Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gangster Defamer Chee found GUILTY!!!

Oh thank goodness, Singapore is now a much better place.....

LKY calls CSJ a liar, fraud, gangster, bully.'fly-by-night' and dishonest ....but it is CSJ /SDP that has defamed LKY not the other way around. Incredible isn't it? Anyway how does Chee defame the leadership? Basically, by asking questions - in the previous elections he asked "WHERE IS THE MONEY?" and was sued for defamation. This time round he is asking all sorts of questions about the NKF affair.

It seems to me that the defamation laws in Singapore are VERY POWERFUL. Why? Because in other countries, say America, it is okay to ask questions. Take this example of a US Semator asking about the Haditha incident:

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine said the committee must "ask hard questions such as, 'When did Secretary Rumsfeld learn of the allegations?' and 'What action did he take?'"

In Singapore, she would have been sued for defamation bankrupted for her insinuation. Looks like Singapore's defamation laws are VERY POWERFUL. That is why people don't dare to ask questions because it is dangerous. If Chee had published his article anywhere else other than Singapore nobody could have sued him for defamation and won. Please look up the defamatory NKF article and judge for yourself, in any other country it would have amounted to 'normal' critcism of the govt ....but in Singapore it is defamatory. Singaporeans are lucky to be protected by such powerful defamation laws. Our leaders' reputations are also well protected by these laws. That is how they become so well respected and unquestionably so.


Anonymous said...


We are so lucky to be Singaporeans. The LEE-gal system in Singapore makes sure all of us know some hard realities of life in Singapore:

1 If you want lee-gal redress, confirm you have tonnes of money. If not, search your roots for any possiblity of being a LEE-related entity (maybe, previous life also can)

2 the lee-gal system evolves everyday. Justice in the past, may not apply now.

3 Even if the lee-gal courts don't endorse your statements that someone is a liar, bad egg etc, you can still go round telling others you are right. Caution, do this only if you have confirmed no 1 above.

4 For that matter, if you clearly belong to no 1 types, you can say anything you want or do anything you want. Hey, Singapore is a free country!

Anonymous said...

people who resort to calling names are low class...

peasant said...


It was SDP which lost the defamation suit, not Dr Chee. The two defying siblings have filed a defence aginst the elder Mr Lee and his son and the case will be heard at a later date.

You have to understand that the Lees are very upright people, and it is very easy to defame them. Any seemingly innocent questions could be construed as casting a speck of dirt on their pristine reputation.

There is nothing special about Singapore's defamation laws. We adopt the same legal system as UK, Australia and other commonwealth countries.

Anonymous said...

oh ya, some old forgey that call people names acutally has 2 legs inside his coffin already, it's just that his hand is still clinging to the coffin edge...he's trying hard ya...