Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Malaysians going to SPACE!!!!

What do you call a Malaysian Astronaut? Answer = Agkasawan.

I think it is about time for Singapore to send someone to space. I heard the Malaysians got this free ride to space by buying 18 Sukoi Fighters from the Russians. I thought we bought F15s from the Americans recently...surely we can also get a free ride. If Singapore goes to space, we will probably do it smarter than the Malaysians. Just like what we did for our Mount Everest conquest.....we will get a Foreign Talent to go to space for us..... then we don't have to do a single thing to get all that glory, we have done the same for sports, we are also getting so many to run our economy.

Singaporeans are so lucky to have so much foreign talent working for us. We, Singapore-born Singaporeans, can just sit back and enjoy the fruits of hardwork. We should be thankful to the our brilliant govt for the Foreign Talent other govt has the courage to implement such an extensive policy so their own citizens can relax as the foreigners do all the hardwork.

What do you call an Astronaut from Singapore? Answer=SingaporeanNOT.


Anonymous said...

This space thingy was supposed to inspire and create national identity according to the Malaysians?

I would nominate our most inspiring persona for this very important and out of this world trip. MM Lee, himself. Imagine how inspiring and exhilarating it would be?! Inspiring for the young - that at his ripe old dying age, he is still discovering new horizons. World class is too chiken feed for him, after supposedly achieved this decades ago. Exhilarating for the young - that we can fly him off to space finally, hopefully, never returning. One less world-class leader to embarrass us with their senile rubbish.

Yep, this is to important a job to be left to the FTs. They are better off doing silly advertisements about our world-class universities.

Anonymous said...

why the animosity towards immigrants? what is the difference between a "singapore-born" singaporean and one who chooses to become a singaporean -- you could argue that the latter feels more strongly for singapore since he or she chose to be singaporean. why does the singapore born singaporean come from? the overwhelming majority descended from earlier generations of foreign talent! singapore is too small for us to make a first world living from just ourselves i.e. the singapore market...we need to engage the world (this has always been the case since our earliest days) and we hope that our new immigrants will help us do that. they help us make the pie bigger.

Capt_Canuck said...

I fear that you do not see the wisdom in MM Lee's way of immigrants. Look back on ancient Greece and you will see the brains behind his plan.

In ancient Greece, the invading army would go out, take hostages and bring them back as slaves and make them work hard and long while the Greeks would lay around, do nothing, become proud in their ways and really only advance in philosophy while the Romans developed in might and power. However, since Singapore is basically so small and weak in military, no real chance of going and collecting slaves so instead what they do is invite the slaves into the country to make them work and run the country, leaving the Singaporean people to lay around and dream and grow lazy.

Only problem that the MM didnt realize is that, he mixed up the pay aspect where instead of the Greeks paying the citizens and making the slaves grow poor, he is paying the slaves and making the citizens grow poor.

As for the space issue, chances are the PAP is planning to get a Singaporean into space at this moment...problem is that they are working on the rule book right now for a list of rules and regulations of things that the astronaut can not do. Last I heard the book was 10 volumes long containing at least 1000 pages in each volume of 6 point font. But, once they get the rules nailed down, Singaporeans will be flying to the stars with the rest of the world, just you see.

So, keep your chin up, the PAP is taking great care of the Singaporeans in both regards to immigrants and space exploration

LuckySingaporean said...

to 2nd anonymous,

Animosity towards immigrants? Where got? My grandparents were also an immigrant.

I'm merely expressing my appreciation for the Foreign Talent Policy and the degree to which this policy has been implemented.

We can see it very clearly in certain sports. It does matter that every single one of us Singapore-born Singaporeans don't spend a day training yet we can win medals. See how smart this scheme is?

Immigrants can only energise a nation providing diversity and vibrancy. No one can argue against that.

It is the degree of implementation that impresses me.

JustaMinute said...

What the hell are you talking about?!

Its a GOOD IDEA TO blast the FTs into space!

They can set up a colony on Mars or something.

peasant said...

We should just get one of the Yankee astronauts to be Singapore citizen.

Though Khoo Swee Chiow was a Malaysian when he summitted Everest in 1998, we got him to be a Singapore citizen so that viola! we have a Singaporean who conquered Everest.

Having said that, I think Khoo, though foreign-born, would make a good choice as our first astronaut. He has braved countless dangers to bring so many honours for Singapore.

Anonymous said...

We are being "FIX" ahahhaaa

createArule said...

Singaporeans are only fit to pack lunch boxes for space missions. They are too expensive to man the control station.

The authority should simply headhunt a current/ ex-astronauts and offer him/ her PR. Immediately history could be re-written: "Singapore has been sending SingaoporeaNOTs into space since 19XX..."

Mai Tu Liao.

Anonymous said...

haha! do you know that vijay singh the golfer once applied for malaysian citizenship..that was quite long ago..before he is a top golfer like he is naturally his application was rejected..for all the wrong reason...and funnily after he became the top ranked golfer this issue came out..and our DPM proudly said that it's a good thing his application was rejected for he won't be a top ranked golfer he is today had he become a malaysia!...

and you know what will happen to our angkasawan once he comes back from space...he will get a kickass 'datuk' title!..well provided that he is a bumiputra that about that for malaysia boleh!..

that is why we are so 'far ahead' of you guys...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:35 PM

FT = Foreign workers

FT is not ppl who migrate to Spore

Anonymous said...

we should just buy the whole of england team and get them to play for world cup under SG jersey...face it...SG people too must study like hell...must get high points...earn money lots lots...sports is not needed...

Anonymous said...

FT = foreign workers NOT ppl who migrate to singapore.
How do ppl migrate to singapore? i think most of them come first as foreign workers. like this from long ago