apartment." Ball told the Weekend Herald he had been in Singapore for "a couple of years", having moved there to work for Fisher & Paykel. He said he was no longer employed by the company, but directed further inquiries to Mr Singh. Fisher & Paykel spokesman Paul Brockett confirmed Ball was still there, but only until the lease expired, in about 10 days. He said Ball had been in charge of "warehousing, distribution and sales" in Singapore, controlling about 10 staff. He had left the company of his own volition soon after his arrest.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

What is worse than being GAY in Singapore?

...Being gay and depressed.

What is worse than being gay and depressed in Singapore?
Being gay, depressed and addicted to drugs.

What is worse that being gay, depressed and addicted to drugs in Singapore?
Being gay, depressed, addicted to drugs and entrapped by the police.

What is worse than all that?
Going to jail for possessing the drugs you're addicted to.

What is even worse than going to jail?
Forfeiting on the scholarship bond, which your taxi driver father has to sell his flat to pay up.

I guess you heard of the story of Adrian Yeo the son of a taxi driver who made it to medical school to become a doctor. Nurses describe him as a hardworking trainee doctor whom they prefer turn to treat patients. A breakup with a partner cause his life to spiral downwards, as he neared the lows to which his life has sunk, CNB officers posing as gay men lured him with offers of wild sex. According to papers, Adrian refused to bring any drugs with him, but the CNB guys were persistent and insisted repeatedly....he relented and was arrested for possession of 0.16g of methamphetamine.

The lawyer for the defence, Mr Singh had objected to the manner in which Yeo was lured and arrested, but the judge said there was nothing to suggest that the officers had acted illegally or had gone beyond the boundary of the law.

Yes, Singapore is now a safer better place now that Adrian Yeo is behind bars. Other countries would have counselling programmes for the troubled addicts but in Singapore we have to jail, crush and destroy them for our own safety even though it is clear the offender is more of a tragic victim of his own addiction than drug pusher.

Singaporeans are so lucky to live in a country where the troubled are actually criminalised and put away in jail. This will certainly make Singapore a better and safer place to live in.

Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup BLUES......

Got my beer and pop corn ready.....turned on my TV. ..switch to Malaysian channel RTM1 which broadcasts World Cup games free of charge to millions of Malaysia homes and this is what I got.....

A distorted unwatchable picture and ....there is a message running at the bottom "Do not adjust your television set. Signal quality is inherent in the programme feed received by StarHub. We apologise for the inconvenience cause..."

How despicable?! So World Cup plans ruined. Since it is "inherent in the programme feed", I take it that it not a deliberate attempt by Starhub to force Singaporeans to pay $23 to subscribe to its own World Cup channels. Of course Starhub will not do such a thing to make Singaporeans miserable. It is just sheer coincidence that there is poor feed from RTM although 10 million Malaysians are probably enjoying clear reception of the broadcasst right is just coincidence that Starhub's antenna isn't working too was working fine for the past 4 years until the World Cup started.

What to do now....I've to beg my neighbor to let me into his house to watch. ....He bought an antenna+booster which is able to receive RTM through RF instead of cable. he didn't pay $23 to Starhub either. Singaporeans are so lucky to be able to receive free World Cup boardcast from our neighboring country.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gangster Defamer Chee found GUILTY!!!

Oh thank goodness, Singapore is now a much better place.....

LKY calls CSJ a liar, fraud, gangster, bully.'fly-by-night' and dishonest ....but it is CSJ /SDP that has defamed LKY not the other way around. Incredible isn't it? Anyway how does Chee defame the leadership? Basically, by asking questions - in the previous elections he asked "WHERE IS THE MONEY?" and was sued for defamation. This time round he is asking all sorts of questions about the NKF affair.

It seems to me that the defamation laws in Singapore are VERY POWERFUL. Why? Because in other countries, say America, it is okay to ask questions. Take this example of a US Semator asking about the Haditha incident:

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine said the committee must "ask hard questions such as, 'When did Secretary Rumsfeld learn of the allegations?' and 'What action did he take?'"

In Singapore, she would have been sued for defamation bankrupted for her insinuation. Looks like Singapore's defamation laws are VERY POWERFUL. That is why people don't dare to ask questions because it is dangerous. If Chee had published his article anywhere else other than Singapore nobody could have sued him for defamation and won. Please look up the defamatory NKF article and judge for yourself, in any other country it would have amounted to 'normal' critcism of the govt ....but in Singapore it is defamatory. Singaporeans are lucky to be protected by such powerful defamation laws. Our leaders' reputations are also well protected by these laws. That is how they become so well respected and unquestionably so.

My take on the Stock Markets...?!#$!??###

Just 3 months ago, analysts lined up to say the STI can hit 3000. Why are they so quiet now?
As of now the STI has retraced to 2309 pts. Any stock investor who went through the past 3 weeks will let out out a big cry : OUCH!!!

When is the pain gonna to END? ...

Over the years the stock market moves have become FASTER. Don't forget we also moved up very fast. The reason for this is hedge funds moving quickly to exploit any whimper of a trend in any market. The moment a market looks like it is falling, it comes crushing down. The funny thing is justifications come later and often sound logical. Then when you think the market will keep FALLING, it stops and reverse ....then a new logic kicks in.

When is the market going to stop FALLING? N..O..W. Why? Because Lucky Tan says so.

But if you're not satisfied with my explanation. Here is the more convoluted one. Bernanke raises interest rates to cool inflation in response to bad inflationary economic numbers, but this rate hike is the 17th ...(so does it matter? There were 16 other rate hikes during which the market went merrily up and up). However, economic numbers he is getting is from the past when commodity prices are high. They have since fallen and the US economy is seeing a sharp slowdown. Rising interest rates + sharp slowdown = DEATH to the STOCKMARKET? ....But wait, the US markets isn't even HIGH. It is trading at 14 times earnings and not considered expensive. You won't fall hard if you didn't climb too high.

I'm all for a reversal back up this very second. My call. You can shoot me if I'm wrong.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Malaysians going to SPACE!!!!

What do you call a Malaysian Astronaut? Answer = Agkasawan.

I think it is about time for Singapore to send someone to space. I heard the Malaysians got this free ride to space by buying 18 Sukoi Fighters from the Russians. I thought we bought F15s from the Americans recently...surely we can also get a free ride. If Singapore goes to space, we will probably do it smarter than the Malaysians. Just like what we did for our Mount Everest conquest.....we will get a Foreign Talent to go to space for us..... then we don't have to do a single thing to get all that glory, we have done the same for sports, we are also getting so many to run our economy.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have so much foreign talent working for us. We, Singapore-born Singaporeans, can just sit back and enjoy the fruits of hardwork. We should be thankful to the our brilliant govt for the Foreign Talent other govt has the courage to implement such an extensive policy so their own citizens can relax as the foreigners do all the hardwork.

What do you call an Astronaut from Singapore? Answer=SingaporeanNOT.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

PAP encouraged by successful control of Internet porn....

The PAP is very successful at controlling Internet porn. Try (please click link and see what happens) is banned and there is no way for you can get porn through the internet if you're living in Singapore. This success at controlling access to porn and preventing the filth from tarnishing well nutured Singaporean minds shows that the PAP can successfully manage negative political ideas that threatens our society. When the Internet first appeared, I think many Singaporeans were very worried about the prevalence of porn in this new media because the govt has told us that porn is highly destructive.....there is little choice but to ban it for our own good. Its a good thing Internet porn is inaccessible to Singaporeans otherwise our society would have been totally ravaged and destroyed.

I believe the PAP which has been successful at controlling so many things like chewing gum, long hair....will be able to replicate its success on the Internet.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have a govt that protects them against harmful material such as porn and unauthorised political thoughts on the Internet. With its success in controlling the harmful effects of porn on the Internet, I believe they will be able to do the same for political blogs & forums.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Internet Negativity : PAP must REFORM!!!

After Denise Phua found out that 85% of the political discussion on the Internet is negative towards the PAP, it is clear that something has to be done. The first move has already been made by Minister Lee Boon Yang who said the Internet will be managed with a 'light touch'. I thought the Internet was designed to be uncontrollable and indestructible even in a nuclear war but the PAP is determined to manage it with a 'light touch'.

I've always believed the PAP can do more about the Internet. 2 other govts are apparently ahead of us - China and N. Korea. The N. Koreans have done away with the 'Inter'net and replaced it with an INTRA-net. What it means for non-techies is the N. Koreans are not connected to the outside world and everything on this Intra-net is approved by the Ministry of Propaganda. Any attempt to connect to the outside world is punishable by death See how far ahead they are compared with Singapore! We must really do something about this.

I suggest a high level ministerial committee look into reforming the Internet. The problem is very simple, there a number of troublemakers - Goh Meng Seng, James Gomez and Chee siblings who are harming our society with mental poison and timebombs. They have to be monitored at the highest levels and opportunistically crushed for defamation or sedition. I suggest this high level committee be called:

Committee Of Ministers Monitoring Undesirable Netizens Influencing Singaporean Minds.

For our own protection, the Internet should be monitored closely. Singaporeans should be thankful to the govt for caring so much about us and proventing bad influence from harming our minds and upsetting us.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Podcast & Blogs to get more LEE-way in next GE!

Yes, so say our minister LEE Boon Yang. See how kind and gentle the PAP govt is as they will 'manage' this new space with a lighter touch at the next elections. All bloggers in Singapore should be thankful and write 100 letters to the Straits Times forum to praise the PAP govt for its generosity. I'm sure all this generosity and more LEE-way has to come from PM LEE and MM LEE also, so remember to thank them in your letters.

Unlike other govts that have totally given up on regulating the Internet, the PAP has not given up because they care about Singaporeans. They are concerned about the harmful effects of the Internet on Singaporeans. Singaporeans are lucky to have a govt that cares about their mind and wants to ensure that the Internet space is managed so that they will only conceive correct thoughts and ideas.