Monday, June 26, 2006

Hooray Another Seditious Blogger to be Jailed!!!

You cannot feel safer in any other country. You have both physical and mental security in Singapore. Your religious beliefs and race is protected from seditious acts of evil people. I totally welcome the effort to presecute the blogger who put up those Jesus cartoons under the Sedition Act. Singapore will be a better country because of that.

I would like to appeal to the govt to take the regulations further - to protect non-religious people like myself. I've been ridiculed by religious people for failing to understand and accept the basic truths they find so obvious. Take the example of a "superior being that created Man & everything". defective mind would ask "who created the superior being". They would reply that "He does not need to be created, He existed from the beginning" ....and stare at me like I'm the biggest moron who can't understand such a simple logic. I would go back and think for a few days and still don't get it.

I think it is only fair to have laws to protect non-religious people like myself from people who potentially ridicule my beliefs and hurt my feelings. Non-religious people just like religious people should be protected from insensitive remarks and cartoons. It is only fair that our non-religious beliefs are protected.


Anonymous said...

I agree totally!

Religious people disgust me beyond description.

I think they are a threat to the sanity of mankind.

These people are weak and need to hang on to some faith for their existence. Their weakness make them vulnerable to attacks from aliens (aliens are always smarter than earthlings, Hollywood say one). This makes them a threat to Planet Earth.

To prevent them from becoming the weakest link when aliens attack, we should annihilate all of them!

Bring back the vampires ... oops, sound like pro-PAP. My parents say these PAPY MIW suck blood.

Anonymous said...

the one above is so strong, no need to hang on to any faith. Strong like your ^%4* ape ancestors. Apes are smarter than created beings...or they think they are smarter to play God. Hope you get cancer and won't cry like shit.

Anonymous said...

obviously someone with serious issue to flame another person for making a comment, which adds to the 1st writer points of being insecure and weak.

Anonymous said...

Haha ...

I rest my case.

If one is weak in his faith, anything will upset them, even as ridiculous as what I wrote.

Cartoons are just lame excuses.

In case someone reports to the police about my seditious post of damaging Singapore's social fabric, let me clarify:

We need religious people on Earth. When the aliens attack us, we need them to pray for our deliverance.

They are not weak or insecure. They are our saviours when aliens attack.

I only hope that they try not to kill each other before the aliens come.

Anonymous said...

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