Friday, June 02, 2006

Internet Negativity : PAP must REFORM!!!

After Denise Phua found out that 85% of the political discussion on the Internet is negative towards the PAP, it is clear that something has to be done. The first move has already been made by Minister Lee Boon Yang who said the Internet will be managed with a 'light touch'. I thought the Internet was designed to be uncontrollable and indestructible even in a nuclear war but the PAP is determined to manage it with a 'light touch'.

I've always believed the PAP can do more about the Internet. 2 other govts are apparently ahead of us - China and N. Korea. The N. Koreans have done away with the 'Inter'net and replaced it with an INTRA-net. What it means for non-techies is the N. Koreans are not connected to the outside world and everything on this Intra-net is approved by the Ministry of Propaganda. Any attempt to connect to the outside world is punishable by death See how far ahead they are compared with Singapore! We must really do something about this.

I suggest a high level ministerial committee look into reforming the Internet. The problem is very simple, there a number of troublemakers - Goh Meng Seng, James Gomez and Chee siblings who are harming our society with mental poison and timebombs. They have to be monitored at the highest levels and opportunistically crushed for defamation or sedition. I suggest this high level committee be called:

Committee Of Ministers Monitoring Undesirable Netizens Influencing Singaporean Minds.

For our own protection, the Internet should be monitored closely. Singaporeans should be thankful to the govt for caring so much about us and proventing bad influence from harming our minds and upsetting us.


Anonymous said...

I like Denise Phua ( She's so beautiful and intelligent. With people of her high standards in the government, there is no doubt that the PAP government would always be focusing on the important issues, which would result in a progressive nation. I feel so lucky to be a Singaporean!

Anonymous said...

chio meh?
Sporeans sure are blind.

Anonymous said...

Please lah, this aunty only discovered negative internet recently. If she did not join the PAP, maybe don't even know what is internet.

That's the wonder of our wonderful government who never fail to find so many old fossils in our tiny red dot who are so completely ignorant of how the world has changed.

Anonymous said...

the intranet idea sounds good for singapore. singapore is small, therefore it should be easier to implement.

i'm tired of seeing ungrateful singaporeans who speak and vote against the pap. uncontrolled internet is doing more harm then good.